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are we going to have the 6th part animated? post your thoughts here ‽

Posted by TheLastDio43 on 12 November 2020 at 20:44.

I can't say with authority or guarantee anything but it seems very likely. Many people before me have pointed out that Jojo is a successful franchise that makes David Productions a lot of money (after a lot of hard work from them of course) and it's only getting more popular so it feels like it'd be a no brainer. The main thing is to stay patient and wait for them to release it when they can. They've got a lot of other projects and we don't want to be like the small but vocal portion for fans that pester them with toxicity and impatience. I'm really excited to see what they do with it though. I love part 6 and can't wait to see the Jolyne and the gang in all of their animated glory.

Posted by Watayahotel98 on 13 November 2020 at 15:52.