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Currently- thinking about speedwagon

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Very bland vague response to this one lol I like them but I prefer to watch them with someone . I have a hard time getting into a movie when I'm watching alone .


hmm well I like anime . fma:b, inuyasha, hxh, jojo, gankutsuou, mosnter, great teacher onizuka, mob psycho, anohana, berserk, soul eater, etc etc I don't really keep up with new releases unless someone I know recommends it to me. For live action I like crime dramas and sci fi .


I'll listen to a huge variety but I tend to lean toward music that features and focus's on vocals...but I love finding new music I enjoy. It was one of the main draws to jojos because any music reference i didn't recognize i could look up and get into something i had never heard before !


I don't actually read too often these days which is a shame... I'm open to suggestions though I actually enjoy reading a lot . I prefer fiction and I'm not a huge fan of pure horror or romance lol

Video games

I dont like online multiplayer games lmao. celeste, hollow knight, shovel knight, castlevania: symphony of the night, wind waker, bloodborne, super metroid, super meat boy, undertale, uncharted, etc etc I way prefer 2d games and I love platformers .


when I said I dont read often I also meant manga but I kept up with naruto, one piece, bleach, tokyo ghoul, berserk, skip beat, noblesse, attack on titan etc etc for a while but fell off the wagon a couple years back so I'm not caught up . However I somehow am fully caught up with jojolion .


idk chip or like...cookie


bubble tea and coffee

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Genuinely happy I no longer have to deal with that other website .

Name's Lee -23 -willing to talk about jojo lol

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