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As a fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, (and somewhat recent one, having discovered JoJo's less than a year ago,) I want to see nothing more than for people who are new to the series/franchise to be able to get the best sources for information as possible when researching aspects of the series.

While I know the shift from Wikia/Fandom was extremely recent, and I have no involvement or affect on it, I feel as though when looking up something similar to, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Wiki," this site should be the first result, no something you have to scroll down to find.

While I'm aware the reason Fandom comes up is because its older, has much more traffic, and is associated with an all around bigger site/brand, I feel as though there should be some way to make this the go-to JoJo's informational site, not the one based out of Fandom.

I'm assuming people can't just erase the JoJo's Wikia page, so that won't be a viable option, as it would just be hurting Fandom, but other than a drastic measure like that, I'm not sure how this site can get the exposure it needs / deserves to get to the top of Google's search results and be the first stop while looking for proper and correct JoJo's information/facts.

I feel like there could be a good discussion based on this, and would love to see this new site get much bigger. (also I hope this is in the right spot)

Posted by Sspring on 8 December 2019 at 06:45.

Hey, Sspring, thanks for your support! To get higher on Google, there's no way around it, we must make the pages better. That means more content and making them mobile friendly. I think we are all working on that so eventually, our pages will be objectively better than fandoms, and google will act accordingly.

However, advertising the wiki is definitely trickier.

Posted by Nabu on 8 December 2019 at 09:10.


Posted by Tysaurasrex on 9 December 2019 at 19:46.

It's going to be a bit of a climb, but I think it'll ultimately come down to how much content and site features we can pump out, as well as how much we can get the new site advertised and linked on other sites.

Posted by MetallicKaiser (administrator) on 10 December 2019 at 04:35.