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Ok, so I was looking some fashion shoots to have pose references, and I found one that caught my attention. I started to draw the pose, but I felt like I've seen it somewhere. Turns out, it was the same pose Giorno does in that one Enigma alt. album cover. Here's the pose I found

Here's the Enigma cover

I'm pretty sure it's referencing that pose, I just wanted to make sure via this post, plus I don't really know how to edit that page correctly, and I don't know exactly how to credit the pose.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps!

Posted by ItsMeFacu on 12 September 2020 at 08:10.

I've been looking at both images for a while and I can say that the poses are almost the same and I'm sure it's a reference. Also, a really big part of the visual references listed in the Reference Gallery are not confirmed by an official source and are only there because fans have noticed a similarity between an artwork and its suspected reference. So I think there is no problem with it being listed in the Reference Gallery even if there is no official confirmation! However, looking at the Reference Gallery page, I can only see artworks made by Araki himself. So I think that is the reason why it's not listed there.

I'm not a moderator or an admin, but I really hope this helps! Please take care and have a nice day!

(By the way, where I can find fashion shoots? I'm an artist too, using fashion shoots as reference it's something I want to do but I don't know where to look!)

Posted by Aisho on 21 September 2020 at 20:23.