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This is Jojo-a-gogo here and since I can't access my previous account, I decided to make a new one! Well I'm an aspring comic/manga artist and I love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure,Hunter X Hunter, Berserk,YuYu Hakusho, One Piece, Magi,Shaman King,FMA,Rurouni Kenshin and TONS of other manga/anime series!

Top 20 fav JOJO characters


2.  Gyro

3. Jolyne

4. Polnareff

5. Bruno

6. Johnny

7. Rohan

8. DIO

9. Jotaro

10. Kira

11. Okuyasu

12. Joseph

13. Koichi

13. Weather

14. Hermes

15. Narancia

16. Pucci

17. Wham

18. Annasui

19. Kars

20. Gappy

Here's a link to my DA account if you wanna see my art