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Inspired by Create-A-Servant from the Beast's Lair forums.

What is Create-A-Stand?

Create-A-Stand is meant to be a place to create the stands that you create!


  1. Post one stand per post
  2. It's alright to use fanart as a faceclaim for your stands, but please source the art you use (This means link them to the owner of the image, do not link to Google Images or Pinterest).
  3. Do not plagiarise other people's stands.
  4. Follow the Wiki's styleguide (Manual of Style)


Pastebin link:

{{Stand Info
|title      = Stand Name
|image      = [Optional]
|ja_kanji   = Kanji
|engname    = Localized name [optional]
|user       = Stand user [optional]
|namesake   = [[Namesake]] {{s|Namesake details}}
|type       = {{ST|}}
|cry        = Stand cry
|stats      = {{Stats|power=X|speed=X|range=X|stamina=X|precision=X|potential=X|color={{Color|1}}}}
|destpower  = X
|speed      = X
|range      = X
|stamina    = X
|precision  = X
|potential  = X
== Appearance ==
== Personality ==
== Abilities ==
== Trivia ==


[Will update as submissions come]

Posted by Ksbgworks on 6 April 2021 at 09:39.
Edited by Ksbgworks on 6 April 2021 at 13:53.


Money Dollar Bills is currently bound to an oak tree, held at a Speedwagon Foundation facility.


Money Creation

When bound to a tree, the stand will cause money will grow from it's branches; what currency grows from the branches depends on where the tree it is bound to is currently located. The money is virtually indistinguishable from the real deal.

Posted by Chua1332 on 6 April 2021 at 15:12.

Al Green (アル・グリーン Aru Gurīn) is a stand owned by Guiseppe Stromboli. It is a colony stand with a crab-like feature with a small volcano-like back which releases uranium dust.


Al Green appears as a crab-like creature with spikes all over its body and lack claws. On its back is a volcano-like feature that seems to constantly spew out uranium dust, it is a colony stand with about 100 units which Guiseppe can use to swarm his opponents with multiples of the Stand.


Al Green's main ability may seem weak at first, but since it's a colony stand it is able to accelerate the speed of its effect very quickly.

Uranium Dust Emmission

From its back, Al Green releases an amount of uranium dust, that clings onto a person or an object near its area. Using multiples of Al Green, this effect can be applied to a large area. Things coated by the Uranium Dust quickly gets affected by radiation, if the person or the object is closer to one of the Al Greens.


Posted by Ksbgworks on 6 April 2021 at 16:03.


Kroikyu Looks like mimikyu but it has become more unstable. It has grown out of the costume it is wearing and has developed arms Which is covered only to the forearm with ripped cloth Wrapped around the bottom of the fingers. It has now developed a torso not like a human's. It's head is covered by the same Fake pikachu outfit but now out the bottom is a thick black loop with soothing bells at the end of it to try to calm it's rage. It is about as tall as an average chair leg. Everything that is not covered is an inky black colour.


It acts cutely in company but can be very sadistic. Even though it cant talk it fill's people's minds with Dark and Disturbing thoughts. It is also ruthless and cunning in battle.


Weapon Wielding: It has a Scythe it pulls out in battle. It is chipped everywhere but filling with corrupted energy it can cut through metal cleanly with a mere swing. It's only downfall is that it's small size make it an easy target. It also has the ability to stretch out its hands to grab something far away,


I made this stand when I was walking around the pool at home, My favorite pastime. This was inspired by my love of the pokemon mimikyu and the grim reaper.

Posted by ZAWARDOTOKIYOANMAYANDAAA on 6 April 2021 at 17:20.


Its 'true' form simply resembles a featureless man who gently shifts between the colors of the rainbow, akin to a gimmicky LED light. To non-Stand users that the user wants to affect, it appears in the form of a small, ghastly, bioluminescent light


Color Disorientation: Anyone who witnesses the stand's form will distort their sense of color, which can lead to confusion.


  • The Stand's ability is inspired by both the minor differences in human brain color perception from person-to-person and the frequent color shifts in the JoJo series.
  • Its form to non-Stand users is inspired by the as-yet unexplainable Min Min light phenomenon that occurs in outback Australia.
Posted by KJNanika on 8 April 2021 at 03:17.


Thriller takes the appearance of a humanoid moth, standing at around 2 m (6 ft 7 in) with a wingspan of about 6.5 m (21 ft). Thriller's face is mostly featureless, save for its large, bug-like eyes. Its two hands are claw-like with only two fingers and a thumb, while its two feet has two toes facing forward, and one backward. Thriller's wings are adorned with an eyeball-like design. Thriller is predominately black, with bright red eyes, while the eyeball pattern on its wings have a dull reddish-brown "iris".

While hiding in a person's illusions, Thriller will take the form of a black mass with red eyes.

Due to its illusion creating ability, non-Stand Users are able to see Thriller while under its power.


Thriller is a long range Stand, able to travel roughly 60 m (200 ft) away from its user. Using its wings, Thriller is able to whip up small whirlwinds, typically used to blow small objects such as dust, dirt, small rocks, and branches at foes. Thriller's wings are also capable of flight, allowing it to travel up to 80 km/h (50 mph). The Stand is capable of carrying weight roughly around that of an average adult male.

Fear Illusion Creation

Thriller's primary ability is to create illusions of a person's greatest fears. Thriller does this by first exhaling a black mist from where its mouth would be, then using its wings to blow the mist to its intended target. Due to this, a third party can accidentally or purposefully intercept the mist, allowing the intended target to escape. A person who is hit by the mist and within a 30 m (98 ft) radius of Thriller will immediately experience illusions.

Thriller's illusions can vary from person to person. For example, a person with a more mental fear, such as being fired, would see would see themselves being "fired", humiliated by their boss and co-workers, have their spouse leave them, etc, while those with a more physical fear, such as being afraid of wolves, would see themselves being hunted or stalked by that fear. Thriller will often hide as a black mass while following the target, and appears fully when attacking.

Multiple people can be under Thriller's power, but this is sub-optimal for its User, since they must keep track of anyone under Thriller's illusions to ensure the target does not leave the Stand's range, having multiple people under would allow for easy escape.

People without fear are unaffected by Thriller's power.

Fear Empowerment

Thriller and the illusions it creates are empowered by fear. The more a person fears while under the Stand's power, the illusions become more powerful, to the point they are able to inflict physical damage. However, by facing their fear, the illusions' power begins to diminish. Fully conquering a fear causes the illusions to disappear.

Normally, Thriller's strength is equivalent to a physically fit adult human, but the Stand's strength and reflexes are able to increase from fear within its range, even if the fear is unrelated to Thriller's illusions, and includes the Stand's User themself.


  • The Stand's appearance is predominately based on a mix of Mothman and Shadow people, while the fear aspect is based on insects being a common fear for people.
Posted by Sinjoh on 1 May 2021 at 21:41.


Rocket Summer takes the shape of a robotic humanoid with cartoonish proportions. It is adorned with futuristic gear akin to 2 hoverboards below its feet, a hand mounted projectile launcher, and a lance. Rocket Summer is shown to be smaller than its user.


Rocket Summer displays basic combat potential with high power and speed, it is outmatched by other Stands which focus on fisticuffs, however, it outclasses most everyone with projectiles and pressure.


The primary ability of Rocket Summer is the ability to generate and manipulate fireworks of any shape and size. Anything ranging from firecrackers, smoke bombs, missiles, bottle rockets, and roman candles can be made on a varied scale of mildly annoying to seriously devastating. At most, the user has shown the capability of destroying the entire front half of an apartment building with a volley of rockets.

The combination potential of fireworks is nearly endless, making Rocket Summer a dangerous Stand to face against head on, however it is shown to have a weakness to extreme weather effects, a lack in projectile accuracy, water, and overhead attacks.


Rocket Summer was originally designed to be a suit Stand which relied on thrust to travel at high speeds and charge attacks in a style similar to Gilgamesh from Devil May Cry 4

Posted by Calico on 2 June 2021 at 23:31.