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Oooh! Groovy idea! How about we call each other different colors? I'll call you Pink! What's up Pink? The name's Blue!
—Usagi Alohaoe, TJL Chapter 2: The Japanese Man on Hawaii Island

Usagi Alohaoe (ウサギ・アロハオエ Usagi Arohaoe) is a primary ally featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

He is first introduced as a student who buys drugs from Jodio Joestar and Paco Laburantes. Meryl Mei Qi then hires him as a fourth member of the gang's upcoming heist of a 24-carat blue diamond belonging to Rohan Kishibe. Usagi is a Stand User possessing The Matte Kudasai which transforms his Stand into an object requested by someone else.


Usagi is an athletic young boy with a thin constitution but a well-toned body nonetheless. He wears a tight form-fitting dark suit that covers most of his body aside from his face and hands. He has a few light-colored bangs protruding from under the hood of his suit, which is tight enough to show that he has a short standard haircut save for the few spiky bangs at the front. His suit is noticeably darker near the stomach. In addition, the suit is decorated with circular crests at the shoulders. Initially, the crests displayed art resembling legs wearing a garter belt,[2] but the symbol was later flipped upside down, resembling the outstretched arms of his Stand instead.[1]

He also wears striped shorts over his suit and wears a light backpack as well. Later, Usagi is seen wearing a light-colored beret.


Usagi is a laid-back and perhaps irresponsible teenager. During his first appearance, he is seen asking Jodio directly for drugs, even carelessly showing money in public on the school bus.[3] Later on, he is shown casually eating a sandwich while he is brought in on the plans to steal a diamond.[4] Later, Usagi arrives late at an appointment with his accomplices and still merrily salutes them, making light of his tardiness and dismissing their concerns.[5] When on mission with the group, Usagi also proposes that they use codenames.[6]

Despite the crew's hostility, Usagi keeps on displaying a friendly behavior, always saluting them in a friendly albeit loud "Hey the~re" (ちィィ~~す) and stating that he looks forward to working with them. However, he also swindles them by pretending the car they were renting would cost more money than it actually does, so that he wouldn't have to pay for it.[7]

He is a client of Jodio and has asked him for drugs at least once.[8] Later, Meryl Mei Qi claims that he is not a drug addict, and actually a good student.[9]

After Jodio assaults him on the bus for attempting to buy drugs from him, Jodio chastises him for giving up too quickly.[10] However, it seems to be a pattern with Jodio as he repeats the same thing to another potential client.



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Usagi's Stand The Matte Kudasai grants the wishes of anyone other than Usagi by using an existing thing to transform itself.

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Wish Granting


The JOJOLands

Eating a sandwich

On the bus to McKinley High School, Usagi invades Jodio's personal space. He conspicuously asks for drugs and even takes out a bundle of cash. This angers Jodio, who grabs him and yells at him as if he was being bullied. This astonishes Usagi who doesn't speak to Jodio until they've arrived at school, at which point Jodio calls him over. Jodio apologizes and takes the money under the pretense that it was money being lent and then returned, but instructs his client not to take out money in public again, claiming that the school's statue of William McKinley can see them. Jodio then tells him to walk straight away from him. Paco Laburantes then arrives on an electric scooter and tells Usagi to check inside of one of the rain gutters, in which he is relieved to find the drugs he was buying.

Surprisingly, Usagi returns again and appears at a meeting between Meryl Mei Qi and her underlings Jodio, Paco, and Dragona. He has been hired and summoned to the meeting as the fourth member of the team who will rob a precious diamond from a mysterious Japanese tourist. Paco and Jodio are shocked to see him and disapprove of having a client tag along, but Meryl reveals that he isn't actually a drug addict and is a good student. Usagi finally says that he's glad to be working with them.[2]

The Heist

Usagi boards a plane to Hawaii Island, although he's late to his appointment with the group who has been waiting for him. Usagi nonchalantly excuses himself, claiming his plane was late due to maintenance, although he also took the time to buy a drink. Dragona chastises him and mentions that he was given the task to arrange for a car. Usagi reassures his partners and leads them to a car rental he assures is safe because the cars don't have onboard cameras or GPS trackers. He also proposes to split up the bill, $30 each. Incidentally, Dragona overhears the rental price to be $90.

The Matte Kudasai disguises Usagi and his allies

The group drives to the Japanese tourist's villa. Jodio scouts the place and reports that the tourist is in the villa but doesn't look like he's going to leave. However, Jodio has also noted that it looks like the tourist will be swimming in the pool of the terrace, which gives the crew the time to sneak inside and look for the diamond. On the way to the villa, Usagi suggests using code names and dubs Dragona "Pink" while he becomes "Blue", which irritates Paco. At the boundaries of the property, Usagi then suggests that Dragona wishes for a camera. They do, and Usagi is able to summon his Stand, The Matte Kudasai, a small bird-like Stand. It hops to the villa, climbs the wall and morphs into a security camera which Usagi explains will create a second fake recording in which the crew will look completely different. With their identity being shrouded, the group is free to sneak in.[1]


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