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The timeline article states that Damo goes to the Higashikata house 6 months after the tsunami hits Morioh, which happens in March 2011, but I believe that this is incorrect.

The evidence for this is that in chapter 51, Damo says "It's been six months now. Hard to believe a half a year's gone by since then. Morioh's terrain sure changed a lot when that earthquake hit."

In fact six months is also mentioned twice right before this in the Love Love Deluxe arc as well. In chapter 45, Karera says "It's been half a year since the earthquake" and in chapter 44, one of the Aphex twins says "By the way, that woman, I'm impressed that she held out for 6 whole months," referring to Karera.

So this seems to show that the Aphex twins have been searching for Karera since the earthquake, but this results in a contradiction. In chapter 52, when we see Karera saving Josefumi and Kira on August 19th, Damo and Yotsuyu have no idea who she is, even though their underlings would have been searching for her for 5 months already by this point.

If you think about it, it makes much more sense if Damo orders the twins to search for Karera after the attack on the boat on August 19th. Damo becomes aware that she exists and is connected to Josefumi and Kira on August 19th, so it would make sense for him to order his underlings to search for her to find info on Joesfumi and Kira.

But this would mean that by the time of the Love Love Deluxe and Vitamin C arcs, it has been 6 months since August 19th. That would seem to contradict everyone saying that the earthquake was 6 months ago at the same time since the earthquake was in March, however there is a possible explanation.

There was an aftershock of the earthquake on August 19th, so if Karera and Damo were both referring to that aftershock rather than the original quake when they say "the earthquake" then everything would line up since the earthquake that everyone is talking about and a reason for the twins to start searching for Karera happened on the same day, August 19th.

For evidence that this could be the case, in chapter 44, Karera says "You said you wanted to see my cell phone... my old one fell into some water during the earthquake". This interaction wouldn't make sense if she was referring to the original quake in March. If she had lost her phone in March then she would have already seen Josefumi several times since then and likely told him about it. However, if she is referring to the aftershock in August then it would make more sense since this would be the first time that she is seeing Josefumi since she lost her phone. Also in chapter 52, she was right by the ocean when the boat exploded on August 19th so she likely dropped her phone then. So if Karera referred to the aftershock as "the earthquake" there, then it would also make sense if the other time she said "the earthquake" it was also referring to the aftershock.

Additionally, when Damo is talking about how the earthquake caused the terrain to shift so much, you can see on the next page that he is mentioning this because the fact that the terrain shifted is what caused Yotsuyu to have a hard time looking for the Rokakaka tree. He says, "Because of the altered terrain, Yotsuyu had rough goings looking for it." This also only makes sense if the earthquake that he's talking about is the aftershock. In chapter 53, the twins find the Rokakaka tree on August 19th and you can see a few pages later that Yotsuyu was close by at the time. The reason that they are unable to find it again after that is that the aftershock causes the terrain to shift even more. But Damo says specifically that the reason that Yotsuyu was unable to find the Rokakaka tree again is because the earthquake 6 months ago caused the terrain to shift. So when he says "the earthquake" he must also be referring to the aftershock.

So that's my evidence for why I think that the Love Love Deluxe and Vitamin C arcs occur 6 months after August 19th, 2011, which would place them some time in February 2012. To summarize, since they are both stated to be 6 months ago in the Love Love Deluxe arc, the "earthquake" that everyone is talking about and Karera becoming a target of the Damokan group both should have happened at around the same time. An earthquake and a reason for Karera to become a target of the Damokan group both occur on August 19, 2011, so this is likely the date that was 6 months ago.

This means that many of the events for JoJolion that are listed as being in 2011 on the timeline are actually occurring in 2012, however we don't know exactly when in the story it becomes 2012. The beginning of chapter 43 states specifically that Love Love Deluxe occurs the next day after Doobie Wah and Doobie Wah happens immediately after Every Day is a Summer Vacation so everything from Jobin's return onwards at least must be in 2012.

Posted by SharpDistance on 3 August 2020 at 19:10.