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I’m not gay. I AM straight. I love Titties, Vaginas, and Assholes (of girls). I love to have sex with girls with my penis. Gay people? Fucking awesome, But I am not one of them, nope I’m not.

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imagine having reading comprehension LMAOOO

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Nintendo games in general


i'm a WHORE for sweets



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October 6th


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3 cool 5 school

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I cannot tell what is going on at any given moment! :)

anyways! i really love jojo and have been into it for the past year. i've watched/read all eight parts + any oneshot i can get my grimy little hands on (metaphoricall though, as i'm reading everything on mangadex), and i'm currently reading through the manga for the already-animated parts

my favorite jojos are jolyne, jonathan, joseph and gappy, as well as the corresponding parts. i have a ton of favorite characters for a bunch of different reasons, but there's a theme with a lot of them, it's probably not that hard to notice. anyways, my faves are, in no particular order; erina pendleton, poor tom, speedwagon, will zeppeli, DIO, smokey, rai, wired beck, lisa lisa, aisho, kars, santana, the crusaders but especially my boy polnareff, miu miu, poco's sister, enya, mikitaka, mariah, nukesaku,, pesci, iwasuke, mannish boy, iggy, pucci, tama, tooru, anne, tamami, hayato, the entire stone ocean main cast, formaggio, melone, shigechi, oingo boingo brothers, hol horse, cioccolata, tamaki damo, the buccigang, them good ol brando boys, GREEN BABY GREEN BABY GREEN BABY, yasuho, karera, gyro, p8 kira, lucy steel, pocoloco, like the entire p8 higashikata family, dolomite, reimi, shigechi

i have... a lot of faves :') most of them are for really dumb reasons like "this character is so dumb i have to love them" and "i want her to step on me", or like the character reminds me of a cat so i legally have to love them. this list really REALLY REALLY long and i'm so (not) sorry u_u i'm indecisive

i'm like, SO ready to go off about jojo at basically any given moment, i love it a lot!! so feel free to hit me up if you wanna talk about it, jojo is on my mind basically 24/7 so trust me i'll be down to talk lol

that's all for now, i really don't know what to put here, so i'm kinda just rambliing lmao

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