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The Wonder of You, Part 9 (ザ・ワンダー・オブ・ユー(君の奇跡の愛) その⑨, Za Wandā obu Yū (Kimi no Kiseki no Ai) Sono 9), originally titled Dangerous Pursuit, Part 4 (危険な追跡 その④, Kiken na Tsuiseki Sono 4) is the ninety second chapter of JoJolion and the nine hundred thirty-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Satoru Akefu's lecture is about to begin. As an announcer dramatically explains the wonders and subsequent limitations and risks of current regenerative medicine, the hospital director makes his entrance into the lecture hall.

In his room, Josuke Higashikata finds himself gravely wounded as Akefu's Stand ability made it so a falling policeman crushed his body. Josuke is forced to crawl on the ground and his determination wavers in front of his desperate situation. Suddenly, someone comes to Josuke, calling him by the name "Yoshikage". That person takes note of the damage (several ribs are broken, the spleen and some abdominal muscles are damaged as well). When Josuke looks up, he sees that it is Holy Joestar-Kira.

Holy suddenly asks Josuke what is the length of Cindy-chan the Flemish Giant Rabbit. Josuke is amazed to see Holy awake and takes too much time to answer, to which Holy says that Cindy-chan was 127 cm long and weighted 12.5 kilograms, mentioning the time the young Yoshikage Kira played with the rabbit and broke his ribs as well. Just as she treated him back then, Holy declares that she'll heal him there too and explains that she sensed his arrival and saw him being brought to the room, spurring her into action. Holy drags Josuke through the hospital, and explains that she's covered in numbers because she wrote them herself. Exposing her belly, Holy shows Josuke a slowly moving mass of rock that will reach her brain in 120 seconds and make her fall into a coma. Steadily, the two make their way toward the gynecology department, room A2, where Holy was receiving her "treatment".

Meanwhile, Satoru Akefu unveils his new medicine, the Locacaca 6251 stored in a special vial. Explaining that it must be injected inside the body under the proper conditions, Satoru claims that any area injected with the stuff will be healed without risks and regardless of the ailment to treat. Akefu claims that all non-clinical trials on cattles and mice have been successful and that the medicine is nearly close to completion. Although he warns that the exact workings of the treatment are still top secrets, Akefu proceeds to explain the general principles of the Locacaca 6251 to his audience.

Arriving at room A2, Holy reveals to Josuke that the Locacaca Research Organization had infiltrated the TG University Hospital, used the Locacaca Organization's smuggling ring as clinical trials and poisoned her with the fruit, making her unable to warn Yoshikage who discovered part of the scheme by himself. Breaking through a vault with a fire axe, Holy takes some vials of Locacaca 6251 and gives one to her son in order to heal him at the cost of an unknown body part. However, the mass of rock has reached Holy's face and she is forced to lie down on a hospital bed. She warns him to stay away from Akefu, but Josuke reaffirms his will to chase after the doctor, defeat and even possibly kill him. Josuke tries to drink the medicine, but suddenly realizes that his lips are turning to stone, blocking his mouth and nose. Suffocating, Josuke experiences again Akefu's terrible ability. Thankfully, Holy uses one of Josuke's holes in the cheek to pour more medicine into his throat and saves him again. Before falling into a coma, Holy offers a last bit of advice. Josuke cannot chase after the doctor, but he could make the doctor chase after him instead.

Seeing Holy unconscious, Josuke begins to cry. Unsure about whether Holy knew about Kira's demise, Josuke claims to be "Yoshikage Kira" no more but "Josuke Higashikata", but that in spite of it all, he is still Holy's son. Summoning Soft & Wet, he destroys the vault, swears to save his mother, and sets his eyes on the new Locacaca.


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JJL Volume 23, Chapter 92 (Page 3)
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