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In order to mature, one must overcome their immature past... (人の成長は…………… 未熟な過去に打ち勝つことだとな…)
Diavolo, Golden Wind Wafer Set 1

His Name Is Diavolo (そいつの名はディアボロ, Soitsu no Na wa Diaboro)[1] is the thirty-third episode of Golden Wind and the one-hundred-forty-sixth episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers from the end of Chapter 567 to most of Chapter 571 of the original manga.

Diavolo has tricked Bucciarati into bringing him into the Colosseum ahead of everyone else. In there, Jean Pierre Polnareff awaits for the team but notices that something is wrong.


Bucciarati thinking that Doppio is Trish.

Bucciarati has collapsed on the ground just in front of the Colosseum; his body seems to have reached its limits following his victory over Secco. Doppio stands just behind him and prepares to kill him, but he soon stays his hand. Instead, he persuades Bucciarati to let him help reach his destination, planning to find out what the rogue capo is after. Doppio then discovers Bucciarati's condition and that he's gone blind yet can see a hidden wound on his neck, which was the same wound from Doppio's fight with Risotto Nero.

An intrigued Doppio reflects on Bucciarati's strange condition as he helps him cross the street, but his thoughts are interrupted when he sees Mista coming around the corner. Doppio immediately hides both himself and Bucciarati behind a pillar. Doppio is cornered and almost kills Bucciarati but Diavolo intervenes. Explaining to his subordinate that Bucciarati is now a corpse that can only see spirits, Diavolo exposes some of his spirit, not only fooling Bucciarati into thinking Doppio is Trish, but also causing his daughter to alert Mista, clearing the way to the monument.

As they move through the Colosseum, Bucciarati promises "Trish" that she can live in his house and enjoy a decent life once their battle is over. However, Diavolo suddenly warns Doppio that they are being watched. Polnareff makes himself known, ordering the pair to stand still but becomes suspicious of Doppio, whom he doesn't know. Doppio's attempt to make himself look reliable is foiled when Polnareff asks "Trish" to show her Stand without approaching him; Diavolo realizes that he's dealing with an experienced fighter. When Diavolo sees the Arrow on Polnareff's lap and Polnareff senses Diavolo's killing intent, the two recognize each other and reminisce the past.

King Crimson appears behind Polnareff

In 1986, Diavolo discovered six Stand Arrows while working part-time for an excavation team in Egypt. Discovering their ability, he sold five to Enya the Hag and kept one for himself. A year or so after their battle with DIO, Jotaro Kujo and Jean Pierre Polnareff learned of the Arrows and began to investigate them. As Jotaro went to Asia and America, Polnareff, after searching through Africa and Europe, eventually went on his own to Italy, but his investigations caught the attention of Diavolo. Passione had agents everywhere and successfully isolated Polnareff, allowing Diavolo to confront him, easily defeating and crippling him before sending the maimed crusader off a cliff and leaving him for dead.

Diavolo's first appearance

After the flashback, Bucciarati and Polnareff suddenly notice that "Trish" has disappeared and objects have been suddenly displaced, Polnareff's binoculars suddenly broken. Somewhere else in the Colosseum, Giorno, Mista and Trish also notice that time has skipped, realizing that Diavolo is near. Worried, Polnareff tries to flee but Doppio intercepts his path, ominously advancing up the stairs below him. Declaring that the events of this night will be a trial for him to stay at the top, Diavolo finally emerges from Doppio and confronts Polnareff.

Diavolo watching Chariot Requiem while holding the arrow.

Curious about the Arrow, Diavolo engages Polnareff, erasing time and avoiding a slash from Silver Chariot. Diavolo is impressed, as he had noticed that Polnareff has bitten his thumb, letting blood droplets determine how much time passes with each usage of King Crimson. As Ponlareff uses Silver Chariot to try and hurl himself away from Diavolo, the latter erases time once again, but then sees that Chariot has been pierced with the Arrow and starts undergoing a dramatic transformation. This was a result of Polnareff enacting a desperate gambit to protect the Arrow, but after time returns to normal, Diavolo then kills Polnareff easily. Reminiscing about the great adventures he had with the Joestar Group, Polnareff breathes his last. Still perplexed, Diavolo seizes the discarded Arrow. From his vantage point, he sees Giorno and the others joining up with Bucciarati and plans to deal with them, but he suddenly senses another presence: a stranger clad in black has appeared before him, slowly walking away. As he demands to know who the newcomer is, an Arrow-shaped marking is shown on its neck.


Risotto Nero
(Mentioned only)
(1st full appearance)
Jean Pierre Polnareff
(Physical death)
Enya the Hag
Jotaro Kujo
Joseph Joestar
Muhammad Avdol
Noriaki Kakyoin
Dio Brando
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(Mentioned only)


Script (脚本)
Akira​ Horiuchi
堀内 全
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Minoru Ohara
大原 実
Episode Director (演出)
Hiroyoshi Aoyagi
Keiichi Matsuki
青柳 宏宜
Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
石本 峻一
田中 春香
Animation Director (作画監督)
石本 峻一
田中 春香
石山 正修
横山 謙次
木下 由衣
森田 莉奈
小林 理
高阪 雅基
石橋 大輔
Assistant Episode Director (演出補佐)
Kyohei Suzuki
Action Animation Director (アクションディレクター)
鈴木 勘太
Key Animation (原画)
Yuichiro Masuda
Maki Fujita
Daiki Ota
Yui Okano
Akihiro Otake
Hirotaka Kinoshita
Masashi Yamada
Neito Hirohara
Eizo Kawada
Ryo Araki
Masashi Nomura
Mayumi Oda
Tetsuya Takeuchi
Nao Kui​
Masaharu Morinaka
Mamiko Nakanishi
Mahora Muraki
Nobuhiro Nagata
White Line
増田 雄一郎
藤田 麻貴
太田 悌記
岡野 結
大竹 晃裕
木下 裕孝
山田 まさし
廣原 寧人
川田 栄三
荒木 涼
野村 雅史
小田 真弓
竹内 哲也
久井 菜央
森中 正春
中西 麻実子
村木 麻保良
長田 信博
White Line
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
Shunichi Ishimoto
Kenji Yokoyama
Tomoyoshi Murayama
Miyuki Kawano
Sayaka Anesaki
Rie Takahashi
Masako Ishino
Mayumi Kowada
Natsue Chibayama
Nana Yamazaki
Youki Ebisu
Kanako Baba
Masami Gohda
Rina Morita
Kotaro Okazaki
Tomoko Fukushima
Yuta Shinohara
Tenya Sato
Mizuki Miyata
Yoshihiro Itoo
Mahora Muraki
Masamichi Ishiyama
Maimi Kondo
Anitus Kobe
Anime Aru
Felix Film
White Line
Triple A
Candy Box
石本 峻一
横山 謙次
村山 友良
河野 美由紀
姉崎 早也花
高橋 梨恵
石野 まさ子
古和田 真弓
千葉山 夏恵
山崎 菜奈
胡 陽樹
馬場 可奈子
合田 真さ美
森田 莉奈
岡崎 耕太郎
福島 友子
篠原 佑太
佐藤 天哉
宮田 瑞生
伊東 佳宏
村木 麻保良
石山 正修
近藤 まい美
Felix Film
White Line
Triple A
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
David Production
Nana Nomiya
野宮 菜那
In-between Animation (動画)
Digital In-Between Animation
David Production
Yuri Kiuchi
Haruka Watanabe
Eiri​ Kaneda
Sakura Shiba
木内 祐里
渡邉 はるか
鎌田 英里
柴 さくら
Powered by CACANi
Asahi Production
Studio CL
Seven Seas
Triple A
Triple A
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Hirohisa Onikubo
Sayaka Anesaki
Nakakatsu Hibi
鬼窪 浩久
姉崎 早也花

火日 仲克
David Production
Natsuki Horimoto
Kanae Aoki
Norika Seki
堀本 夏生
青木 香菜絵
関 乃梨佳
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
David Production
P. Taweeporn
Tomoaki Makitera
牧寺 智昭

Maki Shimagata
Komugi Takatsuki
島方 真紀
高槻 こむぎ
Emon / Haoliners (絵梦)
Yuka Yamajo
Megumi Baba
Akihiro Fujishima
Natsuki Yoshizawa
Shintaro Nakamura
山条 裕香
馬場 恵
藤島 明弘
吉澤 菜月
中村 慎太郎
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
滝 れーき
鬼窪 浩久


Golden Wind Episode 33: His Name Is Diavolo
Start End Title OST Description

situazione difficile
Golden Wind: Overture
Bruno is losing strength
Golden Wind: Finale
Doppio gets near Bucciarati
Uragirimono no Requiem
Uragirimono no Requiem
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Bruno almost falls on the road
Golden Wind: Finale
Doppio helps Bruno cross the road
Golden Wind: Finale
Bruno can't see Doppio's soul
Golden Wind: Finale
Doppio pretends to be Trish
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Golden Wind: Finale
Doppio and Bucciarati get to the Colosseum
Golden Wind: Finale
Polnareff speaks to Bucciarati and Doppio
un'altra persona
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Diavolo recalls how he found the Arrows
The Fate Which Still Remains
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Polnareff and Jotaro are searching for the Arrows
un'altra persona
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Polnareff is almost killed by Diavolo
Golden Wind: Finale
Doppio disappears
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Polnareff and Giorno notice the time skip
Golden Wind: Finale
Diavolo reveals himself to Polnareff
Golden Wind: Finale
Silver Chariot is pierced by the Arrow, but Diavolo kills Polnareff
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Diavolo sees Giorno, Mista and Trish
Golden Wind: Finale
Chariot Requiem awakens
Modern Crusaders
Modern Crusaders
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Next Episode Title

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Originally, Bucciarati notices Doppio is still there before Doppio speaks to him.
  • There is originally more back-and-forth between Bucciarati and Doppio before Bucciarati accepts his help.
  • Bucciarati wondering if Doppio cut himself shaving has been removed.
  • Originally, Bucciarati thanks Doppio for finding his shoe before Doppio's internal monologue about Bucciarati noticing his injury.
  • Before spotting Mista, Doppio's internal monologue about Bucciarati's condition has been shortened.
  • Doppio's internal monologue when he is hiding from Mista has been shortened.
  • Doppio and Diavolo's conversation has been moved to after Bucciarati recognizes Trish's soul.
  • A scene is added of Doppio (pretending to be Trish) explaining to Bucciarati where the person previously guiding him went, and Bucciarati asking if "she" will help him walk.
  • After Polnareff appears, Doppio remarking that he can't make out who it is in the darkness and Diavolo insisting he find a way to approach him have been cut.
  • After asking "Trish" to show her stand, Polnareff has a line added that he feels a familiar murderous intent from her.
  • Polnareff and Diavolo now recognize each other at the same time. Originally, Polnareff only realizes his identity once he transforms.
  • Multiple extra scenes of Polnareff searching for information on Passione, as well as Diavolo acquiring the arrow and building up Passione, are added.
  • Flashbacks about Diavolo and Polnareff are now narrated by themselves instead of the narrator, resulting in several lines being changed.
    • The year Diavolo discovers the arrows being 1986 and his age being nineteen have been cut.
    • Diavolo being a part-time worker on the excavation team and his name and nationality being faked have been cut.
    • Diavolo now mentions he could sense a power from the arrows, motivating him to steal them.
    • Diavolo notes that Enya offered to show him how the arrows worked in exchange for selling some to her. He also specifies that she told him how the arrow chooses people and brings them together.
    • Polnareff explains that Jotaro was responsible for searching Asia and America for the arrows, while he searched Europe and Africa. Originally, only Polnareff searching Europe is specified.
    • Polnareff now states that crime rates began to rise in a specific region of Italy. The manga's narrator only says that crime rates in "his homeland" began to rise.
      • The mention of crime rates beginning to rise specifically in 1986 has been cut.
    • Diavolo has lines added that Passione grew quickly and he realized someone was trying to track him down.
    • Polnareff no longer specifies that he was unable to contact Jotaro due to Passione cutting him off from all communications.
    • After King Crimson injures Polnareff's eye, Polnareff no longer says Diavolo's name.
  • After his flashback, Diavolo has some lines added expressing his anger that Polnareff was able to survive his attack.
  • Polnareff now tries to warn Bucciarati that he recognizes Diavolo before noticing he is gone.
  • Diavolo activates King Crimson when transforming from Doppio.
  • Diavolo originally asks Polnareff questions about the Arrow after Polnareff tells him not to come up the stairs.
  • Silver Chariot is shown physically throwing Polnareff into the air rather than simply appearing beside him as he flies up.
  • After Silver Chariot is pierced with the Arrow, Diavolo no longer wonders if piercing the Stand itself with the Arrow has a special effect. 
  • Polnareff is now shown collapsing.
  • A scene is added where Giorno notices another time skip.
  • The scene of Silver Chariot attempting to take the Arrow through the gaps in the stones and Diavolo digging it up has been cut; instead, Diavolo simply destroys part of the wall with King Crimson and collects the Arrow as it falls.
  • Diavolo doesn't check Polnareff's corpse when the stones crumble behind him.

In other languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese そいつの名はディアボロ His Name Is Diavolo
United States of America English His Name Is Diavolo
Spain Spanish Su nombre es Diavolo His Name Is Diavolo
Brazil Portuguese Seu Nome é Diavolo His Name Is Diavolo
France French Son nom est Diavolo His Name Is Diavolo
Germany German Sein Name ist Diavolo His Name Is Diavolo
Israel Hebrew קוראים לו דיאבולו His Name is Diavolo
Flag of the Arab League Arabic اسمُه ديافولو His Name Is Diavolo
Italy Italian Il suo nome è Diavolo His Name Is Diavolo
Russia Russian Его зовут Дьяволо His Name Is Diavolo
Poland Polish Nazywa się Diavolo His Name Is Diavolo


The part where Doppio turns into Diavolo was super cool. I recorded it knowing that as long as I gave my all, the staff would animate the rest to look cool. I personally love how you can feel Diavolo's absolute power and pride. And seeing Diavolo flustered when Chariot Requiem appears was cute.
Katsuyuki Konishi, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
I could feel the overwhelming terror in the standoff between Polnareff and Diavolo. Polnareff was probably frantic about whether his method of using blood to see through King Crimson's abilities would really work. He had accepted death before, when he was saved by Iggy in Stardust Crusaders, so seeing him fight death here was emotional.
Fuminori Komatsu, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
1. Colosseo

Director Takahashi reminisces that the first place the staff visited in Italy was the Colosseum. "I was hesitant about starting with the location of the final battle, but as we traced the steps of Giorno and the gang, I knew we were getting closer to the world of Golden Wind."

2. Jotaro and Polnareff

The staff debated whether to replicate the character designs from Stardust Crusaders for the flashback scene, but decided to go with Golden Wind's art style. Chief Animation Director Shunichi Ishimoto, who also worked on Stardust Crusaders, redesigned the duo. Takahashi remarks, "Their redesigned, fitted look is as cool as the older style!"

3. When Doppio Becomes Diavolo

Polnareff not noticing that Doppio and Diavolo were one and the same became a subject of debate in the screenplay meetings. Chief Director Naokatsu Tsuda's answer, "It was probably King Crimson," settled everyone. Takahashi says, "This is why we show King Crimson's world here. I think it made the scene more striking."

4. Doppio, Voiced by Soma Saito

From his "torururururururu" ringtone to his impersonation of Trish, Doppio really shines in this episode. Takahashi was impressed by Soma Saito's acting range. "Soma Saito's high-pitched ringtone made me laugh during the recording session. But his performance of Doppio's 'This is a test' gave me chills."
—Hideya Takahashi, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries



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