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The thing forming there is cancer!! Get away from it right nooow!

This currently unnamed Stand, presumed to belong to an unknown enemy from HOWLER, is featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

It is a long-range Stand that triggers automatically when its victims activate its trap, inflicting diseases on its targets.


This Stand has a microscopic size, small enough to travel through blood vessels in a human body. It has a somewhat humanoid form wrapped in bandages which cover much of its body and head, giving it a mummified look. The head of the Stand resembles a helmet akin to a distinctive jester-like hat that has two points, each ending in a small ball. There is an opening for its thin eyes, which lack irises and are vertically segmented with lines. Below its eyes, the helmet has a downward-pointing arrow on the center of its face. There are also arrows extending from the sides of its face to its chin.

It has armor-like elements like a chestplate with shoulder pads. Additionally, it has sharp claws and three fingers. Its legs have knee pads, with the lower portion splitting into three legs wearing boots that are dark on top, making it appear as if it has dark toenails. On its back is a tail-like appendage pointing downwards. The center of that appendage wraps around the Stand's waist like a belt and the top of it is connected to the back of its head with a hose. It also has circles on the sides of its shoulders and hips.


As an automatic Stand, it indiscriminately attacks anyone who would investigate HOWLER's land. The Stand screeches like "Bisshaa" (ビッシャア).


The Stand is a long-distance and automatic pursuit-type ability. Jodio presumes that its user set up a trap in the original paper copies of HOWLER's land deeds like a landmine. When someone investigates it, they'll be automatically attacked. Afterward, the user just arrives to check if the target died. Being remotely operated, it's a physically weak and slow Stand, which Charming Man easily catches up to using Bigmouth Strikes Again. It is capable of targeting multiple victims at the same time, if they are all caught in its trap.[1]

Disease Inducement

Causing a rash on Usagi

By inflicting internal injuries in its attacks, the Stand can cause disease-like symptoms in its targets. The symptoms seem to vary based on the type of attack. For example, it makes a hole in an artery near Usagi and a woman's hearts, causing them to suffer from pulmonary edema, where fluid leaks from their capillaries. This leads to them constantly vomiting a cloudy liquid and being unable to breathe, feeling as if they are drowning. The victim would need tracheal intubation in order to maintain their breathing.[1] In addition, the Stand may cause them to gain a rock-like rash on their necks.[2] Afterward, it makes a hole in their artery and travels toward the brain, eventually causing blood to spray out from their eyes.[1]

Touching the Stand can also trigger its ability; Charming Man's right eyeball being in contact with it causes his right eye socket to mutate, forming an abnormal cancer growth.[1]


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