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I'm a bit confused about the various translations of JoJo. I've always read the scans from JoJo's Colored Adventure on Mangadex, but recently I've picked up some physical copies from VIZ. I knew the translations would be different since the VIZ versions are "properly" translated, but something I also noticed is that they also differ from the anime subtitles on Crunchyroll. As an example, DIO's monologue in Chapter 248 about what humans truly seek has multiple different translations. The Crunchyroll subtitles use the phrase "peace of mind," and the VIZ manga uses "security." In my opinion, "peace of mind" is a better phrase to describe message DIO is trying to get across, but, being obsessive about these kind of things, I really want to know which phrase is closest to what Araki intended to have DIO say. For this reason, I was wondering if anyone on this wiki knows which translation is the "closest" or most accurate to the source material, or what differentiates the anime translation and the manga translation.

Posted by Hitotsume on 18 November 2022 at 15:32.