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I won't leave even a scrap of him behind, and I'll kill every last member of his team... I'll rip them to pieces and make them pay for what they've done!
—Squalo, Chapter 531

Squalo (スクアーロ Sukuāro) is a minor antagonist featured in the fifth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo, specifically the "Clash and Talking Head" story arc.

As a member of Passione and by extension the Boss' Unità Speciale, he works with his partner Tiziano in Venice in order to assassinate Team Bucciarati after they defect from Passione. Squalo is a Stand User and commands the stealthy yet lethal Clash in battle.


Squalo anime.png

Squalo is a young man of slim build and average height (~175[1] cm (5 ft 9 in) tall in the anime) with braided light hair.

Squalo wears a dark pinstriped jumpsuit with studded shoulder pads. He also wears a dark large headband and gloves, as well as three dark wristbands on each arm.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Main Outfit
(Navy suit with white stripes and gun-metal gray shoulder pads. Navy headband, gloves, and sandals.)

Main Outfit
(Black suit with sand stripes and bronze shoulder pads. Black headband and crimson gloves.)

Skin(Slightly Tan)
Main Outfit
(Blue suit with light gray stripes and gray shoulder pads. Blue headband, blue-gray gloves, and brown sandals.)


Tiziano and Squalo

Squalo is a hot-headed individual, being the most aggressive of his partnership with Tiziano and letting the latter do most of the thinking. Squalo is however adept at using the most of his environment. Squalo is also more prone to panic, especially when he is pursued by Narancia.

Squalo shares a deep bond with Tiziano, swearing to avenge his partner when he dies.



Main article: Clash

Clash is a shark Stand which cannot sustain itself out of water but can teleport between close water bodies to maul its target.

Clash (クラッシュ)Link to this section


Clash and Talking Head

After Team Bucciarati's defection, Squalo is contacted to track and eliminate the traitors. Squalo himself enroles Tiziano in his mission.

Tiziano and Squalo cooperate to assassinate the heroes

As Team Bucciarati has lunch, Squalo and Tiziano position themselves on a nearby rooftop to observe their target. Squalo sends his Clash into Narancia's soup. Narancia immediately summons Aerosmith and shoots at Clash upon seeing but the shark disappears in the bowl only to reappear inside of the soup in his new spoon and jump to tear off his tongue. Narancia's throat starts to seize up and he cannot inform his team that the shark can teleport between liquids but he is saved from choking when Giorno stabs his trachea with a pen to let him breathe while he creates a new tongue. Seeing Giorno's resourcefulness, Tiziano and Squalo understand why they have been advised to take him out.

Tiziano attaches his Talking Head to Narancia's tongue and starts controlling Narancia to make him lie about the enemy. The group starts to believe the lies, forcing Narancia to try to stop Giorno from boarding their boat. Bucciarati decides to tackle the enemy and tells Abbacchio to use Moody Blues to track them. However, Narancia realizes that Moody Blues will be in grave danger in the water. Squalo makes Clash appear in the canal and Narancia points at it, only for his arm to point at the bathrooms. Annoyed at Narancia's antics, Team Bucciarati enters the bathroom where Clash has many water sources to attack from. In the restrooms, Narancia does his best to ward off his teammate from any water source. Exasperated, the group leaves the bathroom but Giorno stays a bit to look for Narancia. Talking Head then uses Narancia's tongue again to grab his knife and cut his wrist, baiting Giorno near the flowing blood. However, Narancia shoots at a pipe with Aerosmith, heating it with his tracer bullets to cauterize his own cut.

Clash manages to ambush Giorno

Giorno finally understands that Narancia is being forced to lie by an enemy ability to Narancia's relief. However, water starts leaking from the damaged pipe, creating a large puddle from which Clash emerges and tears at Giorno's throat. Narancia summons Aerosmith and tries to shoot, but Clash can teleport faster than the bullets. Nonetheless, Tiziano warns his partner that Aerosmith can detect CO2 coming from Giorno; thus he must completely stop Giorno from breathing. Clash effortlessly evades Aerosmith's shots and baits Narancia into shooting into Giorno and one of the toilets, freeing Clash to head for the sewers. The duo hears Narancia angrily shout that he's lost track of the enemy, but Tiziano understands that Narancia means that he's still following Clash. Giorno deliberately let himself get shot by Narancia; the tracer bullets embedded in him are emitting CO2 for Aerosmith. This time, the miniature plane Stand shoots true, managing to wound Clash.

Narancia wounds Clash and Squalo

Clash returns to the surface in one of the restaurant's aquariums, still followed by Aerosmith. Now at a disadvantage with the CO2 coming from Giorno, Squalo tries to warp Clash between bodies of water in the restaurant; however, his injuries have slowed his Stand's movements. Aerosmith lands several more shots as Clash flees to the kitchen, eventually cornering the shark-like Stand near a stove just as Giorno completely stops breathing. Despite his wounds, Squalo taunts Narancia through his Stand; the stove is now leaking gas that would cause an explosion if Aerosmith fires its guns. However, Narancia is unimpressed and sends Aerosmith to ram Clash head-on, cutting the enemy with its propeller before hurling it into a corner of the room. Tiziano momentarily deactivates Talking Head's ability, making Narancia's shouts lure the rest of Team Bucciarati into the kitchen, then reactivates his Stand and forces Narancia to encourage Mista to shoot at Clash. When Mista shoots, the gas explodes and throws everyone away, causing a blaze that saturates Narancia's radar. Clash takes Giorno and puts him in the sewers. It proceeds to attack Team Bucciarati using the puddles of water around the kitchen; with Narancia forced to misdirect them, Mista and Abbacchio are wounded by their assailant.

Narancia finds Squalo and Tiziano

Squalo and Tiziano join the streets, with the former wearing a cloak to hide his serious injuries. Seeing Narancia going in their direction, Squalo fears that their enemy is searching for the ragged breathing of an injured person but Tiziano points out that the many people in the surrounding crowd will throw Narancia off. He also points out that Narancia keeps shouting that he's found the enemy; since Talking Head is still active, that must mean that he's lying. Suddenly, the pair see that Narancia is holding his own cut-off tongue at the tip of his knife, using Giorno's transformed brooch as a replacement tongue. Tiziano barely has time to curse Giorno's resourcefulness before Narancia addresses him directly. Aware of the sheer number of signals on Aerosmith's radar, he was waiting for someone's breathing to change drastically when they saw him cut out his own tongue. With their cover blown, Tiziano tells Squalo to recall Clash but there's no liquid close enough for the Stand to ambush Narancia from. Free to attack, Narancia has Aerosmith shoot Squalo but Tiziano shields Squalo with his own body, collapsing in his partner's arms and splashing Narancia with his blood. With his last breaths, he weakly encourages Squalo to continue the mission, certain that they can still succeed despite things not going according to plan.

Squalo is shot down

Enraged by Tiziano's demise, Squalo vows revenge on all of Team Bucciarati - at his orders, Clash bursts out of the blood on Narancia's face and tears into his throat. Undeterred, Narancia sends Aerosmith to push Squalo high into the air, announcing that his entire team will make it out of Venice alive before having his Stand fill its target with bullets. With a final cry of "Volare Via", Clash goes flying out of Narancia as its user plummets to the ground, impotently wondering how the rogue Passione members still have hope before he joins Tiziano in death.

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The Boss's orders... those don't matter anymore. I'm not killing him to complete my mission. Tiziano, I'm killing him for you. I won't leave even a scrap of him behind. And I'll kill every last member of his team... I'll rip them to pieces and make them pay for what they've done! Clash! Tear out his throat!
—Squalo, Chapter 531: Clash and Talking Head, Part 7



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