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I used to like rock and just anything thats referenced in jojo but now as a music producer and rapper , i have to say that we need more jojo stands named after rap songs and stuff now there are alot of exceptions because when people make their rap names they put the most stupid and weirdest names like YMW Melly Or Playboi carti , which obviously would be hard to make a stand. And putting rap songs as names of stands could be controversial , particularly anything to do with NYC drill rap , chicago drill rap , and any gang related rappers And they have done rap related names too )

Here are some terrible stand names Notti Boppin ( I dont have to explain ) Tyler The creator ( thats a funny name ) (Any name thats just the musicians real name) King von ( I feel that would be controversial )

Here are some neat stand names Mr Morale ( From Kendrick Lamars album , Mr Morale and the big steppers ) Flower boy ( Tyler the creator album ) IGOR ( another tyler the creator album ) Shoota ( Song by playboi carti ) Doom ( Inspired by MF DOOM )

Now thats really all

Posted by S0yoJoo on 28 June 2023 at 21:04.

I totally agree. We've gotten only a few per part and I feel like it needs more representation since it has so much potential. Me and a friend of mine always wanted Cherry Bomb to be a Stand (after the Tyler album). I feel like there's a chance we'll get it with JoJoLands but we're probably not getting lucky.

Posted by Re Della Cyfrinach on 21 July 2023 at 20:14.

Maybe Beastie Boys, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar's "Wesley's Theory" should be referenced in JJBA. Just for the funny, also include a JT Music reference or something.

Posted by Booyah on 25 August 2023 at 17:29.