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Suggest your ideas and suggestions for the questions in the next wiki polls!

Posted by FrizzleLamb on 19 February 2021 at 07:41.
Edited by FrizzleLamb on 22 February 2021 at 15:22.

"Which JoJo videogame is your favourite" would be pretty cool haha

Posted by Penguino on 19 February 2021 at 07:47.

Maybe something like "What is your favorite music reference in Jojo?"

Posted by StationSquare on 19 February 2021 at 14:58.

Hmmmm "What is your favorite Jojo's stand?" "What's your favorite setting so far?" i.e Victorian England, Morioh, Italy, etc. (I may have suggested or posted about this before so if so feel free to disregard it). "Favorite Jobro?" It's hard to think of things that haven't been done

Posted by Watayahotel98 on 19 February 2021 at 20:29.

Favorite Minor character?

Posted by Moose Puffs on 21 February 2021 at 17:32.

How about... best volumn (for each part)?

Posted by SenmimasU on 3 August 2021 at 15:58.

Favorite character development? (In a Jojo or a Jobro?) or Favorite friendship between characters?

Posted by Watayahotel98 on 3 August 2021 at 21:08.

Posted by Watayahotel98 on 3 August 2021 at 21:08.

»Favorite character development? (In a Jojo or a Jobro?) or Favorite friendship between characters?«

Posted by JOeSTAR on 3 August 2021 at 21:53.

Most creative JoJo part as for battles?

Posted by Lsdtroughmymind on 17 March 2022 at 07:57.

Most wanted JoJo character for ASB R?

Posted by Lsdtroughmymind on 17 March 2022 at 07:57.

"Which part was better in manga form than anime adaptation?"

Posted by Damianito on 17 March 2022 at 17:54.

How about "What is your most/least favourite Part 3 OVA arc?"?

Posted by FakeOfficer on 19 March 2022 at 16:02.

How about "Colour palletes of what JoJo media do you prefer the most?". Possible answers: David Pro's anime, APPP's OVAs and film, coloured manga, Capcom games, CC2 games etc.

Posted by FakeOfficer on 31 March 2022 at 16:41.

Which part's ending was the best

Favorite final battle

Favourite villain duo

Favorite protagonist and ally duo, or ally and ally duo

Posted by Azmeer on 6 April 2022 at 04:26.

Most Anticipated fight in SO Cour 2? Worst Localization name? Favorite Glory God? Favorite Designed/Best Dressed JoJo? Favorite Final JoJo Strategy? (Jonathan's flaming fist, Joseph's Volcano Gambit, Jotaro's Timestop, Josuke's Blood-Homing, Gio's Requiem, Jolyne's Mobius Strip, Johnny's ACT 4, Josuke's Go Beyond)

Posted by MistaHolmes on 6 April 2022 at 16:55.

my suggestion, who is the best spin-off antagonist, (including TSRK)

Posted by MichaelD4C on 7 April 2022 at 14:27.

Disregarding what you know about Unita Speciale, Would you have betrayed the boss?

If you could take a Locacaca to fuse with any Jojo, which one would you pick?

Who would win in an all out brawl without stands, Vampires or Rock Humans?

Who's your favorite Josuke? (Josuke? Gappy? Norisuke? or Josuke [dog]?)

Best or Worst dad in Jojo? (George Joestar [Part 1], Dario Brando, George Joestar II, Sadao Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Dio Brando, Jotaro Kujo, George Joestar [Part 7], Dario Brando [Part 7], Norisuke [Could choose Jobin as well if we want more dads])

Posted by Watayahotel98 on 9 April 2022 at 19:28.

Here are some suggestions: - Most complex stand in JoJo.

- Best areas where protagonists visit in JoJo.

- Most 'bizarre' moments in JoJo.

- Most unexpected moments in JoJo.
- Best horse in Steel Ball Run. 

- Best arc in part 6.

- Worst arc in part 6. 

- Should Netflix continue airing Stone Ocean? (Yes or No).

- Strangest stand in part 6.

- Most useful stand in any fight. 

- Did you like the ending of Part 6 (Yes or No).

- Best character of Part 8.

- Could the infinite rotation defeat Wonder of U? (Yes or No).

- Saddest/most tragic JoJo part.
- In a given situation, could Scary Monsters infect a vampire and turn them into a dinosaur? (Yes, No, Maybe, Who Knows?, They would probably explode).
- Best stand that can blows things up. (Killer Queen, Aerosmith, Sheer Heart Attack, Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure, Killer Queen (part 8)).
- Best automatic stand in part 8. 

- Guessing where part 9 would take place.

- Best stand from a special event.

Posted by ArrowHeadStands on 1 May 2022 at 17:59.

Here are a few more:

- Best fire-based stand/ability.

- Best Shrinking Stand.

- Best Sharp-shooter in JoJo.

- Best group of stands from each part.

- Most iconic stand for each part.

- In a given situation, could Cheap Trick defeat Wonder of U? (Yes or No).

- Does Hey Ya! have more to its ability or does it just cheer on its user? (It might be able to do more than it seems, It just cheers).

- Most forgotten character in JoJo.

- Which part has the best art in your opinion?

- What year would you say JoJo got heavily popular?

- Which part would you say gets the worst bad wrap (but is actually pretty good)?

- Will Part 7 ever be animated? (Yes, No, Maybe, Way too expensive to make).

- Who has the best character arc in Steel Ball Run?

- Is Araki a vampire? (Yes, No, Probably, He just likes to go for walks).

- Which universe showcases the most unique version of fate? (Original Universe, New Universe).

- Other than Soft and Wet [Go Beyond], which stand would be equipped to best defeat Wonder of U?

- Should the series get another movie? (Yes, No, Absolutely not).

- Do you think the part 9 protagonist will be a boy or a girl?

- Which part of the JoJo anime got you interested in JoJo as a whole?

- Best water-based stand/ability.

Posted by ArrowHeadStands on 6 May 2022 at 19:00.

"Which TSKR story is your favourite?"

Posted by Damianito on 15 June 2022 at 06:28.

Which Spin-off should get an OVA? CDDH, PHF, JJ, 4th, DMQ

Posted by Azmeer on 22 June 2022 at 01:25.

Posted by Azmeer on 22 June 2022 at 01:25.

»Which Spin-off should get an OVA? CDDH, PHF, JJ, 4th, DMQ«
CDDH might need an entire anime, depending on how long it goes on for. 4th or DMQ would make a good OVA tho.

Posted by StationSquare on 23 June 2022 at 00:47.