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At the end of the History section of the Saint's Corpse page, there's a reference to jjl chapter 99, specifically the part which shows Lucy near the meditation pine remarking on the ground's similarities to the Devil's Palm. In this reference it is stated that Lucy retrieved the Saint's Corpse from under the meditation pine.

However, based on what we were told by Lucy in chapter 109, Lucy first visited Morioh in 1911, 10 years after Johnny Joestar died. (in ch 109, set in 1941, she said she visited '30 years ago') Therefore that scene was not depicting her retrieving the corpse, but arriving to investigate the area after the corpse's effects on it had been made known.

The source of this confusion is probably the female speedwagon foundation agent who appears in the chapter about Johnny Joestar's death (jjl 22). She has a different hairstyle than Lucy's in chapter 99, and i don't think she is meant to be any specific character we know of.

What's more, the corpse wasn't retrieved directly from the Meditation Pine where Johnny briefly kept it, but near the site of his actual death, on Shakedown Street, as he had the corpse with him when he died. The agents are shown catching up to him almost at the exact moment of his death, so it's not a case of them being 10 years late.

All this is a long way of saying: the corpse was retrieved on Shakedown Street by nameless characters. Lucy wasn't directly involved in it, though it appears the Speedwagon Foundation itself was involved in said retrieval, alongside the US govt.

Posted by Calamity King on 3 October 2021 at 13:36.
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