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My name's SpoonRaptor, but I go by Spoon more commonly. I have been a JoJo fan since April. I have to say this is one of the best fandoms out there. I mean, what's there not to like?

A little more about me


I like writing, drawing, playing my clarinet and saxophone, reading, and video games. Because of this, I am a massive nerd. I love sci-fi and fantasy, but a little historical fiction or dystopian aren't unwelcome. I also quite enjoy linguistics, whether studying foreign languages or creating my own.

Why I like JoJo (longer than it needs to be)

I haven't been a manga and anime fan for that long compared to people I know. I first started getting interested in anime in late 2016/early 2017 with shows like Osomatsu-san and Black Butler but quickly became interested in the original manga of Black Butler. This introduced me to the wonderful world of the manga shelf at my public library. I read many of the manga on there, some I liked more than others, but after a year and a half or so I started getting bored with my current series I was reading/watching and took a break from reading manga and watching anime in favor of fantasy and dystopian novels and focused more on my book and drawings than watching shows. About a year ago (mid 2018) I decided to start getting back into manga and picked up where I left off in Black Butler. I then started watching some of my previous favorite anime but got to the point where I was watching the same thing over and over and it was getting uninteresting again. I decided to branch out to new things a couple of months ago, and I'd heard this show called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was really good.

Fast-forward to today, I'm obsessed. It is easily one of, if not the best manga series I've ever read. The anime adaptation is also executed very well. It is just so unique and unpredictable compared to so many other series out there. The characters are well-written with eye-catching designs, the story is so wild yet makes so much sense, and the fandom isn't crazy in a bad way like most others nowadays. While I'm not that far in the manga, (starting Vento Aureo in the anime and moderately into the manga original) I've picked up on a lot of other parts and references, so am pretty knowledgeable with JoJo related things.

What I Joined This Wiki For

I am a decent wiki contributor, mostly on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy wiki, the Loxanian Ramblings wiki and the Evillious Chronicles wiki. When I found this wiki, I felt had to contribute. I don't have much to add in the way of new pages or major character additions, so you'll mostly find me fixing minor grammatical and spelling errors.

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