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Yoshikazu Iwanami (岩浪美和 Iwanami Yoshikazu) is a Japanese sound director and musician known for his work on various anime, TV series, and movies. He has directed the sound design for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation, from Phantom Blood to Stone Ocean.

Iwanami also sound directed various other series, such as Sword Art Online, Psycho-Pass, Konosuba, Kill La Kill, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Baccano!, Ah! My Goddess and more.


Iwanami was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1962. He became interested in film and theater through making independent films when he was a college student. After graduating from the college's sound art department, Iwanami worked as a mixing engineer for 6 years, and after working as a video director, he started his career as a sound director under Etsushi Yamada.[1]

JoJo discography


Cover Name Composer # of Tracks Release Date
1 Departure OST.jpg Stardust Crusaders 「Departure」
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 23 July 30, 2014
2 SCVolume 2 (AnimeBlu-ray).jpg Stardust Crusaders 「Journey」
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 13 August 27, 2014
3 SCEgyptVolume 1 (AnimeBlu-ray).jpg Stardust Crusaders 「World」
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 20 April 22, 2015
4 Destination OST.jpg Stardust Crusaders 「Destination」
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 27 May 27, 2015
5 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure genration cover.jpg JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
Theme Song Best「Generation」
Various Artists 8 August 23, 2017
6 Good Morning Morioh Cho OST.jpg Diamond is Unbreakable
~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 23 July 27, 2016
7 DiUVolume 2 (AnimeBlu-ray).jpg Diamond is Unbreakable
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 9 July 27, 2016
8 DiUVolume 7 (AnimeBlu-ray).png Diamond is Unbreakable
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 10 December 21, 2016
9 GoodNight.png Diamond is Unbreakable
~Good Night Morioh Cho~
Original Soundtrack
Yugo Kanno 25 December 21, 2016
10 Overture.png Golden Wind: Overture Yugo Kanno 26 December 19, 2018
11 Intermezzo.png Golden Wind: Intermezzo Yugo Kanno 26 March 27, 2019
12 Finale.jpg Golden Wind: Finale Yugo Kanno 28 August 14, 2019

Other Notable Works



Video Games

  • Nioh (2017) - Composer
  • Nioh 2 (2020) - Composer (alongside Akihiro Manabe)


Manga Volume
Published August 5, 2016
👤 Yugo Kanno
Which songs would you recommend besides the character themes?

The jingle of "Morioh town RADIO" that plays throughout the series. It has a really happy and easygoing feel to it, doesn't it? I also composed a Western music-style song in English like one of those often played on FM radio stations, and it's one of my favorites. It's not often that the chance to write a song like that comes along. Speaking of Western music, the ending song is also a favorite of mine, although it's not my own song. I found out later that it was a request from Mr. Araki and was quite impressed by that. It's a bit strange to say this myself, but he has a great sense of style.

[Translated by MetallicKaiser (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)]




  • Kanno had read JoJo as a kid during Part 4's publication in Weekly Shonen Jump, however, he notes that he didn't really notice how much depth the series had until he reread it as an adult.[2]
  • While working on the Part 4 soundtrack, Kanno had the hardest time figuring out the character themes for Shigekiyo Yangu and Ken Oyanagi.[2]
  • Yugo Kanno's favorite ending theme is Last Train Home.[3]


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