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Okay Jim!


See You In Hell

An automatic stand, that activates when someone breaks an agreement with the user, or when the user breaks an agreement with someone. The effect is that the moment a deal is broken, the one who broke it is instantly killed by the stand. This power seems to be something that cannot be stopped, and is similar to Osiris or Enigma. Its range seems to be limitless. The user may also invoke 'laws' upon a person by etching into their skin a roman numeral, and decreeing a law. Violation of a set law activates See You In Hell.

AlestormA close range stand (3 meters) that takes the form of a cross between a cyborg and a pirate. Its hands have long claws stemming from jeweled knuckles. Wounds and cuts made with this stand 'persist', never closing or healing natrually. Knives can be shed by Alestorm and regrown.


A stand that takes the form of a physical object, in this case a suit of samurai armor head to toe, and a sword. The user has a range of 10 meters, and can either wear the armor, or have it move around as if it were alive. The stand can break apart into all its pieces, or be one clump. The sword is sharp enough to cut though metal.