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I know I'm probably late to this, considering that it is already February. But I thought of these possible scenarios. I'll put 4 scenarios and explain after.

1. DP will animate Stone Ocean. 2. DP will take a year long break. 3. DP will try something else. 4. DP will make Dead Man's Questions OVA.

For #1, DP will animate Stone Ocean, but I will not be hypothesizing on what date it will be animated. For #2, DP will take a break this year, because I think DP has worked very hard for the past years. For #3, I think this might tie with #2. DP might want to work on something else instead of JoJo. And finally for #4, this is more of my personal Scenario, and I will exclude Purple Haze Feedback, as DMQ is canon and Purple Haze Feedback is not. Not to mention, DMQ actually has panels that can be animated on, while Purple Haze Feedback only has character art that Araki drew.

This is not a "HEY! You better do this now DP!" post, but more of an post for fun and to theorize what the possible scenarios would be.

Please put your opinions below.

Posted by Ironicpolis on 8 February 2020 at 18:08.

I really hope for a Stone Ocean announcement/adaptation this year, though a Dead Man's Question OVA would be amazing too. Don't know how likely it is now since we already got 2 Rohan OVAs like the break between parts 4 and 5. Who knows, maybe DP will surprise us with both, as long as the employees aren't being overworked and we get quality results all is good with me.

Posted by MistaHolmes on 23 February 2020 at 02:13.

I think Stone Ocean is really possible for this year or next year. I think they're doing something Fire Force right now, but they animated the Rohan OVA's while they did Fire Force, so it's possible they can work simultaneously. (It's not perfect since the two Rohan OVA's are OVA's and not full seasons, but still. They could at least begin the pre-production and possibly storyboarding stuff while the animation is going on for Fire Force. I'm not sure but I think it's possible. I have a feeling that no matter what that DP is gonna do Stone Ocean. It's inevitable. I think it'll be sooner than expected from most people, with either a summer/fall release in 2020, or a winter/spring release in 2021. If they make a new logo for the series it could be leaked again, but it's also possible they'll just use the old logo, so if that doesn't get leaked anytime soon don't lose hope.

Posted by DityDan on 26 February 2020 at 15:35.

I thought that they might do a Rohan at the Louvre. Hopefully. But Maybe №t

Posted by Jojogiogio on 30 April 2020 at 15:50.