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Characters from Diamond is Unbreakable

KoichiAv.png EchoesAv.gif

Josuke's buddy cop

OkuyasuAv.png TheHandMangaAv.png

Pro chef/SWF garbage eraser

Jotaro4Av.png StarPlatinum4MangaAv.png

And nothing interesting ever happened to Jotaro again

Joseph4Av.png HermitPurple4MangaAv.png

Outlives everybody lmao
Hayato Kawajiri
Got years of SWF therapy

MikitakaAv.png EarthWindAndFireMangaAv.png

Fell of the radar while travelling the world; Still unknown if he was an alien

YuyaAv.png HighwayStarMangaAv.png

Yuya Fungami
Happily married to all three of his groupies

YukakoAv.png LoveDeluxeMangaAv.png

Joseph's best high-presssure real estate agent

TamamiAv.png TheLockMangaAv.png

Lives off of money the SWF gives him to use The Lock in interrogations

HazamadaAv.png SurfaceMangaAv.png

Was a closeted trans girl the whole time

TonioAv.png PearlJamMangaAv.png

Became Okuyasu's mentor

ShizukaAv.png AchtungBabyMangaAv.png

Grew up a spoiled rich girl who never had any sort of notewrothy adventures

AkiraAv.png RedHotChiliPepperMangaAv.png

Primary Antagonist
After his demo tanked,

KeichoAv.png BadCompanyMangaAv.png

Neutral (former Villain)

KenAv.png BoyIIManMangaAv.png

Neutral (former Villain)

ToyohiroAv.png SuperFlyMangaAv.png

Neutral (former Villain)

MasazoAv.png CheapTrickMangaAv.png

Neutral (Villain Stand)