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I'm sociable, aren't I?! Everything was going so well... I just thought if I got in close with Norisuke then good things might happen! But that stupid bitch, Mitsuba! She insulted me and got in the way of my plans!

Maako Kitani (喜谷 真亜子 Kitani Maako), also known as Makorin (マコリン), is a minor character featured in the eighth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion. She has one daughter and is the girlfriend of Ojiro Sasame.

Maako is a wealthy woman with her own condo and the owner of the Seiten Birdies baseball team in Morioh. She desires the Higashikata family's property due to the land being really valuable with great geographical features, so she tries to get on good terms with Norisuke Higashikata IV and Mitsuba Higashikata, only for the latter to end up insulting her.


Maako is a short, overweight woman with long wavy dark hair. She wears a necklace with a locket shaped like an "M" and a sleeveless dress.


Maako is greedy and selfish, acting sociable and friendly with others to get what she wants. However, she is willing to lavishly spend her money on her boyfriend, oblivious that Ojiro is stealing extra money and taking advantage of her. She is not afraid to bend the law to further her goals. Her condo and stadium were built on top of a weak foundation and she had to bend the law to get a building permit.[1] She is also narcissistic, calling her own hand cute and complaining that Mitsuba insulted her despite Mitsuba only being a housewife.[2]



Maako tries to alleviate the situation when the staff of her child's school and the parent council argue with Mitsuba about Tsurugi attacking his classmate Mina with the school gates. She tells Mitsuba not to worry because she's upbeat and good friends with Mina's mom so she'll be an in-between for the two to settle things out. However, Mitsuba tells Maako to move her "forepaw" off her shoulder. After Mitsuba threatens them all and leaves, Maako points out that all evidence points to Tsurugi being the culprit of the crime. Before she left, Mitsuba placed upward-pointing vectors on the coffee cups that Maako and the others were holding causing it to spill all over them.[1]

Makorin goes home to her condo afterwards. While Ojiro is in her jacuzzi, Maako declares her hate for Mitsuba and mentions about the rumors of Jobin killing his classmate to heal his incurable disease. Meanwhile, Ojiro steals some money out of her purse while she continues her rant. She realizes she's late to pick up her daughter from school and accidentally steps on Ojiro's prosthetic fingers while leaving, but she promises to buy him new ones that are way better.[2]

When Ojiro steals the Locacaca from the Higashikata house, he sends Maako pictures and evidence of Jobin's smuggling and money laundering. She later looks around her condo for Ojiro and then hears his phone ringing. Jobin explains his Stand Speed King's ability before realizing she isn't a Stand user, and then kills her by boiling her blood vessels before drowning her in her jacuzzi, where she reunites with Ojiro's corpse.[3]



Quote.png Quotes
Mitsuba, don't worry. You've always been kind to our whole family. How is Norisuke doing?
I'll be an in-between for you and Mina's mom... and get this whole thing smoothed out. It would be my pleasure... You can just relax, Mitsuba, don't worry.
Oh, it's going to be a whole big thing now, isn't it? I mean, the evidence and the motive... all point to her child, Tsurugi, don't they...?
Honestly... I just wanna kill that friggin' Mitsuba. Mitsuba Higashikata... That shitty woman...
'Forepaw'. She said that. 'Move your forepaw'. At the school... in front of everybody... she dared insult me like that! My hand! She was talking about my cute little hand!
If you wanna know why I got on good terms with that Norisuke fellow of the Higashikata family. It's because of that wonderful land.
That woman! All she is, is a wife!! And she said that to me?! It makes me so, so mad!
If someone built a casino over here, you could be sure it would be a massive success! It's quality villa land! The harbor! The train station! With an adjacent shopping mall! It could be sooooo much more economically effective that way compared to using it for something like a fruit orchard!
I'm sociable, aren't I?! Everything was going so well... I just thought if I got in close with Norisuke then good things might happen! But that stupid bitch, Mitsuba! She insulted me and got in the way of my plans!
I'll make sure to buy you a whole bunch of new ones later... I'm so sorry. I'll get you wayyy better ones!
—Maako Kitani after breaking Ojiro's prosthetic fingers, JJL Chapter 86: The Wonder of You (The Miracle of Your Love), Part 3



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