Steel Ball Run - Chapter 18

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The Devil's Palm, Part 1 (悪魔の手のひら その①, Akuma no Tenohira Sono 1), originally A Three-Way Battle (3人の闘い, 3-nin no Tatakai) in the WSJ release, is the eighteenth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the seven hundred seventieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


On their way to the second water point, Johnny and Gyro are being pursued by Tim. Soon Johnny and Gyro fall under the magnetism's effect and their own metallic equipment unhorses them. Moreover, as Tim approaches, not noticing the magnetism due to already moving forward, they begin to be dragged on the ground toward the cowboy, risking implosion when they collide. The three are watched from afar by the Boomboom Family, who decide to take a closer look as Andre agonizes on the ground. Gyro throws a Steel Ball toward the rocky formations around them, pulverizing the rock into small pebbles which, because of the rock's richness in iron, converge toward Tim and unhorse him. Tim begins to fly toward the duo but manages to rope himself to the rocks. He then understands that Johnny may not be the enemy and asks what's going on.



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