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There ain't no security system that works like this! That's a Stand! And it's attacking us! That cat was targeting us this whole time!

This Stand, presumed to belong to a nearby stray cat, is featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

It manifests a string that automatically wraps around a victim's limbs and coils itself, digging into the flesh.


The Stand has yet to reveal itself, if it indeed has an appearance of its own. It seems to produce a long thin translucent string akin to a fishing line.


Translucent Line

String constricting Paco's leg

This Stand manifests as a long thin translucent string which is hard to see and is compared to fishing line.[1] Despite feeling as if it is made from natural materials, the string is as durable as stainless steel and cannot be cut normally with scissors.[2] The string itself seems to be able to target individual limbs but it can be avoided with little effort, as Usagi Alohaoe was able to avoid an attack simply by jumping above the string.

Once a piece of string is wrapped around a limb, it automatically ties itself off and tightens, digging into the victim's flesh. The nature of the string and how it gets tighter on its own makes it very difficult to remove.[1]

Although the string cannot be cut through ordinary means, it is still possible to remove it using other Stand abilities. For example, Smooth Operators dislocates Dragona's thumb and slides it down their wrist to place it below the string, allowing Dragona's hand to be thin enough for the string to easily slide off. The Hustle is also capable of allowing Paco to be freed from the trap by combining a scissor blade with the force of Paco's vibrating muscles to push the blade upward and break through it. When the string is removed from its target, it dissipates.[2]


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