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I saw this forum thread about which JJBA character was the worst, and it inspired me to create this thread. So, who do you think is underrated? For me, it's [[1]].

Posted by StationSquare on 14 May 2021 at 16:57.

Dammit, I tried to link Rikiel's page, but it just came out weird.

Posted by StationSquare on 14 May 2021 at 16:58.

Here's the link:

Posted by StationSquare on 14 May 2021 at 16:58.

Narciso Anasui. He's underrated in a way that his intelligence is severely undermined because he's reduced as THE "Stone Ocean simp" or the lady-turned-dude character in the JoJo fandom.

Part of the reason why he's my favorite character is because in nearly all of the appearances he had, such as in the Enter the Dragon's Dream and Birth of the Green story arcs, he has shown a capacity to be analytical and quick-witted. I rarely hear people talk about how he's pretty much the guy who defeated Dragon's Dream AND Yo-Yo Ma with his wits. Not to mention, he displayed these same wits in front of his future father-in-law Jotaro when they were planning how to defeat Made in Heaven. Dude's got balls.

The only exception of this is in the Bohemian Rhapsody arc because the arc was clearly supposed to be Weather Report's arc. Hopefully, the Stone Ocean anime will make more people realize his potential for him. :^)

Posted by FrizzleLamb on 14 May 2021 at 17:17.

Steven Steel

Posted by Fat Yoshi on 14 May 2021 at 17:25.

Cannot agree more with Frizzlelamb here! People jump on board the simp train before really thinking about Anasui in depth. I find him to be likeable but also terrifying, his back story and his comic but creepy devotion to Jolyne reveals him to be much more intimidating and powerful the more you think about it. I know he's an ally, but there's just this uncomfortable feeling I get from him at times. Not saying he's a villain at all (I love the guy) but I think his character has much more depth and possibility than people give him credit for.

Posted by Watayahotel98 on 14 May 2021 at 17:32.
  • Part 1- Jonathan and Will
  • Part 2- Santana
  • Part 3- Vanilla Ice, Pet Shop and Iggy
  • Part 4- Tonio, Akira and Mikitaka
  • Part 5- Formaggio, Sale, Trish, Squalo and Tiziano
  • Part 6- Versace, Lang Rangler, Miu Miu, Ermes and Weather
  • Part 7- Wekaipipo
  • Part 8- Norisuke, Urban Guerilla, Dr.Wu, Mitsuba, Tsurugi and Tooru
Posted by JOeSTAR on 14 May 2021 at 17:51.

My top 3 picks though are

  1. Sale- I love his personality dude didn't get overconfident and is way better than Zucchero when it comes down too battle. His stand is really cool the design is awesome totally love how Kraft Work's teeth sticks out. It's ability is the classic jojo abilities of having the cover through strategy instead of being super broken then time when he made the rocks stop in mid-air is probably my favorite usage of the stand looked super bad ass and the way he tanks all of Mista's bullets without any fear it's almost admirable in a sense. He also ends up surviving the bullets in his brain like c'mon he's super damn tough.
  2. Akira Otoishi The rock star himself nobody really talks about him a lot which is pretty sad because both him and his stand are pretty damn cool. His killing of Keicho was messed up but he deserved it tbh. I think the best aspect of Akira is is his clothes they just pop in a sense and his detailed description of his guitar was really informative. His personality was fun as hell loved how after Josuke breaks his finger he just snaps back his finger and goes on a whole guitar solo. His stand is probably my 2nd favorite after Crazy D a pretty standard power that was used super well and the fact that he could almost kill Josuke with the full power of Morioh. That and his stand could be one of the most powerful stands in not only Morioh but in the jojo universe if he aspired to be more which is pretty disappointing that he wasn't. I get it though if Akira was free and became a better person there would be no plot for DIU since Akira could just send his stand through all of Morioh and just find/kill Kira.
  3. Urban Guerrilla Favorite Rock Human for sure he's different from the other rock people before in that he's kinda sadistic and a bit unhinged. (I mean Dolomite isn't that bad) He has a pretty cool stand the little burr puzzles design was an interesting design choice but it is suited for assassination and it being small but deadly works really well. The best aspect of him is his fight I've never seen Josuke and Co. so high on their toes before. The entire battle they could barely do anything but run away that's how you know you're a big threat. He had a counter for everybody's ability which made the fight feel more intense and it really was. The combination with Doremifasolati Do was pretty genius as it provides him protection since y'know his stand is only offensive and Doremi is both offensive and defensive.
Posted by JOeSTAR on 14 May 2021 at 18:06.

The underrated characters are the quirky civilians that the main characters meet. Like Bruto, or that NEET that Kira explodes, or the woman who admires salmons. They make the world of JoJo so much livelier.

Posted by Nabu on 14 May 2021 at 20:58.

Kira’s co-worker.

Posted by Diego Brando on 31 August 2023 at 19:52.

The tourist with the smile in Morioh. You know the one.

Posted by Booyah on 5 September 2023 at 14:32.