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I don’t think Dark Determination should have it’s own article, if Golden Spirit doesn’t. They’re basically both just states of mind in which you would be willing to sacrifice anything in exchange for your final goal, and Golden Spirit is putting away your own ideals for the greater good. Beyond that, if Dark Determination stays, I think Giorno and Diego should also be added to users, though while not directly stated, Giorno/ Diego would go far beyond the murder of people to achieve their goals.

Posted by V4nilla on 18 December 2020 at 22:06.

I think you're mistaking literary theme (self-determination) for an actual concept in the JoJo universe. The reason why dark determination has its own page is because it's 1) unique to the JoJo universe - or the fiery eyes, that is; 2) we've seen it multiple times, beginning with Jolyne Cujoh; and 3) it's been named by an actual character in the universe. Giorno and Diego never had a 'fiery eyes' moment, so I disagree with them being added to the list.

I doubt Golden Spirit, however, was ever named. From what I'm getting from your post, Golden Spirit is just a recurring theme in any piece of literature, not just JoJo.

Posted by FrizzleLamb on 19 December 2020 at 03:56.