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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Episode List

Episode 51 to 60

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
51 Episode 51.png 'The Fool' Iggy and 'Geb' N'Doul, Part 1
(愚者(ザ・フール)」のイギーと「ゲブ神」のンドゥール その1
"Za Fūru" no Igī to "Gebu-shin" no Ndūru Sono 1)
January 9, 2015
Jotaro's group meet up with a pair of representatives from the Speedwagon Foundation, who have brought with them not only supplies but also a new member of the group, a Boston terrier named Iggy. Despite his small stature and rude behavior, it is shown that Iggy possesses the Stand "The Fool", which enables him to control sand. Joseph is also informed of Holy's situation, learning that she only has a couple of weeks left. Shortly after resuming their journey, Jotaro's group discover the Speedwagon Foundation's helicopter has crashed. Upon examining one of the representatives, they discover he has somehow drowned while the other has been completely dehydrated. The group attempts to give the man some water from a canister, only for a water-based Stand to emerge from it and kill him. The group attempts to hide from the Stand, only for it to travel through the sand and surprise them, injuring Kakyoin's eyes. The Stand, which is being controlled from afar by a blind man named N'Doul, becomes briefly curious about Iggy when he suspects the dog can sense his attacks but returns his focus on the rest of the group by dragging the car they are sitting on down into the sand to kill them.
52 Episode 52.png 'The Fool' Iggy and 'Geb' N'Doul, Part 2
(愚者(ザ・フール)」のイギーと「ゲブ神」のンドゥール その2
"Za Fūru" no Igī to "Gebu-shin" no Ndūru Sono 2)
January 16, 2015
Upon realizing that N'Doul is using his sense of hearing to track the group with his Stand, named after the Egyptian god Geb, Avdol attempts to set up a trap, but N'Doul figures it out at the last second, avoiding an attack from Magician's Red and injuring Avdol. Realizing Iggy can detect N'Doul's attack, Jotaro coerces him into summoning The Fool, which he discovers can glide. Jotaro hitches a ride against Iggy's wishes so they can head towards N'Doul to stop him from attacking. As they get closer, both Iggy's stubbornness and N'Doul's cunning puts Jotaro at risk, but Jotaro manages to overcome this by using Star Platinum to grab Iggy and throw him in N'Doul's direction. This forces Iggy to protect himself with his Stand while it also manages to distract N'Doul long enough for Jotaro to get behind him and knock him out. Although Jotaro's attack is not fatal, N'Doul commits suicide through the use of Geb so he cannot be interrogated over DIO's plans. Before his death, N'Doul reveals that his Stand is Geb, after the Egyptian god, and he is only one of nine such Stand users, a fact that shocks Jotaro. After burying N'Doul, Jotaro confronts Iggy, who shows his true colors to Jotaro. Elsewhere, a travelling manga artist asks to see a local boy's comic book titled Oingo Boingo Brothers Adventure and discovers its odd contents, but is scared off by the boy's older brother. The brothers prepare to head off to Aswan to confront Jotaro and the others, but the younger brother reveals what the man had read and they decide to wait for the next bus, as it is soon revealed that the boy's comic book had predicted the artist's death.
53 Episode 53.png 'Khnum' Oingo and 'Tohth' Boingo
"Kunumu-shin" no Oingo to "Toto-shin" no Boingo)
January 23, 2015
As the Joestar group arrives in Aswan to get Kakyoin and Avdol into the hospital, the brothers Oingo,[l] whose Stand Khnum allows him to change his face to appear like anyone else, and Boingo,[m] whose Stand Tohth is a comic book that predicts a person's death, plan on stopping the group for DIO. Boingo reveals to Oingo that Tohth has predicted that Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff will drink poisoned tea, so Oingo disguises himself as a café's waiter to poison the group's tea, but is almost thwarted when Joseph desires a cola and the plans are run completely awry when Iggy causes a commotion. Surprised by the events, Oingo and Boingo consult Tohth, again, after assaulting a man and taking his money, and discover that Tohth has predicted that Jotaro will die from a bomb hidden in an orange. Oingo prepares the trap once more, planting the prophesized bomb in the group's car, but he is caught off-guard by the return of Joseph and Polnareff, forcing him to disguise himself as Jotaro. He joins the two in the car, and both he and Boingo soon realize that while he is still disguised as Jotaro, he might be the one Tohth predicted would be affected by the bomb. Oingo manages to escape the car, but the bomb finds its way back to him and he is injured, just as the real Jotaro rejoins his grandfather and Polnareff. Boingo tries to cheer his brother up, but they are assaulted by some thugs the man they had robbed earlier had hired, taking them out of the running to stop the Joestar group.
54 Episode 54.png 'Anubis', Part 1
"Anubisu-shin" Sono 1)
January 30, 2015
With Kakyoin needing to spend a few more days in a hospital to heal his eyes, the others continue across the Nile river on boat to Kom Ombo. Meanwhile, a young man named Chaka discovers a mysterious sword that only he appears to be able to draw out of its sheath. The sword then suddenly moves on its own, killing Chaka's family members before revealing its identity to be that of the Anubis Stand, who declares Chaka as its master and sends him to pursue Jotaro's group. Chaka soon comes across Polnareff, who had gotten separated from the others while chasing after Iggy, and the two face off against each other, with Polnareff struggling against the sword's ability to pass through anything to reach its target. When Chaka attempts a surprise attack, Polnareff uses a secret technique to deflect a piece of Silver Chariot's sword into Chaka's neck, knocking him unconscious. When Polnareff inspects the sword for himself, he comes close to being swayed by its influence before Jotaro and the others arrive. As Jotaro and Polnareff stop by a barber shop on their way to take the sword to a police station, Anubis possesses the barber, Khan, who prepares to kill Polnareff.
55 Episode 55.png 'Anubis', Part 2
"Anubisu-shin" Sono 2)
February 6, 2015
Realizing the sword is the Stand Anubis itself, Polnareff tries to defend himself against Khan, which proves difficult as Anubis has memorized all of Silver Chariot's moves from before. After Polnareff's last-ditch defense fails, Jotaro manages to snap the blade in half using Star Platinum, seemingly stopping Anubis and ending his control of Khan. However, just as Jotaro and Polnareff plan to throw the sword into the Nile, a police officer interferes, causing Polnareff to inadvertently draw the sword and become possessed by Anubis himself. Jotaro struggles to fight against Anubis, who possesses not only Polnareff's speed and Stand abilities, but also knowledge of every move Star Platinum uses against him. Anubis manages to stab Jotaro's stomach with the sword and proceeds to push it in further, but Jotaro uses this opportunity to pin the sword in place while Star Platinum smashes it to pieces. Anubis manages to possess a young boy with the remaining half of the blade and attempts to throw himself at Polnareff, only for Iggy to trip the boy up, resulting in Anubis ending up at the bottom of the Nile. Elsewhere, a girl in a red hood makes her move.
56 Episode 56.png 'Bastet' Mariah, Part 1
(「バステト女神」のマライア その1
"Basuteto-joshin" no Maraiya Sono 1)
February 13, 2015
Kakyoin is informed that the Speedwagon Foundation is taking over his medical treatment, allowing his eyes to heal faster. Meanwhile, as Jotaro's group arrive in Luxor, Joseph gets shocked by a strange rock with an electrical socket while visiting the bathroom. Joseph decides to have the group stay in Luxor for the night, unaware that he appears to be admitting a magnetic force, causing metallic objects to be drawn towards him. The next morning, Joseph quickly realizes he has become a human magnet as a result of yesterday's shock, causing anything metallic to become a potentially lethal weapon for him. This is revealed to be the work of Mariah, wielder of the magnetic Stand Bastet, who traps Joseph on an escalator, resulting in him almost becoming strangled to death before Avdol rescues him. Joseph and Avdol pursue Mariah into the ladies' restroom, only for Joseph's magnetism to get them into more trouble. As they continue their pursuit, Avdol realizes that he has also come under Bastet's influence while stopping the escalator, with both he and Joseph becoming stuck together due to their magnetism.
57 Episode 57.png 'Bastet' Mariah, Part 2
(「バステト女神」のマライア その2
"Basuteto-joshin" no Maraiya Sono 2)
February 20, 2015
Joseph and Avdol try to get themselves detached from each other, facing all kinds of embarrassment in the process, only to wind up stuck on a railroad track as a train approaches. Thanks to Magician's Red managing to burn a hole underneath the tracks before they are run over, Avdol and Joseph escape their predicament and continue pursuing Mariah, who they believe has to keep a certain distance from them in order to maintain her Stand ability. Despite being weighed down by an increasing array of metallic objects, Joseph and Avdol confront Mariah in a pincer attack but are caught in a trap as she sets off several loose power cables that are drawn to their magnetism. However, the duo manages to utilise their magnetism to their own advantage, crushing all of Mariah's bones with their combined weight until she passes out and relinquishes her power. Meanwhile, another Stand user, Alessi, sets his sights on Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy.
58 Episode 58.png 'Sethan' Alessi, Part 1
(「セト神」のアレッシー その1
"Seto-shin" no Aresshī Sono 1)
February 27, 2015
While Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy go off in search for Joseph and Avdol, who are busy with their battle with Mariah, they are followed by Alessi, who uses the power of the Stand Set which resides in his shadow to turn Polnareff into a child. Along with his smaller stature, Polnareff's mind starts reverting to that of a child as well, causing him to gradually lose his adult memories. Unable to ask Jotaro for help, Polnareff is only able to defend himself from Alessi using Silver Chariot, who is also affected by Set's power. Barely managing to escape Alessi after Silver Chariot's blade hits his neck by chance, Polnareff is picked up by a woman who takes her to her home to treat his injuries. However, Alessi manages to sneak into her house and attack.
59 Episode 59.png 'Sethan' Alessi, Part 2
(「セト神」のアレッシー その2
"Seto-shin" no Aresshī Sono 2)
March 6, 2015
Alessi attempts to drown Polnareff in the bath, only for his bodily instincts to save him at the last second. Discovering that Alessi had used his power to turn the woman into a fetus that will die in a short amount of time, Polnareff attempts to escape with her, turning even younger every time he touches Set's shadow. Driven into a bedroom, Polnareff, using a mirror to hide himself, manages to get the drop on Alessi, who soon winds up in front of Jotaro. Alessi manages to hit Jotaro with Set's shadow, only to find that even as a kid, Jotaro is still powerful and ruthless, as he knocks Alessi out, undoing the ageing curse on both him and Polnareff, who exact their revenge. Relieved to find the woman is back to normal as well, Polnareff decides to keep his identity a secret from her before he and Jotaro reunite with the rest of the group. Creating another spirit photo, Joseph determines the location of DIO's hideout: Cairo.
60 Episode 60.png D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1
(ダービー・ザ・ギャンブラー その1
Dābī za Gyanburā Sono 1)
March 13, 2015
On arriving in Cairo, Jotaro's group heads to a café where they come across a man named D'Arby who claims to know where DIO's mansion is. Not willing to give up the information for free, D'Arby suggests they should instead gamble for it with their souls on the line. Polnareff goes first, and the two bet on which of two pieces of fish a cat would go for first. Polnareff loses, and D'Arby makes good on the bet by using his Stand Osiris to steal Polnareff's soul and implant it in a poker chip, with the cat soon revealed to be his pet. The group realizes they have come across one of DIO's assassins, so Joseph puts up his own soul in a wager against D'Arby next. They bet to see who will cause a glass full to the brim to overflow by dropping coins into it. On his turn, Joseph tries to outcheat D'Arby by dropping more liquid into the glass, knowing that on D'Arby's turn it will overflow, but D'Arby easily puts his coin in. Joseph cannot figure out how his cheat did not work, and gives up in his mind, leaving D'Arby to steal his soul as well. Jotaro discovers D'Arby had used a small piece of chocolate to change the way the glass appeared to be full and let it melt, but he decides to step and face D'Arby next and tries to beat the man at his own game: poker.

Episode 61 to 70

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
61 Episode 61.png D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2
(ダービー・ザ・ギャンブラー その2
Dābī za Gyanburā Sono 2)
March 20, 2015
D'Arby prepares his and Jotaro's game of poker by splitting up Polnareff and Joseph's souls into six poker chips each he will use to bet with, giving Jotaro a set of six to represent his own soul. Jotaro shows off how precise Star Platinum's eyesight is by predicting the deal of the cards, and catches D'Arby as his about to cheat by second dealing, leading Jotaro to pick a boy near the café to deal for them. Jotaro loses three chips in his first hand against D'Arby, and in the second hand D'Arby is dealt four kings, but Jotaro appears to have not once looked at his cards. D'Arby begins to worry, as he knows the boy and everyone else in the café are in his employ, and the boy is sure he has dealt Jotaro a bum hand, but Jotaro raises all of his soul and Avdol's soul on his bet, while using Star Platinum to get himself a cigarette and a drink. D'Arby believes he is bluffing, seeing his bet and raising it, betting the rest of Jotaro's soul and all of Joseph and Polnareff's souls. Jotaro sees his bet with Kakyoin's soul and then raises with the soul of his mother Holy. D'Arby, unsure if Jotaro has managed to use Star Platinum to change out all of his cards to a better hand, mentally folds as he goes catatonic. All of the souls he won in bets are released, allowing Joseph and Polnareff to recover as Avdol looks at Jotaro's cards, realizing that he had been dealt a bad hand. Jotaro admits he never once looked at his cards to keep his cool but laments that they will not be able to interrogate D'Arby for information on DIO.
62 Episode 62.png Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 1
(ホル・ホースとボインゴ その1
Horu Hōsu to Boingo Sono 1)
March 27, 2015
Hol Horse meets up with DIO, who gives him one final chance to defeat Jotaro's group, making it clear what the consequences of failure are. To accomplish his goals, Hol Horse kidnaps Boingo and takes him with him to Cairo, coercing him to team up with him so that he can combine Tohth's prediction abilities with his Emperor's power. Hol Horse doubts this power at first but soon discovers that not even his own willpower can resist the predictions Tohth gives out. Meanwhile, as Jotaro's group try to find information about DIO's hideout, Joseph learns that Holy's condition has worsened and has only a few more days to live. Tohth gives Hol Horse an absurd prediction that he will have a chance to kill the group by sticking his fingers up Polnareff's nose, which he is obviously skeptical about. However, when Polnareff gets the jump on him and almost discovers Boingo hiding, Hol Horse gives into fate and shoves his fingers up Polnareff's nose, leaving him uncertain how the rest of the prophecy is supposed to be fulfilled.
63 Episode 63.png Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 2
(ホル・ホースとボインゴ その2
Horu Hōsu to Boingo Sono 2)
April 3, 2015
Hol Horse holds Polnareff at gunpoint in order to hide from Jotaro and the others, but Polnareff manages to get out of the situation thanks to a lucky sneeze. However, upon being exposed, Hol Horse spills some olive oil which causes a truck to skid out of control and almost hit Jotaro and the others, bringing Tohth's prediction to fruition. Hiding from Jotaro, the only one not left unconscious by the crash, Hol Horse and Boingo follow Tohth's next prediction, which states they can kill Jotaro by shooting Hol Horse's bullets through the pipe system at noon sharp. With only a few minutes until noon, the duo rushes to get the pipes open and launch their bullets through it. However, Polnareff's lucky sneeze helps Jotaro to dodge the bullets, which end up turning around and hitting Hol Horse instead, while the only thing Jotaro gets hit with is a splash of water. Just as Boingo considers a change of heart, he inadvertently ends up angering Iggy and winds up hospitalized along with Hol Horse.
64 Episode 64.png The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1
(地獄の門番 ペット・ショップ その1
Jigoku no Monban Petto Shoppu Sono 1)
April 10, 2015
The group arrives at a beggar's association, where Avdol manages to get help from an informant to search for DIO's hideout. Meanwhile, Iggy, who has gone off on his own again, comes across the building himself, where a falcon named Pet Shop, wielder of the Stand Horus, kills the informant with a large block of ice before he can report back to the others. Quickly realizing he will be targeted next for knowing the location of DIO's hideout, Iggy tries not to get himself involved, but when a young boy comes looking for his dogs, who were also killed by Pet Shop, he reluctantly decides to come to the boy's rescue, helping him to escape. Forced to go on the run from Pet Shop and his ice attacks, Iggy escapes into the sewers, using The Fool to counterattack Pet Shop's Horus. However, Pet Shop remains undeterred and brings out Horus' true form, using ice to stop his wounds bleeding and preventing Iggy from escaping.
65 Episode 65.png The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 2
(地獄の門番 ペット・ショップ その2
Jigoku no Monban Petto Shoppu Sono 2)
April 17, 2015
Having been caught by Pet Shop's ice attacks, Iggy is forced to lose one of his paws in order to escape the sewers via its water supply, using The Fool to hide at the bottom of the river. However, even when hiding underwater, Iggy is not safe from Pet Shop, who dives into the river after him and uses his ice in an attempt to crush Iggy's dome. Digging downwards only to find Pet Shop waiting for him, Iggy uses the pressure from the collapsing dome behind him to rush forward and clamp Pet Shop's beak shut just as he prepares an ice missile, causing him to destroy himself. Exhausted from a lack of blood and coming close to drowning, Iggy is rescued by the boy he protected earlier. He is subsequently found by a fully recovered Kakyoin, who reunites with the group after having a Speedwagon Foundation doctor treat Iggy's injuries. Following Iggy's lead, the group finally arrives at the location of DIO's hideout, where they are confronted by another of DIO's servants.
66 Episode 66.png D'Arby the Player, Part 1
(ダービー・ザ・プレイヤー その1
Dābī za Pureiyā Sono 1)
April 24, 2015
The servant, who reveals himself to be D'Arby's younger brother Telence T. D'Arby, brings out his Stand Atum to drag Jotaro, Kakyoin, and Joseph into an illusionary world. There, D'Arby reveals a collection of dolls which, similar to the Elder D'Arby's poker chips, contain to souls of people he has defeated. With his Stand managing to grab onto Jotaro's arm when he attempted to attack it with Star Platinum earlier, D'Arby challenges the trio to a series of video games with their souls on the line in order to have him relinquish Jotaro. He first challenges Kakyoin in a racing video game, with both players using their Stands to perform advanced techniques. With the race neck-and-neck throughout most of the course, the pair soon enter a dark tunnel, with D'Arby gaining a slight lead.
67 Episode 67.png D'Arby the Player, Part 2
(ダービー・ザ・プレイヤー その2
Dābī za Pureiyā Sono 2)
May 1, 2015
Kakyoin uses his higher power level to knock D'Arby off the course, but this turns out to be D'Arby's plan, who uses the push to land further ahead on the course, resulting in Kakyoin losing the match and having his soul trapped in one of D'Arby's dolls. Jotaro steps up to face against D'Arby in a baseball video game, wagering his soul against Kakyoin's, despite having never played a video game in his life. Although Jotaro gets two of his batters knocked out at the start, he soon figures out the controls by his third batter and scores four home runs, though D'Arby uses a change of pitcher to catch Jotaro's third batter out. As D'Arby goes on the offensive, managing to predict Jotaro's moves after declaring his bats and scoring three home runs, Joseph assumes that D'Arby has the power to read people's minds, though Jotaro decides to face D'Arby at his own game by declaring his next pitch.
68 Episode 68.png The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 1
(亜空の瘴気 ヴァニラ・アイス その1
Akū no Shōki Vanira Aisu Sono 1)
May 8, 2015
D'Arby uses Atum to peer into Jotaro's soul, which he uses to determine whether Jotaro is lying or not. However, contrary to his deduction that Jotaro was not lying about his pitch, his pitches turn out to be different from expected. This leads D'Arby to suspect that Jotaro is cheating somehow, though in a way that cannot be deciphered by his Stand's reliance on yes/no questions. As D'Arby desperately tries to find out how Jotaro is cheating, Jotaro wins more home runs, resulting in D'Arby subconsciously admitting defeat and releasing Kakyoin's soul. At last, D'Arby discovers that Joseph was the one cheating on Jotaro's behalf the entire time, using Hermit Purple to control the video game while Jotaro handled Atum's questions. While Jotaro dishes swift punishment to D'Arby, opening up a way out of the game room, DIO's right-hand man, Vanilla Ice,[n] cuts off his own head to provide DIO with the blooded needed to complete his assimilation of Jonathan's body, but DIO turns it down and brings him back to life, stating he will get blood from someone else and sending him to attack the others. Meanwhile, Polnareff, Avdol, and Iggy venture inside the mansion, where Iggy manages to immediately take down a Stand user named Kenny G[o] to stop the illusions he was creating. Immediately afterwards, however, Avdol is caught off guard and killed by Vanilla Ice's Stand, Cream, who disintegrates his body with the void inside his mouth, leaving Polnareff and Iggy stunned.
69 Episode 69.png The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 2
(亜空の瘴気 ヴァニラ・アイス その2
Akū no Shōki Vanira Aisu Sono 2)
May 15, 2015
Believing that Avdol's will is urging him to keep on living, Polnareff and Iggy flee from Vanilla Ice and head straight towards DIO. However, they are cut off by Vanilla Ice, who uses Cream to bite off Polnareff's toes, limiting his movement. Hiding in the confusion, Iggy attempts to use a sand clone of DIO to attack Vanilla Ice from behind, but he sees through their plan, choosing to attack Iggy himself as punishment for insulting DIO. Polnareff manages to make use of Iggy's leftover sand to determine Vanilla Ice's location and stab him in his mouth, but he fights back deals heavy damage to Polnareff's leg through Silver Chariot. Unable to dodge out of the way as Vanilla Ice's attack closes in on him, Polnareff is left with no choice but to accept the harsh reality and is seemingly destroyed in Vanilla Ice's path.
70 Episode 70.png The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 3
(亜空の瘴気 ヴァニラ・アイス その③
Akū no Shōki Vanira Aisu Sono 3)
May 22, 2015
Despite having accepted his fate, Polnareff discovers he was saved by Iggy, who used the last ounce of his strength to pull him out of the way before succumbing to his injuries and dying. Angered upon losing another comrade, Polnareff takes advantage of the fact Vanilla Ice had been turned into a vampire by DIO and uses sunlight to destroy him. Meanwhile, Suzi pays a visit to Japan to visit Holy, having fully understanding that her daughter's life is in danger and deciding the best thing she can do for her is to have faith in Jotaro and Joseph. Back at DIO's mansion, Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin come across one of DIO's weaker servants, Nukesaku, seeing through his attempt to disguise himself as a woman and coercing him into guiding them to DIO's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Polnareff, having patched up his injuries, comes face to face with DIO himself.

Episode 71 to 80

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
71 Episode 71.png DIO's World, Part 1
(DIOの世界 その1
DIO no Sekai Sono 1)
May 29, 2015
Polnareff attempts to climb up the stairs leading to DIO but keeps finding himself further down, realizing it has something to do with DIO's Stand, The World. Before Polnareff and DIO can clash, Jotaro's group arrive on the scene, learning about DIO's power and Avdol and Iggy's deaths from Polnareff. Pursuing DIO up to the top of his mansion, the group have Nukesaku open up DIO's coffin, only for him to suddenly be inside in an instant. Feeling murderous intent from inside the mansion, the group are forced to flee as the sun sets. While Polnareff, refusing to run away, is joined by Jotaro in pursuing DIO despite not knowing his power, DIO hijacks a limousine and pursues Joseph and Kakyoin, managing to block each of Kakyoin's attacks. Determining that The World is a close-range Stand like Star Platinum, Kakyoin comes up with a plan to expose its secrets.
72 Episode 72.png DIO's World, Part 2
(DIOの世界 その2
DIO no Sekai Sono 2)
June 5, 2015
While initiating his plan, Kakyoin recalls his lonely childhood, feeling thankful for all the experiences he shared with Jotaro and the others. Reducing Hierophant Green's presence, Kakyoin traps DIO in Hierophant Green's barrier, surrounding him with wires that automatically attack once touched. However, the moment DIO activates his Stand, Kakyoin is blown away, receiving fatal injuries. In his final moments, Kakyoin deduces the nature of The World's ability, using his final Emerald Splash to smash a clockface as a clue for Joseph before passing away. Using this clue, Joseph figures out that DIO has the power to stop time, during which he alone can move around freely. Realizing there are some limits to DIO's power, Joseph rushes to warn Jotaro about The World's power before DIO catches up to him, stabbing his neck with a knife. Angered, Jotaro ignores Joseph's warning to keep his distance and instead confronts DIO in a close range Stand battle.
73 Episode 73.png DIO's World, Part 3
(DIOの世界 その3
DIO no Sekai Sono 3)
June 12, 2015
Confident in The World's superiority over Star Platinum, DIO stops time to try and finish Jotaro. However, he discovers that, due to Star Platinum being the same type of Stand as The World, Jotaro appears to be able to both perceive him and move, albeit only slightly, while time is stopped. DIO initially assumes this to be trick Jotaro pulled by planting a magnet on him to move his fingers, but this turns out to be a bluff by Jotaro, who uses Star Platinum to counterattack during stopped time. Realizing that Jotaro can only move for a brief moment while time is stopped, DIO stays out of his attack range and attacks using time-stopped knives, managing to land some hits on Jotaro. While Jotaro, managing to survive thanks to some magazines he hid under his clothes, is forced to play dead until he recovers, Polnareff attempts to stop DIO from finishing Jotaro off but is knocked out by him. Drawing DIO's attention away from Polnareff, Jotaro continues to play dead, going as far as to use Star Platinum to stop his own heart, until DIO gets close enough, allowing him to bash DIO's skull and paralyse him. However, DIO tricks Jotaro into punching him over to where Joseph is, allowing him to drain his blood and complete his merging with Jonathan's body.
74 Episode 74.png The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends
(遥かなる旅路 さらば友よ
Haruka naru Tabiji Saraba Tomo yo)
June 19, 2015
As DIO is empowered by the blood he got from Joseph, becoming able to stop time for longer periods, Jotaro sees a vision of Joseph's soul, encouraging him not to lose his cool. Unable to relinquish his anger, Jotaro is put into deeper trouble as DIO stops time and brings down a steamroller on top of him. However, to DIO's surprise, Jotaro manages to stop time himself at the last second and escape, giving DIO a taste of his own medicine. With one final blow, Jotaro manages to smash The World apart, destroying DIO in the process. Following the battle, Jotaro works with the Speedwagon Foundation to transfuse the blood DIO stole back to Joseph's body and revive him, after which they expose DIO's corpse to sunlight and destroy it. With their journey finally over, Polnareff returns to France while Jotaro and Joseph return home to Holy, who has recovered from her illness.
75 Episode 75.png Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata
Kūjō Jōtarō! Higashikata Jōsuke ni Au)
April 1, 2016
In April 1999, roughly ten years after his battle against DIO, Jotaro Kujo travels to the town of Morioh to look for a boy named Josuke Higashikata. After first running into a timid boy named Koichi Hirose, Jotaro comes across Josuke as he fights with some upperclassmen who injured a turtle and insulted his hairstyle, discovering that he possesses a Stand that has the power to heal wounds. Jotaro then introduces himself, revealing to Josuke that he is the illegitimate son of his grandfather, Joseph Joestar, thus technically making him Jotaro's uncle. When Jotaro inadvertently insults his hairstyle, Josuke brings out his Stand Crazy Diamond against Jotaro, who narrowly avoids serious injury thanks to his Star Platinum's ability to temporarily stop time. Afterwards, Jotaro warns Josuke about a dangerous Stand user and a serial killer named Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri who is hiding out in town. The next day, as Josuke encounters a convenience store robbery the next day, he steps in after his hair is insulted again and uses Crazy Diamond to save the store clerk and implant the burglar's knife inside the man's own body. Just then, Josuke discovers that the burglar was being possessed by Angelo's Stand, Aqua Necklace, after which Angelo threatens to kill Jotaro and his family.
76 Episode 76.png Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo
Higashikata Jōsuke! Anjero ni Au)
April 8, 2016
Angelo sneaks Aqua Necklace into the Higashikata residence in the hope of killing Josuke's mother Tomoko, but Josuke manages to catch it before it can kill her and trap it inside a bottle. When Josuke's grandfather Ryohei comes home, however, Angelo, remembering that Ryohei was the one who put him in jail, tricks him into setting Aqua Necklace free and kills him. Josuke uses Crazy Diamond's ability to heal Ryohei's wounds but is saddened to discover that his power can't bring back those who have already died. As Josuke and Jotaro spend the next few days thinking of a plan to stop Angelo, they become surrounded after a rainstorm floods the house, allowing Aqua Necklace to move freely through puddles and mist. Angelo attempts to kill Josuke by sending Aqua Necklace through a humidifier into its mouth, but Josuke traps it in a rubber glove he had swallowed earlier. Upon finding Angelo's physical body, Josuke takes revenge for his grandfather by trapping Angelo in a rock.
77 Episode 77.png The Nijimura Brothers, Part 1
(虹村兄弟 その1
Nijimura Kyodai Sono 1)
April 15, 2016
Angelo reveals to Josuke and Jotaro that he received his Stand ability from a man in a school uniform who shot him with a mysterious bow and arrow, mentioning DIO's name. Angelo attempts to use this discussion to distract the two and attack a nearby child with Aqua Necklace, but Josuke further merges him with the rock, permanently transforming him into the "Angelo Stone". Realizing that the bow and arrow may be what originally gave DIO his Stand, Jotaro decides to stay in Morioh to investigate. The next day, as Josuke and Koichi pass by what should be an abandoned house near Josuke's house, Koichi is attacked the Nijimura brothers, Okuyasu and Keicho, the latter of whom shoots an arrow through Koichi's neck. Before Josuke can rush to Koichi's aid, he is confronted by Okuyasu and his Stand The Hand, which can erase anything its right hand touches and instantly close the gap. Josuke uses this to his advantage by tricking Okuyasu into removing the space between him and some potted plants, which launch towards him and knock him out, allowing Josuke to move on inside the house.
78 Episode 78.png The Nijimura Brothers, Part 2
(虹村兄弟 その2
Nijimura Kyodai Sono 2)
April 22, 2016
As Josuke enters the house, Keicho attempts to attack him with his Stand Bad Company, but hits Okuyasu instead. After Josuke decides to heal his wounds, Okuyasu repays the favor by helping him recover Koichi from a booby-trapped room, allowing Josuke to save him in time. As Josuke and Koichi attempt to escape from Bad Company, an entire army of toy soldiers complete with tanks and helicopters, Josuke discovers that the arrow Keicho shot Koichi with has given him a Stand ability. After Keicho forces Koichi to bring out his Stand, which appears to just be a seemingly useless egg, he once again targets Josuke, but Josuke uses Crazy Diamond's ability to fire Bad Company's own missiles back at Keicho.
79 Episode 79.png The Nijimura Brothers, Part 3
(虹村兄弟 その3
Nijimura Kyodai Sono 3)
April 29, 2016
While searching the attic for the bow and arrow, Josuke and Koichi discover a mutated creature who is revealed to Okuyasu and Keicho's father. Keicho reveals that his father with once a servant under DIO, but following DIO's death, the flesh bud that was implanted into him mutated him into a monster that cannot be killed by conventional means. Keicho explains that he had been creating new Stand users in the hopes of finding an ability that can kill his father, who has been doing nothing but searching through an old chest. Using Crazy Diamond's ability, Josuke discovers that the father was searching for a torn up photograph of his family, hinting that he still retains memories of his old life. Just as Josuke offers to help Keicho and Okuyasu find a way to cure their father in exchange for the bow and arrow, Keicho is attacked the electrical Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper, who steals the bow and arrow and kills Keicho by dragging him through an electrical outlet. As Jotaro receives a warning from Red Hot Chili Pepper's user not to interfere any further, Okuyasu decides to befriend Josuke and go to school with him.
80 Episode 80.png Koichi Hirose (Echoes)
Hirose Kōichi (Ekōzu))
May 6, 2016
Koichi rides his bike on his way to school and unintentionally runs over what he thinks is a cat in a burlap sack. Nearby, the cat's alleged owner Tamami Kobayashi tries to blackmail Koichi into paying for the cat, bringing out his Stand The Lock to literally weigh Koichi down with his own guilt. Okuyasu and Josuke soon arrive to help him, but Kobayashi tricks Okuyasu into feeling guilty for punching him and knocking him down and falling under the thrall of The Lock. However, Josuke discovers that the cat was fake and also heals Kobayashi's injuries, freeing both Koichi and Okuyasu, though Kobayashi still gets away with all of Koichi's money. Upon arriving home, Koichi is shocked to find Kobayashi, who tricks his mother into thinking Koichi had stolen from him and puts both her and Koichi's sister under The Lock's power. Koichi's anger towards Kobayashi leads his Stand egg to hatch into Echoes, which initially appears to have no physical strength. However, Kobayashi discovers Echoes' true ability is to plant literal sound effects, driving him crazy with repeated sounds. Kobayashi tries to take his revenge by tricking Koichi's mother and sister into thinking Koichi had stabbed him, aiming to drive Koichi's mother to kill herself. However, Koichi manages to use Echoes' ability to convince his mother to believe in him, ultimately freeing both her and his sister from The Lock's power. Following his ordeal, Kobayashi resigns himself to be Koichi's servant.

Episode 81 to 90

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
81 Episode 81.png Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface)
Hazamada Toshikazu (Sāfisu))
May 13, 2016
Kobayashi informs Josuke and Koichi about a Stand user in their school named Toshikazu Hazamada who allegedly caused his friend to gouge his own eye out. While investigating Hazamada's locker, Josuke comes across a wooden dummy which turns out to be Hazamada's Stand Surface, which turns into a copy of Josuke and takes control of his movements. After seemingly defeating both Josuke and Koichi, Hazamada aims to use his copy of Josuke to lure Jotaro into a trap. Having used their respective abilities to protect each other from Hazamada's attack, Josuke and Koichi use their Stands' powers to meet up with Jotaro before Hazamada and Surface. Just then, Hazamada has Surface take control of Josuke and tries to have him kill Jotaro in his stead. However, he is stopped by two bikers who he had attacked on the way to meeting place, who dish out their revenge after learning of his plans from Josuke.
82 Episode 82.png Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 1
(山岸由花子は恋をする その1
Yamagishi Yukako wa Koi o Suru Sono 1)
May 20, 2016
Koichi meets with classmate Yukako Yamagishi who confesses her love for him but also loses her temper at the thought of being turned down. When she leaves, Koichi realizes that her hair has been left behind in his drink. The next day, after she apologizes to Koichi, Yukako confronts the class representative after she insulted Koichi in front of her, and uses her Stand Love Deluxe, which allows her to control her own hair, to attempt to burn the class rep alive, until Josuke and Okuyasu arrive to save her. The two warn Koichi of Yukako's Stand and encourage him to try to become a delinquent so she loses interest. Their plans backfire when Yukako kidnaps Koichi and uses his recently-failed English test as proof of the rumors Josuke and Okuyasu tried to spread about Koichi. She holds him hostage in an abandoned summer villa, torturing him in her attempts to mold him into the perfect gentleman.
83 Episode 83.png Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 2
(山岸由花子は恋をする その2
Yamagishi Yukako wa Koi o Suru Sono 2)
May 27, 2016
While looking for a way to escape, Koichi manages to find a nearby payphone, and he uses Echoes' ability to trick Yukako into contacting Josuke, which clues him and Okuyasu in on their location. As Koichi attempts to survive Yukako's fury until Josuke arrives, Echoes transforms into a new form, Echoes Act 2, which can turn the sound effects it writes into real actions when touched. Yukako endures several counterattacks from Koichi's new Stand ability, but when she is literally blown away onto a nearby cliff, Echoes realizes that the edge she has landed on is about to crack and fall. Yukako believes it is only a trick and continues her attack, until the cliff gives way and she falls to the sharp rocks below and to what she believes is her death. However, Echoes Act 2 had already put a bouncy sound effect on the rocks, thus saving her life. As Koichi reunites with Josuke and Koichi, Yukako gains an all-new admiration for Koichi as he had saved her even after all she put him through.
84 Episode 84.png Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food
Itaria Ryōri o Tabe ni Ikō)
June 3, 2016
On the way to Keicho's grave, Josuke and Okuyasu visit an Italian restaurant run by Chef Tonio Trussardi, who makes dishes based on the observations of his customers. He even astutely notices that Okuyasu did not get enough sleep, has a sore shoulder, cavities, a stomach ache, and athlete's foot. However, Josuke suspects things are not what they seem when Okuyasu begins reacting strangely to all the food Tonio serves them as his body reacts violently, but then his various maladies are cured. Josuke uses Crazy Diamond on one of the dishes to restore it to its original state, revealing Tonio's Stand Pearl Jam. Josuke believes it is a trap and tries to confront Tonio before Okuyasu is served the next dish, but Tonio apparently attacks him and Okuyasu gorges himself on a dish that Josuke just saw a puppy eat before it was disemboweled by Pearl Jam's powers. However, Tonio is just upset that Josuke went into the kitchen without washing his hands, revealing he uses his Stand to help people, and both Okuyasu and the puppy are cured of their stomach troubles. As Okuyasu finishes his meal and Josuke cleans the kitchen, elsewhere Jotaro meets with a representative of the Speedwagon Foundation who informs him Joseph Joestar is on his way to Morioh.
85 Episode 85.png Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 1
(レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパー その1
Reddo Hotto Chiri Peppā Sono 1)
June 10, 2016
While Josuke plays video games, he is ambushed by Red Hot Chili Pepper, who not only reveals he has been spying on him and his friends but also has come to fight him in order to see if he is strong enough to take on Jotaro and Star Platinum. Despite Crazy Diamond's show of strength and speed, but Chili Pepper manages to show off his own strength before retreating. The next day, Jotaro calls on Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi to inform them that Joseph, whose Hermit Purple Stand can potentially detect Chili Pepper's user, is due to arrive at the port. Just then, Chili Pepper appears from Okuyasu's motorcycle's battery, having heard the whole conversation. He uses the motorcycle to escape to the port, but Okuyasu manages to stop him with The Hand's ability to cut through space-time. Chili Pepper is severely weakened but manages to trick Okuyasu into attacking him once more, revealing an underground electrical cable that makes him stronger. He attacks, severing Okuyasu's arm in the process, and drags the rest of his body into the cable. Luckily, Josuke manages to use Crazy Diamond on Okuyasu's arm, which takes his body away from Chili Pepper before he can be killed and heals him, before Josuke and Jotaro head to the port to save Joseph from the ambush.
86 Episode 86.png Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 2
(レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパー その2
Reddo Hotto Chiri Peppā Sono 2)
June 17, 2016
Jotaro and Okuyasu head off to rendezvous with Joseph's ship while Josuke and Koichi stay on the docks, where they are confronted by Chili Pepper's user, Akira Otoishi. Otoishi hides Chili Pepper in the underground wires to launch surprise attacks on Josuke from all directions, but Josuke manages to turn the surrounding concrete back into coal tar, allowing him to predict Chili Pepper's movements. Angered, Otoishi uses all the electricity in Morioh Town in order to power Chili Pepper up. However, Josuke manages to trap Chili Pepper in a tire and trick into bursting out, causing the air inside to blow him into the ocean where he disperses. Otoishi manages to survive and sneak onto Joseph's boat disguised as a member of the Speedwagon Foundation, but Okuyasu manages to stop him, allowing Josuke to finally meet his father.
87 Episode 87.png Picked Up Something Bad!
Yabai mono o Hirottassu!)
June 24, 2016
Following Otoishi's defeat, Jotaro manages to retrieve the bow and arrow, though urges the others to be careful of any Stand users that were created. As Josuke tries to escort Joseph back to his house to meet Tomoko, Joseph comes across what appears to be an invisible baby girl, which he believes had unknowingly become a Stand user. After spending a fortune on baby supplies, Joseph tries to dress up the baby, only for her ability to start making everything within a radius, including Joseph's hand, invisible as well when she starts crying. Things get hectic when Joseph accidentally knocks the baby into the river. Feeling guilty, Joseph decides to slit his wrist in order to use his blood to reveal the baby's location, allowing Josuke to rescue her. Initially mad with him, Josuke comes to admire Joseph until he realizes how much he spent on baby supplies.
88 Episode 88.png Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House, Part 1
(漫画家のうちへ遊びに行こう その1
Mangaka no Uchi e Asobi ni Ikou Sono 1)
July 1, 2016
Hazamada brings Koichi to the home of famed manga artist Rohan Kishibe, who gives them a tour of his studio. Despite being creeped out by how far Rohan goes to perfect his manga, Koichi and Hazamada can't resist the chance to sneak a peek at his new manuscript. The moment they do, however, they fall under the power of Rohan's Stand, Heaven's Door, which allows him to open their bodies like a book and read all of their secrets. After learning of Koichi's encounters with Stand users, Rohan writes a safety lock in one of Koichi's pages, preventing Koichi from attacking him. He then proceeds to take pages from both Koichi and Hazamada as material for his manga, leaving them with no memory of what just happened. That night, Koichi senses something amiss when he discovers he's lost 20kg, but suddenly forgets about it just as he prepares to inform Josuke. The next day, Koichi finds himself at Rohan's house again, with Josuke and Okuyasu following closely behind.
89 Episode 89.png Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House, Part 2
(漫画家のうちへ遊びに行こう その2
Mangaka no Uchi e Asobi ni Ikou Sono 2)
July 8, 2016
As Rohan plans to keep taking pages from Koichi to inspire his manga works, the safety lock written inside Koichi prevents him from asking Josuke and Okuyasu for help. However, Josuke and Okuyasu manage to deduce what's happening from a wound on Koichi's hand and head inside Rohan's house. Rohan uses his manuscript to put Okuyasu under Heaven's Door's power, writing a safety lock that will cause him to commit suicide if Josuke tries to help him. Rohan then insults Josuke's hairstyle in order to provoke him into opening his eyes and viewing his manuscript, but this fails as Josuke is literally blinded by his rage that he doesn't even notice the manuscript. As Josuke beats Rohan to a pulp, Koichi explains that when Josuke came down with a fever when he was four years old, it was a student with a pompadour hairstyle who helped him and his mother get to a hospital in the middle of a blizzard, inspiring Josuke to copy his hairstyle and take offense to anyone who insults it.
90 Episode 90.png Let's Go 'Hunting'!
'Hantingu' ni Ikō!)
July 15, 2016
Jotaro brings Josuke along with him to track down a rat that had been turned into a Stand user by Otoishi, teaching him how to fire ball bearings. During their search, the pair discover several rat corpses that had been melted from the inside and merged together into a gelatinous flesh cube. Investigating an abandoned house, Josuke comes up against the rat, who had merged the home's owners together. Withstanding Josuke's initial attack, the rat attacks with its Stand, Ratt, before it succumbs to its injuries and dies. However, Jotaro then reveals that he had encountered a second rat with the same ability, which escapes out of the house. While pursuing the second rat, which Jotaro names Bug-Eaten, Josuke falls into a trap and gets hit by one of Ratt's needles, though is saved thanks to Jotaro's time stopping ability. Jotaro then uses himself as bait to lure out Bug-Eaten, tasking Josuke with pinpointing its location and shooting it. Despite the pressure put on him by Jotaro's increasing injuries, Josuke manages to focus and lure Bug-Eaten out into the open, allowing him to successfully make the kill shot.

Episode 91 to 100

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
91 Episode 91.png Rohan Kishibe's Adventure
Kishibe Rohan no Bōken)
July 22, 2016
Noticing a mysterious alleyway that isn't marked on the town map, Rohan brings Koichi along to investigate. As they keep going around corners, they keep finding themselves on the same street with a mailbox. They are then approached by a girl named Reimi Sugimoto who reveals that both she and her dog Arnold are ghosts who were murdered fifteen years ago. Explaining that the alleyway is a realm between the worlds of the living and the dead, Reimi informs the others that the man who murdered her has been secretly killing others and asks them to stop him. After they agree, Reimi points them towards the exit, warning them not to turn around as they will be pulled into the afterlife by dark spirits. Just as they near the exit, the spirits trick Koichi into turning around, but Rohan manages to use Heaven's Door to get both of them to safety. Afterwards, Rohan meets an old man at Reimi's grave, learning that he was once friends with Reimi, who had saved him from being murdered as well. Meanwhile, as Koichi informs Josuke and Okuyasu about the murder, a man named Yoshikage Kira drives home with a woman's severed hand.
92 Episode 92.png 'Shigechi''s Harvest, Part 1
(「重ちー」の収穫(ハーヴェスト) その1
'Shigechī' no Hāvesuto Sono 1)
July 29, 2016
Josuke and Okuyasu spot a group of hornet-shaped Stands, known as Harvest, picking up loose change and chase them back to its user, a middle school student named Shigekiyo Yangu. Learning how much money Shigekiyo made just from loose change, Josuke and Okuyasu strike up a business friendship with him, using Harvest to search for discarded stickers and vouchers that can be exchanged for larger cash rewards. During their search, the boys manage to find a winning lottery ticket with a 5-million yen jackpot, a prize Shigekiyo is reluctant to share with Josuke and Okuyasu.
93 Episode 93.png 'Shigechi''s Harvest, Part 2
(「重ちー」の収穫(ハーヴェスト) その2
'Shigechī' no Hāvesuto Sono 2)
August 5, 2016
Josuke, Okuyasu, and Shigekiyo go to the bank to collect the lottery reward, where the bank teller finds a name and number written on the back of the ticket. Just as the teller contacts the person written on the ticket, Josuke uses Crazy Diamond's power to change the name on the ticket, allowing the boys to successfully claim the promissory note for the prize. However, when Shigekiyo tries to claim the prize for himself, he sets his Harvest after Josuke and Okuyasu when they try to stop him. As the two chase after Shigekiyo, he uses Harvest to inject alcohol into their veins, causing them to become drunk and defenseless. Outnumbered by Harvest, Okuyasu uses the lure of money to draw Shigekiyo close enough to take back the prize, which Josuke rips into shreds and sends into the wind in order to scatter Harvest and leave Shigekiyo defenseless. After some proper motivation from Josuke, Shigekiyo agrees to split the money evenly.
94 Episode 94.png Yukako Yamagishi's Vision of Cinderella
Yamagishi Yukako wa Shinderera ni Akogareru)
August 12, 2016
While downhearted over Koichi, Yukako comes across an aesthetician named Aya Tsuji, who uses her Stand, Cinderella, to remodel her face slightly so that Koichi will fall in the love with her. Finding the treatment effective but temporary, Yukako undergoes a full body treatment despite knowing of Aya's Stand, which replaces entire parts of her body. After a moment of luck, Yukako manages to get a kiss from Koichi, who starts to fall in love with her. However, after forgetting to apply a lipstick that needed to be applied periodically, Yukako's modification starts to fall apart, leaving her without even her original face. When Koichi arrives, managing to recognize Yukako from her personality, Aya challenges Yukako with picking her own face out of several copies she has made, with the wrong one doomed to leave her ugly forever. As Yukako struggles to find her own face, she leaves the choice to Koichi, who offers to have Aya make him blind if he is wrong. Sensing Koichi's true love for Yukako, Aya, who had originally planned to trick them, allows him to pick the right face and restore Yukako to her original beauty.
95 Episode 95.png Yoshikage Kira Wants a Quiet Life, Part 1
(吉良吉影は静かに暮らしたい その1
Kira Yoshikage wa Shizuka ni Kurashitai Sono 1)
August 19, 2016
Kira goes with one of his victim's severed hand to buy a sandwich, hiding it inside the shop's paper bag. Just then, Shigekiyo, who had bought a sandwich from the same shop, ends up picking up Kira's bag containing the severed hand by mistake. Fearing that the police will trace the hand back to him if discovered, Kira tails Shigekiyo in the hopes of taking his bag before he can look inside. Following him into the gym, Kira is forced to hide when Josuke and Okuyasu show up to eat their lunch as well. Kira manages to get a hold of the bag but is discovered by Shigekiyo after he uses Harvest to search for it, leading to him discovering the hand. Refusing to let Shigekiyo escape alive, Kira brings out his own Stand, Killer Queen.
96 Episode 96.png Yoshikage Kira Wants a Quiet Life, Part 2
(吉良吉影は静かに暮らしたい その2
Kira Yoshikage wa Shizuka ni Kurashitai Sono 2)
August 26, 2016
Kira uses his Killer Queen's ability to turn anything into a bomb, using a coin to deal heavy damage to Shigekiyo. Shigekiyo attempts to escape in order to reach Josuke, but Kira catches up to him, using a doorknob as a bomb to kill him. In his final moments, Shigekiyo has one of his Harvest bring Josuke a button that came off of Kira's jacket. Having seen Shigekiyo's soul pass by her realm, Reimi confirms to Josuke and the other allied Stand users that Shigekiyo was killed by the same person who murdered her, who they quickly realize is another Stand user. A few days later, Jotaro and Koichi go to a shoe shop where button's jacket is being repaired. Just as the owner attempts to reveal his customer's name, Kira kills him using his Killer Queen's second bomb, Sheer Heart Attack.
97 Episode 97.png Sheer Heart Attack, Part 1
(シアーハートアタック その1
Shiā Hāto Atakku Sono 1)
September 2, 2016
Advising Koichi against recklessly chasing after the culprit, Jotaro goes up against Sheer Heart Attack, which proves to be resilient to Star Platinum's attacks. Ignoring Jotaro's warning, Koichi sends Echoes to search for the jacket's owner, only to find he can control Sheer Heart Attack from outside Echoes' range, leaving him open to an attack from Sheer Heart Attack. Deducing that Sheer Heart Attack uses body temperature to determine its primary target, Jotaro uses fire to lure it away from Koichi but gets critically injured by its explosion. Thinking things carefully, Koichi manages to use Echoes' ability to distract Sheer Heart Attack while he contacts Josuke. As Koichi is once again pursued, Echoes evolves into its third form, Echoes Act 3, using its new ability to increase Sheer Heart Attack's weight and stop its movements, forcing Kira to set off to retrieve it.
98 Episode 98.png Sheer Heart Attack, Part 2
(シアーハートアタック その2
Shiā Hāto Atakku Sono 2)
September 9, 2016
While Josuke and Okuyasu make their way to the scene, Kira appears before Koichi, knocking him out of Act 3's range and undoing the gravity on Sheer Heart Attack. Taking advantage of Act 3's limitations, Kira brutally beats Koichi, who uses the opportunity to learn Kira's real name. Just as Kira deals a lethal blow to Koichi and prepares to kill him using Killer Queen, Jotaro manages to stand up long enough to stop Kira and give him a pummeling. As Josuke arrives with Okuyasu to heal Jotaro and Koichi, Kira chops off his own hand to set Sheer Heart Attack loose and escape. Using Crazy Diamond's ability to have Sheer Heart Attack reunite with Kira's hand and try to rejoin his body, Josuke and the others follow it to Salon Cinderella, where they discover Kira has killed Aya after forcing her to replace his face with another person, allowing him to take on a new identity and hide once again.
99 Episode 99.png Atom Heart Father
Atomu Hāto Fāzā)
September 16, 2016
Josuke and the others search through Kira's house, learning that he had been keeping a record of his toenail clippings since his murder of Reimi. Just then, a camera takes a picture of them containing the ghost of Kira's late father, Yoshihiro. Using his Stand, Atom Heart Father, Yoshihiro traps Josuke and Jotaro within the confines of the photograph, with any damage done to the photo dealt to them as well. Jotaro manages to trick Yoshihiro into taking a picture of himself, freeing Josuke and Jotaro and trapping himself in a separate photograph. However, Yoshihiro manages to trick Okuyasu into setting him free, managing to retrieve another arrow that Kira had in his possession as he makes his escape. Elsewhere, Kira begins living under the new identity of the man whose face he stole, Kosaku Kawajiri, moving into his house with his wife Shinobu and their son Hayato.
100 Episode 100.png Janken Boy Is Coming!
Janken Kozō ga Yatte Kuru!)
September 23, 2016
Yoshihiro decides to use the arrow to make more Stand-wielding allies, first using it on a boy named Ken Oyanagi. Ken then pesters Rohan to play Janken with him, losing his first match after Rohan uses Heaven's Door to figure out his move. As Ken continues to force Rohan to play Janken with him and manages to win his third match against him, his Stand, Boy II Man, appears and tries to suck in Heaven's Door. Rohan soon learns that Ken's Stand allows him to steal energy from others and keep it if he wins three times out of five, discovering that he has already gained a third of Heaven's Door's ability. Ken then wins the fourth match, gaining more of Heaven's Door's ability and evening the score. After holding on with a pair of ties, Rohan manages to win his third match and retrieve Heaven's Door after borrowing Shizuka the invisible baby from Joseph and having her change what Ken attempted to throw out. Ken attempts to kill himself by jumping in front of the truck, but Rohan manages to use his own brand of luck to save him, convincing Ken to stop using his Stand for evil.


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