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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 未来への遺産 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Mirai e no Isan) is an updated version of the arcade game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, released on September 13, 1999, on the CPS-3. This version features eight new playable characters and various game adjustments and balances.



PlayStation Version

JoJo Poke

Dreamcast Version


Characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

New Characters

Differences in Heritage for the Future

  • Various moves such as Jotaro's "Ora Ora" are now able to be performed while in the air.
  • Many new moves were added for returning characters. Most notably, ...
  • In Japanese, the names of "Young Joseph" (若ジョセフ) and "Shadow DIO" (影DIO) were changed to "Proud Lineage Joseph" (誇り高き血統ジョセフ) and "Evil Incarnate Dio!!" (邪悪の化身ディオ!!).


  • The Guard Cancel motion was changed, now having similarity to the Darkstalkers series.
  • New moves for several of the returning characters. (Notably, Jotaro, who gains new variations for his Blazing Strike, among others)
  • A minor change to Jotaro's Puttsun Ora, now performable in the air.
  • DIO is now selectable from the beginning and does not require the unlocking codes as seen in JoJo's Venture. (He can be unlocked through the character select screen or permanently via the service menu previously)
  • All hidden characters are time-released (arcade), alternatively unlockable through the arcade game's service menu, or requires finishing the game with certain characters (console).
  • Vanilla Ice becomes a playable character, vastly different from his NPC mini-boss version.
    • In HFTF, Vanilla Ice's boss AI is more or less manageable and possibly toned down across all difficulties. In JoJo's Venture, his AI is notoriously difficult especially without the knowledge of dodging and other of the game's mechanics.
  • A major variation of Polnareff is available (Anubis Polnareff, referred to as Black Polnareff in the localization).
  • Three brand new characters are selectable (Pet Shop, Mariah, and Hol Horse).
  • There are four additional hidden characters (Rubber Soul, Khan, Fearless Kakyoin, and Hol Horse w/ Boingo).
  • The overall motif, including opening and closing credits as well as the character select theme, are different.
  • The "Survival" option has been replaced by a 10-battle "Challenge Mode".
  • Cosmetic changes for all characters, including more color variations per button, including the Start button.
  • As with the change of motif, the Super Combo character cutscene is now different and dynamic in nature, as is the Super Combo chime. The Tandem Attack cutscene is different as well, now resembling zooming starfield over yellow background, reminiscent of the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series.
  • Some extra sound effects have been added and changed, including the aforementioned Super Combo chime, and the K.O. sound effect, new to HFTF.
    • Of special note is that the Super Combo chime would be reverted to JoJo's Venture in the game's Dreamcast port, and the HD Version.
  • During period between rounds, the current power stock amount carries over in JoJo's Venture. However, they reset back to Level 1 in HFTF, as a possible rebalancing or programming oversight.
  • Proud Lineage Joseph gets new sprites with clothing that matches his Part 2 appearance rather than keeping the prior Joseph's clothing.


Name Changes






  • Planner: Shinichiro Obata, Yo JB Fukuda, Mamoru Ohashi, Koji Shimizu
  • Programmer: Tomohiro Ueno, Batayon, Hideo Sako (Hdo), T. Kimoto (Dress), Y. Inada (Ine), Oh!Ya!, Yoji "BD1" Mikami
  • Scroll Design: Nakatsuka, Kisabon, Chie Morisaki, Inoyan, Kanno, Yamasan, Masanori Kajita, Takashi Fujiwara
  • Object Design: Ball Boy, Q, Kaname, Tsuyoshi, Fujii & Peliko, AHOGEN hiroshi, Narancia, Tatsuya Oshima, Yoshihiro Goda, Shiniya M, Mizuho, M・Katagiri, Nishimura M, Tomohiko Ohsumi
  • Design Works: Ukabin, Da・Uchi, Sakomizu
  • Music Compose: Yuko Takehara, Setsuo Yamamoto
  • Sound Design: Moe-T, Masayuki Endo
  • Voice Actor: Hisao Egawa, Tohru Ohkawa, Yoshitada Ohtsuka, Yuji Kishi, Tsutomu Tareki, Isshin Chiba, Takashi Nagasako, Miki Nagasawa, Mitsuaki Madono, Kiyoyuki Yanada, Show Hayami, Yoshito Yasuhara, S. Obata
  • Special Thanks: Takuya Shiraiwa, Maki Yoshiura, Erik Suzuki, Dan Okada, Chris Tang, Manatee, Eiichiro Sasaki, Yuji Matsumoto, Wataru Kondo
  • Producer: Kouji Nakajima
  • General Producer: Noritaka Funamizu
  • Executive Producer: Yoshiki Okamoto
And Capcom All Staff





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