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Filter ID:2


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Filter hits:1 hit
Statistics:Of the last 168 actions, this filter has matched 0 (0%). On average, its run time is 0.74 ms, and it consumes 1.3 conditions of the condition limit.
user_editcount < 22 & !(user_groups rlike "\bconfirmed") & edit_delta < 3000 & ( regexstring:= "\b(MAS+IVE|ENORMUS|HUMO+NGO?US|HUGE|TINY|SUCK(ED|ING|S)?|MY|MAH|HIS) ((KAW|CO)[CK]+|DICK|PRICK|BAL+S|[A@][S$Z][S$Z]+)\b|WIKIPEDIA (BLOW|SUCK)|(DICK|COCK) IN( THE)? (ASS+|BU[TM]+|MOUTH)|\b(ASS+|BU(TT+|M+))[- ]?(R(APE|AEP)|(PH|F)UCK)|ASS+[ \-]HAT\b|OH ?SHI-|AUSFAILIA|HAHAHAHA|HUE HUE HUE|HUEHUEHUE|▄▄█▀▀|I LIKE (PIE|CHEESE)|\bMY SEMEN|BUTTPEE|YAMAL AO2|NJOTRANS|GENERISK|ION (DETOXIFY|CLEANSE)|DETOX FOOT SPA|NATIO(N|NAL) DEBT RELIEF|YOUR ANONYMOUS VPN|LSGLASSES\.COM|MEEBO BAR WAS LAUNCHED|FUCKING KILL|SHAVED MY BALLS|CAT EYES 2OO7|CORY JUDE|CLEM WASHINGTON|THE BROTHER ZEN|SHREK IS LOVE|STUPID BITCH|U MAD BRO|YOLOSWAG|NIGGA\W|\bNIGGER|CENSORS THE TRUTH|NIGGAH|PORNSTAR|GNAA\b|EA8O7778EAG|9GSOO7EGS8|I[- ]?8(OO[- ]?(98G[- ]?AS2O|87O[- ]?7AI2)|77[- ]?929[- ]?EE7E)|DIFF=82(SI88EG8|GII9SGO)\b|OLDID=82(SSE78OE|GII9A82)\b|USER:BONADEA_AND_USER:FAVONIAN_ARE_SOCKS|RICHARD MADENFORT|RICK MARTY|REGGIE BRADLEY|FALCIFICATION fake document exposed FADRICATED|78ESOAIEOI|[FV]UERD|DREU[FV]|\bROYER\d|CRUI?Z[IE]?[DR]|DISUSEKID}|HPHELPNUMBER|\bPE[MN]JS|CRUI[SZ]IR|TASLIMSON|\bLIGMA\b"; ccnorm(added_lines) rlike regexstring & !(ccnorm(removed_lines + page_title) rlike regexstring) & !(lcase(new_wikitext) rlike "category:.*(bands|musical groups|albums|songs)") & !(count('"', added_lines) > count('"', removed_lines)) & page_id != 26204397 & /** [[WP:EF/FP]] **/ !(contains_any ( lcase(page_title), "slur", user_name, "sandbox" ) ) )
Filter last modified:19:37, 24 December 2020 by Vish (talk | contribs)
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