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No matter how strong a man is, he needs respite — not in love, in something greater! Something to devote himself to! Mary provided that for them. That is why she was fit to be queen...

Mary Stuart (メアリー・スチュアート Mearī Suchuāto) is a minor character featured in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood.

She is the queen of Scotland until 1565 when she and her first cousin once removed, Elizabeth I, start fighting over the throne. Bruford and Tarkus are her faithful retainers and her eventual death from Elizabeth's orders leads to the two knights cursing humanity and demanding vengeance.


Mary Stuart is a beautiful young woman with a warm smile.[1] She has short neck-length braided hair and wears a tiara with a gemstone in the center, hanging over her forehead. Her attire consists of a long gown with puffy sleeves along with a ruff around her neck.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Pink fabric tiara attached to a golden pendent with a red jewel, velvet gown with a pink tuff and sleeves, white and yellow fabric.)

(Orange fabric tiara attached to a golden pendent with velvet jewels, purple gown with a gray tuff.)


Mary is kind and caring, providing respite to the young knights Bruford and Tarkus who had lost their families and had nowhere to go. Her peaceful nature made her fit to be queen as she could easily calm the hearts of the two lonely knights. Regardless of their strength, Mary was capable of giving them hope. Despite Elizabeth accusing her of mariticide, Mary's army pledges loyalty to her and fights for her until their deaths.[1]


Mary's army defeated

At some point, Mary Stuart became the queen of Scotland and later married Darnley. With great tolerance, she provided respite to the lonely dark knights, Tarkus and Bruford. Both were of the Tudor Dynasty but pledged loyalty to Mary, promising to sacrifice their lives for her if necessary.

In 1565, 315 years before Phantom Blood, Mary and her first cousin once removed, Elizabeth I, start battling over the throne. One day, tragedy struck in the form of a sudden explosion. Darnley died but the true cause of his death was unknown to history. Elizabeth took the opportunity to accuse Mary for his death, turning the population against Mary. Nobles from across the land rebelled against her. While Mary's army believed her and felt the accusation was baseless, the people could not stand for their queen being someone accused of killing her husband.

Aside from Tarkus and Bruford's armies who won their battles, Mary's other soldiers were completely destroyed. Elizabeth captured Mary and took her prisoner, where she ordered an executioner to behead her. Elizabeth lied to the public promising not to kill Mary, so she used an impersonator who stayed confined to solitude in a tower. With her impersonator, Elizabeth managed to trick Tarkus and Bruford into turning themselves in to free Mary. Tarkus and Bruford obliged, but before their executioner killed them, he pointed to Mary's head on the ground, revealing that he had killed her already.[1]

After Jonathan Joestar defeats Bruford 323 years later, Bruford feels at peace that he could finally reunite with his queen.[3]

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  • Although Mary Stuart is based on the real historical figure Mary, Queen of Scots, the real Mary died in 1587 when she was aged 44, rather than in 1565 when she was 23. The real Mary also had a son with Darnley in 1566.[4]
  • In the manga it is stated that Mary was part of the Tudor Dynasty, along with Elizabeth I. However, the real-life Mary was part of the Scottish Stuart Dynasty.


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