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We'll end it right here, right now. Time to bust a cap in his mouth!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 466: Sex Pistols Appears, Part 5

Guido Mista (グイード・ミスタ Guīdo Misuta) is a major ally featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

Mista is a member of Passione and by extension Bucciarati's team, who follows Giorno and Bucciarati in their mission to protect the Boss's daughter, Trish Una. He is a gunman and Stand User who shoots down his opponents with the help of his Stand, Sex Pistols.



Mista is a teenager of above-average height and medium build. In contrast to the usual character design, Mista possesses large black irises. He wears uniquely shaped headgear with a diagonal grid pattern and the front shaped like an arrow pointing downward. He is known to keep a lot of things inside his hat, particularly ammunition, as he typically prefers to keep his hands free.[4]

Mista's attire consists of a turtleneck crop top cashmere sweater with a design similar to his hat, zebra striped leather pants that he uses to store his gun, a thick belt, and boots. Due to the quality of the material, he likely spends the most money on clothing out of Team Bucciarati.[4]

Mista carries with him a short-barreled, snubnosed revolver resembling a Smith & Wesson model, essential to his fighting ability. The revolver is equipped with a hammer shroud, contains six bullets in the swing-out style cylinder and is used with hollow-point bullets. The revolver is consistently portrayed as being purple across adaptations.

Trish Una has commented that Mista has a significant amount of body hair, including hair on his fingers. She also mentions that he smells comforting, albeit unpleasant at first.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Hair (eyebrows)(Black)
(Orange-red and white hat with blue arrow and spots, blue and white sweater with orange-red trim, orange-red pants with black stripes and belt, and white boots.)

Hair (eyebrows)(Black)
(Navy and white hat with white spots and a red arrow, blue and white sweater with red trim, white pants with black stripes and belt, and brown boots.)

Hair (eyebrows)(Black)
(Orange-red and white hat with cyan arrow and spots, cyan and white sweater with orange trim, orange-red pants with black stripes and belt, and white/black boots.)

Hair (eyebrows)(Black)
(Scarlet and white hat with blue arrow and spots, blue and white sweater with orange trim, scarlet pants with black stripes and belt, and white/black boots.)

Skin(Slightly Tan)
Hair (eyebrows)(Black)
Main Outfit
(Vermilion and white hat with white spots and a blue arrow, blue and white sweater with vermilion trim, vermilion pants with black stripes and a blue belt, and black/vermilion boots.)
Epilogue Outfit
(Black, indigo, and white hat with a purple arrow, purple and white sweater with indigo trim, white pants with black stripes and a magenta belt.)


Brute force is our only option! It's time for my true resolve to shine!
—Mista, encouraged by Giorno, Chapter 515: White Album, Part 7

Easy-going and relaxed whenever the number "4" is not involved, Guido Mista is also a resolute gunslinger when in battle.

Mista comes off as a laid-back teenager, being one of the least serious members of Team Bucciarati, although not as childish as Narancia. His backstory describes him as a carefree individual, whose goal was to enjoy simple, daily, and worldly pleasures such as food or pretty girls.[5] During idle times, Mista can often be seen reading books or magazines.[6][7] His simplicity would be mistaken as idiocy by those that did not know him well, when, in reality, he'd rather not trouble himself by thinking of complicated matters. Mista is also one of the most sociable members of the group, regularly seen bringing random conversation subjects out of nowhere, such as asking if vegetarians would wear leather-based clothing, or if human flesh would taste bad as a result of a natural diet that includes meat.[8][9]

Mista is no stranger to casual violence

While Mista may act nonchalant, he is one of the most uncivil and violent members of the cast. He often commits violent acts without hesitation, having a history of getting into fights that he would sometimes lose, for the petty reason that someone had badmouthed his favorite movie star.[10] He displays a total willingness to commit outright torture or murder with a casual approach; he hooked Zucchero's eyelid to a fishing line and threatened to burn his retina with the sun,[11] had no hesitation in shooting Sale in the head on sight and leaving him for dead,[12] and threatened to execute Pesci if he didn't answer a question on the count of two.[13] Other such acts include readily sabotaging Narancia's new stereo because the music annoyed him[14] or knocking out a truck driver unwittingly transporting Team Bucciarati when the driver threatened them being discovered. He has also been shown to be very ill-mannered at times, using coarse language and often taunting his enemies when he has the upper hand in battle. He occasionally ogles Trish during his bodyguarding mission and gets Fugo to look at her as well, despite the imagined risks of the Boss finding out.[15]

However, Mista is still a decent individual at heart. He jumped to the rescue of an assaulted woman without hesitation and while he acts rough with civilians,[10] he doesn't endanger them as his enemies do, showing genuine shock at the destruction Green Day causes.[16]

Mista shows a great deal of confidence in his ability, stating that his Stand Sex Pistols is suited for assassination.[11] He often insists on his achievements, first when reminding Fugo that he defeated Sale alone and secured the group's coming to Capri,[17] and later getting upset that Giorno would doubt his swift "victory" against Carne, thinking that he was just that good.[18] However, in the Sleeping Slaves arc, if it came down to needing to save Bucciarati and then being confronted with a problem he cannot solve, Mista would readily beg Scolippi for advice.[19] He also knows better than anyone the limits of his gun and Stand.

In contrast to his usually easy-going attitude, Mista becomes noticeably more serious and proactive when in battle. Connecting with his habit of not overthink things, Mista is a supporter of taking initiative and often advocates for directly confronting his enemies, sometimes to the point of rushing too rapidly to battle.[11] With his direct attitude and a gun-related ability, Mista takes a very straightforward approach to battle, usually aiming for an immediate kill. Nonetheless, most enemies he's faced have had abilities countering bullets to some degree, forcing him to display more ingenuity to fight. Despite his obvious recklessness, Mista displays method in his battles. He regularly applies tactical insight, having accurately deduced Sale's most probable actions during his short hunt,[20] or making an effort to try and find an enemy's weak point, such as finding White Album's airhole,[21] or trying to attack Secco the moment he emerged from the ground.[22]

Mista is ready to suffer to win the battle

Moreover, Mista shows great calmness in battle, managing to keep his nerve most of the time despite wounds or even the threat of death.[23] The most notable example of his resolve is when he engages in a direct shootout with Ghiaccio despite the reflected bullets tearing through his body. If given the choice, Mista has no problem coming up with life-threatening moves such as willingly let Ghiaccio hit him to blind the assassin with his own blood, or throwing himself off a building with Rolling Stones in his hand.[24] That calmness has its limits, however, as he started to panic during the final encounter with the Boss.[25]

Mista is distressed by the presence of the number "4"

Mista's most noticeable quirk of character is his severe tetraphobia: fear of the number 4. If it is mentioned or visible, he will immediately become anxious and paranoid, visibly sweating.[26] Additionally, his Stand, Sex Pistols has bullets labeled 1-7, with 4 omitted. He occasionally displays other superstitious beliefs, for instance saying that urinating close to precious jewels would bring bad karma, or wondering if Giorno is a "lucky boy" that brings fortune to the group. Mista is also stated to believe in God to a fundamental level; whenever he's in danger, he always has thoughts along the line of "I'll certainly be saved!" or "It will definitely pass over!". This, however, is never demonstrated in the manga aside from his character profile.[27]

While Mista is friendly with every member of his group, he has a privileged relationship with Bucciarati or Giorno. Like all members of Team Bucciarati, Mista looks up to Bucciarati in all aspects and has ironclad confidence in him, even trusting Bucciarati to overthrow the Boss of Passione not long after the latter had announced his betrayal.[28] In parallel to his admiration for Bucciarati, Mista builds a partnership with Giorno, being one of the first to realize his talents. In time, Giorno would become perhaps the closest member of the team to Mista, with the two eventually creating a fruitful combination in battle.



Mista's Stand Sex Pistols allows him to redirect bullets shot from his personal revolver.

Sex Pistols (セックス・ピストルズ)Link to this section


Even without his Stand, Mista is a gifted sharpshooter. His uncanny precision with a revolver, supported by his ability to keep his cool even in the middle of a gunfight, makes him a particularly deadly individual and assassin.



Mista before joining Passione

In his early childhood, one of Mista's neighbors adopted a kitten out of four and later learned that kitten clawed one of the said neighbor's eyes out. This resulted in Mista's tetraphobia or fear of the number 4. In his teenage years, Mista had been living on his own. He enjoyed a carefree life despite living in poverty most of the time. He enjoyed sleeping, gazing at the sunset and sunrise as well as trees or passing clouds, and the taste of wine and cheeses. When he saw pretty girls he would greet them warmly regardless of rejection, and since he had no money he would stay by the movie theater and beat up passersby that insulted Clint Eastwood for their money. Occasionally, he would get caught by police officers and spend nights at the police station. Nonetheless, Mista generally enjoyed a pleasant life.[5]

One night, when Mista was seventeen years old, he was walking along and saw a man beating up a woman in a car. It didn't appear to be a simple robbery and the woman was in bad condition, so Mista felt obliged to interfere and took immediate action. He twisted the man's arm and pulled him out of the car, slamming his knee into his chest. The man looked like a normal bum, but there were two of the man's friends in the car as well. The injured man didn't want his friends to see him in such a pathetic state, and so he pulled a gun from his pocket and fired twice, but no matter how close he got to Mista, all of his bullets would miss.

Mista commits murder for the first time

The man began to panic and fired his gun even more rapidly, but still, the bullets missed. In his panic, the two other men took out their guns and shot at Mista as well. Yet again, the teenager was not hit once, even surprised at his own calm focus while being shot at. Amongst the gunfire, Mista wrested a gun from one of the thug's hands, slowly picked up the bullets, and reloaded it. Then he shot all three of the men in the face with perfect accuracy using four shots, and with the calm of a seasoned gunman.

Mista was captured by the police and given a sentence of fifteen to thirty years in prison. Though he nearly lost his life and only killed the men in self-defense, no one believed that he could pick up and reload a gun during a crossfire without getting injured, not to mention his reloading the gun showed his intention to kill the men. Mista, who had embraced life, began to wonder whether he would really spend thirty years of his youth in jail. However, the news of Mista's incident caught Bruno Bucciarati's attention. He believed that Mista had a strong spirit and a proficiency with guns, but knew Mista would not last two years in prison. Using the gang's influence to change Mista's verdict, Bucciarati had Mista take Polpo's Arrow test, and he passed, being granted a Stand fit for a gunman like him, Sex Pistols.

The anime adaptation shows that immediately after going out prison, Mista was invited to lunch by Bucciarati and Mista followed him, happily gulping down on the dishes. At one point, Bucciarati ordered four bruschette but then changed his mind and made it five. Hearing this, Mista then immediately accepted to follow Bucciarati.

Vento Aureo

Investigating Scolippi

One day as the team enjoys their lunch, Mista enthusiastically explains how he's deduced that meat from herbivores must be more delicious than the meat from carnivores, meaning that humans must actually taste bad. Bucciarati arrives and informs the team that "Leaky-Eye" Luca has died and that Polpo has ordered him to investigate the matter. Moreover, a florist has come and explains to Bucciarati that one day, his daughter went to her boyfriend's apartment and then jumped from the roof of the building, clutching a round stone with her. The florist suspects the boyfriend Scolippi, a sculptor by trade, and asks Bucciarati to avenge his daughter in exchange for his life savings.

Mista and Rolling Stones

Bucciarati accepts to investigate the matter and deal justice. Bucciarati tasks Mista to go to the boyfriend. However, Mista suddenly sees a round stone in his seat as he stands up. Mista touches the stone, only to hear someone pleading to be killed. Although Mista is worried, everybody only sees an ordinary stone and urge him to hurry to the parking lot so that Fugo and Bucciarati can drop him off at Scolippi address. Disturbingly, Mista keeps spotting round stones near him as the group drives to the boyfriend's appartment and mentions this to his team, although his suspicions only confuse them. When he opens the elevator, Mista sees the stone inside and instinctively shoots it. However, the crumbling stone takes the shape of an injured Bucciarati and Scolippi can be seen hiding behind the door of the elevator.

Mista quickly incapacitates Scolippi, makes the elevator go up, and begins to interrogate him. Scolippi reveals that he's a sculptor unaware about Stands except for his own ability, Rolling Stones, which acted on its own and followed Bucciarati. Mista then notices that the stone has disappeared and Scolippi explains that Bucciarati's fate has been sealed, just like how stones are fated to take the form of a given statue. Sceptical, Mista tries to intimidate Scolippi into bringing back the stone by forcing a Russian roulette on the sculptor as Scolippi explains that Rolling Stones predicts future deaths and confronts its target to let them die peacefully when they touch it, claiming this ability to be the true cause behind his girlfriend's death. Mista shoots Scolippi in the mouth, but his gun misfires, as Scolippi isn't supposed to die. After pistol-whipping Scolippi, Mista calls Fugo to warn him and Bucciarati, only to learn that Bucciarati had already decided to go in to help and is currently in the range of Rolling Stones.

Mista manages to destroy Rolling Stones

Shooting three of the Sex Pistols to seek Bucciarati, Mista makes the elevator go down and begs a barely conscious Scolippi for a way to stop Rolling Stone. Scolippi then mentions the possibility of destroying the stone although he isn't sure it can work. Bucciarati is already at the seventh floor and Rolling Stones is already near its target. Shooting up the elevator shaft, Mista manages to delay the stone by shooting it so that he can join Bucciarati and explain the situation. However, in doing so he's aggravated the wounds present in Bucciarati's statue. Mista holds the stone down but it then sinks into the stairs and reappears from a wall to ambush Bucciarati. Using Sticky Fingers, Bucciarati zips to the outside of the building, closely followed by Rolling Stones. The stone almost touches Bucciarati but Mista is able to grab it and throws himself off the building while still holding the stone. Mista then lands on a car's roof and Rolling Stones breaks on the concrete. Trusting Scolippi's word, Mista performed this daring action knowing he wasn't fated to die this day. Incidentally, Mista lands on Fugo's car, as he has come back to give Mista the tape recorder he has forgotten.

With the stone destroyed but Fugo wounded, Mista is satisfied to leave the whole affair as is, and Bucciarati decides to investigate the case of Luca's death. Unbeknownst to the gangsters, the stone's dust has kept Bucciarati's shape and takes the form of Abbacchio and Narancia as well, signalling their deaths.

Polpo's Treasure

Mista introduced, upset over there being four slices of shortcake

Mista is introduced to Giorno Giovanna alongside the rest of the group in a restaurant. Mista in particular witnesses fellow member Leone Abbacchio urinating inside a teapot, and stifles laughter after seeing Giorno hesitate to drink from the teacup. However, he is quickly stupefied and impressed when Giorno gulps the whole cup.[26]

Not long after, Team Bucciarati proceeds to go after Polpo's treasure following his death. While he is ambushed and deflated by Soft Machine on the way to Capri Island. Upon the defeat of Soft Machine's user Mario Zucchero, Mista proceeds to torture him for information on accomplices to no avail. With Abbacchio's ability, the team learns that he had an accomplice waiting on the island. Both Mista and Giorno take on the duty of taking him out, and Mista reveals his Stand Sex Pistols, capable of redirecting the bullets fired from his handy revolver. It is lunch time so Mista brings out some sausage to feed his Sex Pistols, to Giorno's astonishment. They then enact their plan: Mista hides near the marina's radio room while Giorno makes a call to the radio room to lure the partner out.

Fighting Sale

Suddenly, Giorno gesticulates. Not understanding the clue, Mista gets out of his hiding spot and walks in front of the radio room, unaware that the enemy is in there already. Giorno shouts in the radio and warns Mista this way. The enemy closes the shutters but Mista is still able to shoot twice inside, allowing his Sex Pistols to wound the enemy's leg. He follows the enemy's blood trail and works out that their Stand must be a close-range Stand since he hasn't been attacked yet. A truck starts and Mista jumps on the cab and aims at the truck driver but sees at the last moment that the driver's leg is uninjured and shoots toward the real enemy hidden on the roof of the cargo box. Sale, finally revealed, takes a bullet in the forehead. Surprisingly, Sale stands back up, cursing Mista.

Mista vs Sale

Mista is shocked to see someone who can survive a bullet in the head while Sale deducts that he must kill Mista to regain his anonymity. Mista shoots again three times, but Sale reveals his Kraft Work, a short-range power type Stand that easily deflects each bullet. The gun empty, Mista tries to get away from the truck but realizes that he's stuck to the handle. The driver too is stuck in a driving position, and bullets are seen floating alongside Sale. Thus, Mista understands that his foe's ability is to lock object in position in regard to a given reference, be it the truck or over Sale's own skin, explaining how the bullet couldn't really hurt him. Sale attacks with Stand punch, but the gunslinger reveals that he's hidden bullets inside his hat. He shakes his head, the bullets falling down and put inside the chambers by Sex Pistols, and shoots again at point-blank range. While Kraft Work deflects the first bullet, it is too slow to block the second one hidden behind. Sale is hit in the throat and falls off the truck, freeing Mista from his ability.

Sale is shot in the head for the second time

Mista realizes with horror that he's only got four bullets left, a sign of bad luck. Forcing the driver to stay behind the wheel, the gunman rethinks his strategy and theorizes that Sale could be vulnerable inside his body. He suddenly sees Sale in front of the truck, the operative having managed to catch on the truck because of the winding road and by throwing locked pebbles in the air to scale them. Mista prepares to shoot, but Sale reveals that Kraft Work has been tapping a bullet for some time. Releasing the bullet, the enemy Stand User manages to shoot Mista with his own bullet by stocking kinetic energy up. Hit in the gut, Mista misses three shots while Sale jumps back onto the truck. Sale then resumes tapping another bullet to finish off Mista, but the gunslinger, encouraged by the fact that he hasn't got four bullets anymore, proudly announces that his last shot will be the decisive one. Mista shoots, aiming for Sale's mouth, but the latter nonchalantly opens it and Kraft Work still blocks the bullet. Announcing his victory, Sale releases his own bullet, but Sex Pistols has hijacked it, exploiting Sale's overconfidence and kicking it back into him. Sex Pistols has kicked the bullet to crack it in two and one of the shards hits right into the bullet Mista put in Sale's head earlier. Having a bullet pushed into his brain, Sale falls to the ground, defeated. Returning to the marina, Mista brings Sale to his team.

Bucciarati brings his team to a public bathroom. Wounded, Mista nonetheless refuses to be brought to the hospital as he wants to be present when they recover the treasure. Suddenly, the Passione capo Pericolo appears to take the treasure and Bucciarati reveals that he's hidden the treasure behind a urinal. Pericolo takes the treasure and promotes Bucciarati to the rank of capo. The team is overjoyed and Mista privately thinks of Giorno as a good luck token for the team.

Bodyguarding Trish Una

The team then receives their first mission from Pericolo: to protect the Boss' daughter Trish from traitors who seek to discover the Boss' identity through her. Thus Mista, alongside his team, hides in the countryside until the Boss deals with the traitors. However, their hideout is compromised after Formaggio from Squadra Esecuzioni finds Narancia and battles him; although Formaggio is killed, Narancia's onslaught is bound to attract the attention of the traitors. However, the team quickly receives new orders and must retrieve a key in Pompeii. Mista stays in the house while Giorno, Abbacchio and Fugo go to the ruins of Pompeii to retreive the key and battle Illuso.

Express Train to Florence

On the key, Team Bucciarati find further instructions to board a train bound to Florence to eventually reach Venice. On the way there in their car, Mista ogles at Trish alongside Fugo. When the car suddenly brakes, Fugo throws himself at Trish in order to cope a feel, forcing Mista to beg for mercy. The team find the turtle Stand user Coco Jumbo and hide in it, eluding the duo of hitmen Prosciutto and Pesci by hiding in the driver's cabin. In there, Mista enjoys a fresh beverage. Soon, Mista is the first to notice that everyone is aging at a dramatic rate, especially Narancia. The team thus discover that an enemy is present.

"Uno, Due..."

Mista hastily tries to exit the turtle but Giorno stops him and raises the question of why the members are aging at different speed. Giorno eventually works out that reducing body temperature with ice cubes will slow the aging. With that precious information in mind, Mista heads out of Coco Jumbo. However, when he tries to activate the air conditioner to help his team, a fishing hook sinks itself into his arm. The second hitman Pesci uses Beach Boy, a fishing rod Stand. Mista tries to shoot the line but the damage is redirected into him. Pesci then violently reels Mista towards him while sinking the hook further towards Mista's vitals. Mista shoots himself and sends the Pistols inside his shoulder to slow the hook but they are too weak. Mista thus shoots towards the door, making Sex Pistols fly through the train until they find a glass full of ice in the bar wagon and destroy it. One man reacts badly to this and thus the Sex Pistols unmask Pesci, who has let his Stand go in his panic. Closing on Pesci and holding him at gunpoint to interrogate him, Mista is prepared to shoot but then an old man grabs him. The old man reveals himself as Prosciutto, the second hitman, and dramatically ages Mista. Mista is completely disabled by The Grateful Dead's aging power and is shot in the head by Prosciutto who then leaves him, thinking he's dead. However, Sex Pistols No.5 stopped the bullet with the aid of a piece of ice Mista fortunately kept in his head, while No.6 goes to Bucciarati to assist him against Pesci and Prosciutto. Bucciarati manages to win and kill both, but the train is disabled.

The gang quickly hitches a ride by hiding in a truck, still hidden inside the turtle. Unfortunately, Sex Pistols steal the driver's lunch, who discovers the turtle. Mista, in a panic, knocks the driver out, resulting in the truck crashing and the gang forced to look for another mode of transportation. In a parking lot, Mista steals a car alongside Narancia, Fugo and Abbacchio, unaware that Giorno is battling Baby Face. Mista then spends the remainder of the trip toward Venice outside the turtle and watching for any enemies. The team then receives further orders to go to Venice's train station and retrieve an O-A disc.

Fighting Ghiaccio

At 4:43 AM on an especially chilly night, Mista and Giorno enter the Ponte Della Liberta, the only road connecting Venice to the mainland. Suddenly, Giorno briefly loses control of the car as the tires seem to have slipped, propelling Mista (who has been swiping a window) into the left. As the mist on the windows is getting thicker and Giorno decides to open a window, Mista realizes with horror that his little finger has been frozen and has stuck to the ice cold glass on the other side.

Ghiacchio appears

Giorno immediately feels an unnaturally chilling wind coming from outside, as Ghiaccio, who is perched on the roof of the car, confronts the duo and shows the same photo Pericolo has destroyed earlier. For his part, Mista is noticeably beginning to freeze against the window he's stuck on. The gunman shoots through the roof, revealing that Ghiaccio is enveloped in a thick coat of ice so hard the bullets cannot penetrate it. Several of the Sex Pistols are trapped by the ice and worse, the bullet holes let the wind blow inside the car, exposing the duo to lethally low temperatures. Mista has an idea and has Giorno's Gold Experience apply its ability to his bullets. Mista shoots into the ice and the bullet's heat allows the bullet to turn into roots that manage to break through the ice, which throws the assassin out of the car. Ghiaccio's freezing power stops but Mista sees that Ghiaccio is turning his ice shell into a suit which is White Album's true form and is rapidly skating toward them. Impervious to bullets, Ghiaccio catches up unharmed but Sex Pistols suddenly place the bullets beneath Ghiaccio's skates, making him trip. Nonetheless, Ghiaccio then freezes the leaking gas to create a makeshift rope and finally manages to grab Mista by the arm. Gold Experience then tries to pummel Ghiaccio but only manage to crack it. In front of such an invincible enemy, Giorno makes a desperate move and drives the car into the sea.

Ghiaccio's ice armor seems invincible

Giorno tells Mista to flee and accomplish the mission, as he theorizes that the mass of salt water will impede White Album. Mista reluctantly crawls to the bonnet of the car but then Ghiaccio shows that he can freeze water faster than Mista could swim, creating a long stretch of ice in seconds. Mista then tells Giorno to grow plants out of the bonnet of the car, eventually creating a makeshift snowboard out of frozen tundra grass and using the ice to his advantage to slide toward the shore. Ghiaccio is forced to cancel his freezing to stop Mista and abandons Giorno to target Mista. Trapped in ice, Mista hears Giorno tell him to shoot at some grass turning back into car parts. Thus the duo manages to drive a huge screw into Ghiaccio's helmet as Mista empties his gun into it, stunning and sinking him momentarily. But, although Mista almost climbs up to the shore, he suddenly decides that killing Ghiaccio is the best course of action and jumps back into the water. Here he finally sees that Ghiaccio's armor has a sizeable airhole on the back of the neck. Ghiaccio's helmet partially covers the hole, but Mista has a plan. Preparing to shoot Ghiaccio as soon as he reaches the surface, the gunslinger distracts him by shooting some fishes. Ghiaccio turns his head and tilts his helmet, allowing Sex Pistols to ride a bullet into Ghiaccio's weak point. However, Ghiaccio reveals his special technique White Album Gently Weeps, freezing the surrounding air solid to deploy invisible shields against projectile and rebound the bullet back at Mista.

Mista & Ghiaccio's showdown

Injured, Mista climbs back up to the city but Ghiaccio overtakes him and eventually discovers the disc containing The Boss' orders. Mista gets desperate to reverse the situation and goes to the offensive again. Having been observing Mista's breakdown, Giorno notices that they must show true resolve in order to win. Thus he crashes his frozen arm into some ice and helps Mista by spraying his own blood at Ghiaccio from afar. The blood has revealed the nuggets of frozen air and allowed Sex Pistols to navigate several bullets ricocheting against a lamppost directly at the airhole. However, Ghiaccio unveils yet another layer of protection as he seals the airhole and absorbs the frozen air to act as reserves, then shoots the bullets back at Mista. But then Mista purposefully uses his own wound to spray blood at Ghiaccio's helmet and shoots him in the face, making him trip into a sharp end of the post Sex Pistols have damaged. A metallic spike goes through the ice armor and threatens to push into Ghiaccio's neck. Mista thus attempts a last wild shootout, pushing Ghiaccio further into the post with his bullets as they come right back at him because of Gently Weeps. Unfortunately, Ghiaccio freezes his own blood solid to create pillars of ice and hits Mista in the head with a bullet.

Suddenly, the bullet wound is healed. Giorno has managed to swim to the shore during the fight and intervenes in time to save Mista. Praising Mista's spirit and summoning Gold Experience, Giorno has it repeatedly stomp Ghiaccio's face into the spike, finally killing him. The two gangsters have won just in time for the sun to peak through the horizon, and Mista silently acknowledges how Giorno has been pushing them towards victory. Giorno subsequently heals Mista's wounds but the process is painful to Mista.

Going Traitor

Confident in Bucciarati, Mista goes traitor

At the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Mista waits with the others on a boat as Bucciarati and Trish go into the San Giorgio Maggiore Church. He and Narancia fight over a box of chocolates before the chocolates suddenly appear in Narancia's mouth, upsetting Mista and unsettling Giorno, a hint to the Boss' Stand ability. Giorno runs towards the church, causing the rest of the team to go after him. In the church, Giorno signals them his position and the team is astonished to see Bucciarati wounded with Trish still present. Once they get out of the church, Bucciarati reveal his defection from Passione and willingness to go against the Boss who tried to kill his own daughter. Mista is the second to join Bucciarati's cause after Abbacchio, his reasons being the idea of becoming a capo himself, as well as reaping the Boss' fortune when they usurp him. With that, Team Bucciarati (save Fugo) leaves for Venice and are branded as traitors.

The Way to Sardinia

Team Bucciarati go eat at a restaurant in Venice while deciding the next course of action. Mista discusses vegans' lifestyle with Narancia and Abbacchio, and mistaking a civilian for an enemy, beats him up before realizing his mistake.

Abbacchio, Mista and Narancia beating up a civilian

Bucciarati and Trish redirect the conversation to the Boss, whose King Crimson can erase time. As a direct confrontation is suicidal, Bucciarati decides to go investigate the island of Sardinia where Trish says her mother met the Boss when he was younger.

However, Narancia is immediately attacked by the combination of Squalo's Clash and Tiziano's Talking Head, respectively a shark-like Stand that can teleport from one body of liquid to another, and a Stand that forces the victim to lie. Narancia, under Talking Head's influence, unwillingly distracts the group. Mista is misdirected alongside Bucciarati and Abbacchio, while Narancia tries alone to save Giorno, the only one privy to the attack, from Clash. Although Clash is eventually cornered, Tiziano uses Talking Head to manipulate Mista into shooting inside the kitchen, where a gas leak caused by the fight creates a fire and hides Clash from Aerosmith's radar. Narancia is, however, able to track down and defeat both Tiziano and Squalo with help from Giorno.

The group then heads to Venice's airport to hijack a plane. On the tarmac, Mista sees an unsettling individual named Carne approaching the plane. The gunman immediately shoots and kills him, and is confident that he is dead, although Giorno remains suspicious.

Notorious B.I.G attacks the team's plane

On the plane, Mista and Giorno discover suspicious rotting fingers inside a fridge. Notorious B.I.G., Carne's Stand, infects Giorno's arm, forcing Mista to shoot at it to stop the infection. However, Sex Pistols is caught by the enemy Stand and Mista is severely injured. Half-dead and with Giorno's Stand being powerless once both of his hands are severed, Mista remains knocked out for the remainder of the fight. It is Trish and the awakening of her Stand Spice Girl who saves the gang. Giorno, planning beforehand, manages to restore one hand and heal everyone, and thus Team Bucciarati reaches Sardegna.

In Sardinia, Mista is teamed up with Giorno in order to stand guard from a vantage point. However, they fail when The Boss, disguised as a child, approaches Abbacchio and impales him with King Crimson's fist. Devastated, Mista is at a loss for words. Abbacchio's death was however not in vain, as he's managed to rewind further enough to actually obtain The Boss' fingerprints and a negative of his face. The team's subsequent research grab the attention of a mysterious hacker. Said hacker offers new information about The Boss, whose name is revealed to be Diavolo, and proposes to meet in Rome where he will give them an Arrow which could defeat him.

The Way to Rome

The group subsequently departs toward the Italian coast aboard a boat.

Arriving at a coastal village, Mista is the first to notice a lethal mold has infected the locals, and his hand too becomes infected when he draws his gun. When Narancia tries to jump back into the boat to retreat, the whole team gets infected, but thankfully, Mista makes the boat explode to propel everyone toward the shore, saving them. The mad doctor Cioccolata is observing the team while his Stand Green Day spreads the mold, and sics his human pet Secco on them.

Mista & Bruno sink into the ground because of Secco

Bruno switches place with Narancia who has been injured. Making their way up some stairs, Bruno and Mista notice that some cans are disappearing in the ground and Mista is unable to go up by walking on the stairs. They understand that the staircase itself is sinking into the ground. The duo run up the stairs but it now has sunk too low for them to reach the streets and Mista loses his pistol in the concrete. Secco approaches them from below but Mista commands Sex Pistols to retrieve the gun. He shoots a sign post, bending it downward so that they can grab it and reach the streets. However, the enemy is still beneath them. Secco goes towards Mista, who shoots him as soon as he's grabbed. Secco spits some rocks, ricocheting them back at Mista. Sex Pistols redirect the bullets back at Secco from behind but Secco dives underground to avoid them. Mista is incapacitated for the moment, but Bucciarati makes a daring plunge towards the coast to lure Secco out of the concrete and pummels him. This drives Secco away and gives Team Bucciarati the time to steal a car and go to Rome. Mista is healed and rests.

The ride is violently interrupted when an infected corpse falls into the windshield; the car crashes but Bucciarati manages to safely extract the team out of the car. Cioccolata and Secco have caught up to them with a helicopter. The mold is spreading in Rome. Mista tries to shoot the helicopter but Secco comes out to punch the bullets out of the way dives into the ground to give chase. To prevent a disaster and the death of their mysterious ally, the gang separates in two groups. Mista and Giorno combine their Stand powers to ensnare the helicopter up a tower, and go up to confront the enemy. Meanwhile, Bruno confronts Secco alone.

At the top of the tower, Mista sends Sex Pistols inside the cockpit, but they are ambushed by Cioccolata and Green Day. Five of out the six Pistols are cut down, and Mista is disabled for the remainder of the fight, Pistols no.5 assisting Giorno in his place. At one point, Mista is taken hostage by Cioccolata, but Giorno manages to defeat Cioccolata and then heals Mista.

Final Battle against Diavolo

Separated from Bruno, the group head toward the Colosseum, Mista standing guard. Unbeknownst to them, Diavolo manipulates Bruno and manages to reach the mysterious ally first. The hacker, who is revealed to be Jean Pierre Polnareff, is forced to use the Arrow on Silver Chariot, who is defeated after a brief struggle. Yet, another Stand makes an appearance and puts everyone in Rome to sleep.

Mista has switched bodies with Trish

When the group wakes up, they see that their souls have switched bodies. Mista thus finds himself in Trish's body, leading to a few embarrassing moments. However, the power affecting them seems to be from an ally as Mista notices his Sex Pistols' power has increased. The group formally meets Polnareff in Coco Jumbo's body, who explains that Chariot Requiem has been activated to protect the Arrow from anyone. Moreover, Chariot Requiem can manipulate souls and thus Stands to an extent, making it yet another obstacle in their paths. While the group meets with Bruno who is in Diavolo's body, the Boss is roaming free. Mista is forced to shoot at Bruno's own body, but Narancia is still assassinated by Diavolo. The group can only briefly mourn him before resuming their mission.

Giorno acquires Gold Experience Requiem and stops Diavolo

Chasing after Chariot Requiem, the gang witnesses the mayhem in Rome. A policeman attacks Mista, who shoots him in the jaw and loots his pistol. The group try to take the Arrow from Chariot Requiem. Polnareff grabs the Arrow with his mouth and causes Chariot to run after him. Mista tries to protect the turtle but his revolver suddenly breaks, forcing him to rely on a looted pistol. Mista must grab Polnareff and climbs a lamppost to escape, but Chariot still touches Polnareff and retrieves the Arrow. Worse, the group realises that otherworldly creatures are emerging out of their bodies and Mista blames Polnareff. Giorno suddenly tells the team to stop and investigates the broken revolver. Retrieving a piece of it, it becomes clears it has been snapped by someone, and the group understands that Diavolo has possessed one of them. Mista then loses his calm, suspecting everyone, but Diavolo emerges from Mista's body, possessed by Trish, before anything comes out of it. The Boss heavily injures Giorno and wrestles control from Trish, chasing after Chariot Requiem. Mista's bullets are ineffective as King Crimson can predict the bullets' paths. Despite Mista's relentless shooting, Diavolo effortlessly disables Chariot Requiem and grabs the Arrow. Thankfully, Trish softens some of the bullets swatted by King Crimson to create a backlash at an opportune time, and King Crimson loses the Arrow.

Mista spends the rest of the fight witnessing Bruno sacrificing himself to permanently defeat Chariot, and Giorno evolving his Stand into Gold Experience Requiem. Gold Experience Requiem then easily defeats King Crimson and pummels Diavolo, inflicting a fate worse than death.


Mista's final appearance

After the fight, Mista and Trish begin to bond and head toward the Colosseum, hoping to find Bruno still alive. Their reactions aren't shown.

Later, it is revealed that Mista is now working under Giorno's command.

Purple Haze Feedback

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

The light-novel shows the immediate aftermath of the battle against Diavolo. Mista discovers that Bucciarati is dead. Distraught, he's then told by Giorno that Bucciarati was dead for a while. Holding Giorno at gunpoint, Mista demanded explanations and was furious when he learned that Bucciarati and Giorno were working together to betray the Boss, thinking that Giorno goaded Bucciarati into mortal danger. However, Giorno tells Mista if he really wants to be responsible for the death of a fourth member of Team Bucciarati. Mista fires but misses on purpose, stating that the moment Giorno renounces being a member of Team Bucciarati, he will be killed.

People assume Mista is the #2 in Passione and Giorno's underboss after Diavolo's defeat. However, he doesn't like this too much, since 2 squared makes 4. He considers Polnareff (who is consigliere) to be #2 and calls himself #3 instead.

Mista meets Fugo at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium and orders him to eliminate the members of the Sezione Droghe in Passione, with the penalty of death should he fail.

Chapters / Episodes

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Quote.png Quotes
There are 4 cakes! Are they telling me to go die or something?
—Guido Mista, Chapter 456: 5 Plus 1
It's bad luck to take something from four things! It's fine if you're choosing from five! It's also fine if you're choosing from three! But if you choose something from four things, something bad'll happen.
—Guido Mista, Chapter 456: 5 Plus 1
Which one do you want me to use? The glasses, or the fishing line? We're gonna make you answer some questions. If you don't, we're gonna be trouble! Lots of danger ahead, you understand. So, "Mr" Zucchero. You've got a partner, right? He's probably a Stand User too, huh? What's why I'm going to have to have to use these? You don't want to answer me? Not even about which one I should use? Well, if you're not going to choose... I'm gonna use both! Whoops!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 462: Sex Pistols Appears, Part 1
My Stand's suited for assassinations. I'm good at that stuff.
—Guido Mista, Chapter 462: Sex Pistols Appears, Part 1
There's only one way out! We'll end it right here, right now. Time to bust a cap in his mouth!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 466: Sex Pistols Appears, Part 5
Assassination's the surer bet as long as we're using my Sex Pistols.
—Guido Mista, Chapter 489: The Grateful Dead, Part 2
Whether you answer me or not, I got one simple question to ask you, just one. And if you don't answer me in two seconds, I'm gonna put a bullet in each of your eyeballs. One, two. I won't wait any more than that! If you don't feel chatty, then I'll just figure out the answer myself! Understand? Okay, here we go. Where's your buddy hiding? Uno! Due! Now die! Ready to meet your maker?
—Guido Mista, Chapter 491: The Grateful Dead, Part 4
I don't like your idea of victory! We'll send this guy to Hell, find the thing, and the both of us will make it safe and sound! That's what victory is, are we clear, Giorno!?
—Guido Mista, Chapter 511: White Album, Part 3
You asked me... if that was all the resolve I had left... right? Well it wasn't. No, it fucking wasn't... You're about to find out. But you'd better show some resolve of your own! You'll need it 'cause it's gonna be a long ride all the way down to Hell!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 515: White Album, Part 7
Brute force is our only option! It's time for my resolve to shine! Pistols! You guys better get your asses in gear, too!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 515: White Album, Part 7
Aahhh!! Giorno! Not so rough! No, not there! Nonono!! Oh! Be gentle! Gentle! Don't strip me! I can feel you! Ohh! No! No more!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 515: White Album, Part 7
If you wanna knock bullets around, that's my Sex Pistols' specialty!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 556: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 3
Go, Pistols! Blast those bullets through his skull!
—Guido Mista, Chapter 559: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 6
I'm missing something real important!
—Guido Mista in Trish's body, Chapter 572: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1

Video Games

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure (PS2)

Mista makes his video game debut as a playable character in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure. He is voiced by Kentaro Ito.

Mista is a unique character in the game, as he cannot use punches or pummeling attacks, save for a melee attack if he gets close to the enemy. His main method of attack is firing bullets from his gun, like in the manga. The cylinder of Mista's revolver appears at the bottom right of the screen, displaying how many bullets he has remaining: if Mista runs out of bullets, he must reload before he is able to shoot again. If at any time during a battle, Mista ends an attack with 4 bullets remaining, a unique line of dialogue depicting his agitation will play.

The heads of Mista's Sex Pistols are shown next to the revolver display: if Mista uses a special attack, a normal attack in Stand Mode, or a Stand Shoot, one of the Sex Pistols will ride the bullet. After the shot hits something, the Pistol will begin slowly returning to Mista. While Stand Mode is active, Mista's normal attack uses up one Sex Pistol in order to home in on the enemy. Charging a Stand Shoot loads more of Mista's available Pistols onto the bullet; if a Stand Shoot is used in Stand Mode, the Pistols linger around the enemy to deal additional damage with Mista's next shot.

Guido Mista / Sex Pistols
Normal Mode
Stand Mode
PS Square.png
Gonna light you up!
PS Square.png (Near enemy)
Melee Attack
Melee Attack
PS Cross.png
Go, Pistols!
We've got him off-guard!
PS Triangle.png
PS R1.png
Sex Pistols!
Pass, pass, pass!
Available Stages: Chapters 6-1, 6-2, 10-1
  • Another Story Mode: Chapters 1-2, 3-1, 5-1, 5-2, 7-2, 8-1, 8-2, 10-2, 10-3, 11-2

All Star Battle (PS3)

Mista ASB.jpg

Mista makes his comeback in the PS3 title as a playable character and was confirmed for the game alongside Giorno, Kakyoin, and Polnareff.

Mista's entire moveset is based on his previous game appearance, as he uses Sex Pistols to deliver powerful shots and ricochet bullets at the opponent. Despite being one of the mass majority of playable characters in the game with the "Stand" Style, Mista cannot switch between movesets, nor does he have access to the Stand Rush ability. He shares this effect with Hol Horse and Diavolo. Instead, Mista's Style button triggers abilities that involve Sex Pistols, powering up the strength of his shots. Exclusive to Mista are a Pistols Icon and Ammunition Icon, appearing above his Heart Heat Gauge. The Pistols Icon displays how many and which of Sex Pistols are readily available for use, and the Ammunition Icon displays the number of bullets loaded in Mista's cylinder. Mista has 950 HP.

Time to get to work!
One up to all six of the Sex Pistols enter Mista's gun, powering up the next shot fired by "Gonna light you up!" by ricocheting the bullet through the opponent multiple times when it hits. Mista's next bullet is shown flashing red in the Ammunition Icon when this move is used. This skill can be used while Mista is moving, in mid-air, or even in the middle of attacking, but cannot be used if "Places, everyone!" is in effect.
Places, everyone!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png/ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png/ASBDPad4.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBS.png ON GROUND IN AIR OK
Mista deploys one up to all six of the Sex Pistols in the air, keeping them hovering in place. Mista may place one up to three at a time, depending on button input. This move cannot be used if "Time to get to work!" is in effect, and has a follow-up. It can also be used while in mid-air.
Mista forcefully kicks the opponent's leg. A low attack that cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching. All of Mista's moves can be performed instantly following this attack.
Get back here!
Mista recalls any of the Sex Pistols that are in use with "Time to get to work!" or "Places, everyone!".
Unlucky Number 4
Any time Mista is attacked when his Ammunition Icon shows four bullets, he loses an amount of his Heart Heat Gauge proportionate to the damage taken as a panel of his face visibly panicking appears. This effect will continue until his bullet count changes.
Special Moves
Gonna light you up!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND IN AIR OK
Mista fires his gun normally, with the attack button inputted determining the trajectory of the bullet. Medium input fires the shot straight forward; Light causes him to fire downward, allowing him to shoot the opponent if they are down; Heavy fires at an upward angle, allowing him to anti-air attack a jumping opponent. Mista may fire more shots at once with subsequent button presses, even firing at the other possible angles with the alternate attack buttons; assuming all six bullets land, the sixth shot will knock the opponent down. This move can be also be used while in mid-air as well, suspending Mista's fall and altering the possible firing angles. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
  • Under normal circumstances, the bullets will deal insubstantial amounts of damage by themselves, weaker than even his Light normal attacks.
  • If "Time to get to work!" is in effect on a bullet when Mista fires it, it will have homing capabilities and deal drastically more damage depending on the amount of Pistols attached. However, any subsequent shots in a string of bullets after the initial one cannot be enhanced through Sex Pistols, merely tacking on small amounts of damage.
  • Should any bullet happen to come in contact with any Sex Pistol deployed with "Places, everyone!", it will automatically be redirected toward the opponent.
Pass, pass, pass!
(After "Places everyone!") ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND IN AIR OK
Mista fires a bullet at one of the Sex Pistols, and they ricochet the bullet around until all available members have hit it, before it is sent flying at the opponent, potentially hitting at unexpected angles and doing much more damage than a shot fired via "Gonna light you up!". The damage does not increase past the first Pistol, however, making additional Pistols serve only to further delay the timing at which the bullet is sent the opponent's way for the purpose of combo utility. Mista may fire more shots at once with subsequent button presses; assuming all six bullets land, the sixth shot will knock the opponent down. Different inputs determine which of any deployed Sex Pistols that Mista will fire at first, and in which order they will pass the bullet(s) amongst each other if multiple are available. This move can be also be used while in mid-air as well, suspending Mista's fall. Any Pistol that has redirected a bullet will return to Mista after he stops firing. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
(When out of ammo) ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png/ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND
If out of ammunition, either of Mista's special moves that would fire bullets will instead cause him reload his revolver, inserting each bullet one-by-one.
Quick Reload
ASBDPad2.pngx2 + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png (requires 1/2 a stock of HH) ON GROUND
Consuming half a bar of the Heart Heat Gauge, Mista can reload near-instantly by dropping the ammunition from his hat directly into the cylinder. This ability can be used whether or not he's actually out of ammo.
I'll ask the damn questions!
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND
Mista leaps forward in a flying knee attack, knocking the opponent off their feet. If Light or Medium is inputted, this move can activate Rush Mode. If Heavy is inputted, the move has a short delay but becomes a middle attack that cannot be blocked if the opponent is crouching. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
Devastating Knee Kick
2 ATK buttons at close range or ASBT.png ON GROUND
Mista holds the opponent as he knees them in the torso, before kicking them away.
Heart Heat Attack / Great Heat Attack
Aim! Aim, you idiots!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 2 ATK Buttons ON GROUND
Mista's HHA, “Aim! Aim, you idiots!”, has him shoot a singular bullet, which is followed and broken into seven pieces by all six of the Sex Pistols kicking it at once. The pieces are launched at the opponent (similar to his attack on Sale) in a fanning formation, dealing more damage the closer the opponent is. Stand Users can potentially be hit twice if they have their Stand out in an attack, taking double damage, but the Stand must be hit first with the User following immediately afterward in order for this to occur. The HHA also reloads Mista's ammunition.
My true resolve starts here!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 3 ATK Buttons, or ASBG.png ON GROUND
Mista's GHA is “My true resolve starts here!”, Mista fires his entire cylinder as Sex Pistols carry the bullets toward the opponent with homing capabilities. If any one of them hits, Mista will Quick Reload and unleash another whole cylinder, each bullet being redirected and ricocheted by Sex Pistols multiple times as they hit the opponent from different angles. The GHA finishes with the final bullet being kicked by all six at once through the opponent's forehead at an incredible speed. It has the added effect of reloading Mista's ammunition.

Alongside the rest of Team Bucciarati (sans Narancia) and Ermes Costello, Mista is one of the only characters who activate Resolve Mode instead of the normal Rumble Mode when low on health. In this state, attacks that do not result in hard knockdowns or blow-backs no longer phase the character.

If Mista is fighting against Polnareff, they will have special dialogue, where Mista asks if the young Polnareff is the same wheelchair-bound man who becomes a turtle, while Polnareff merely wonders aloud if Sex Pistols is similar to Hol Horse's Emperor. Mista also has special dialogue with Hol Horse himself, wherein Hol Horse decides to see which one of the two is the faster gunman, a challenge that Mista accepts. If Mista wins, he'll note how funny of a guy Hol Horse is. If Hol Horse wins, he'll note that, unlike Mista, his bullets are also part of his Stand.

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Mista jojoeoh.png

Mista was confirmed for the game alongside Giorno, Fugo, and Narancia. Since most character animations & GHA's are reused from All Star Battle, he retains most of the same attack patterns as previously. However, as a result of the transition into full 3D arena combat in Eyes of Heaven, Mista is able to use the environment more freely to his advantage, utilizing his Stand's capacity for bullet control to a much more advanced degree than what was possible within the 2.5D combat system of ASB.

As a Stand User, Mista is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle. Mista does not have Normal Attack combos. Instead, his Normal Attacks have him fire his bullets at targets. Similar to All Star Battle, Mista has an Ammo Icon above his health gauge, displaying his current bullet count out of 6. If he is out of ammo, the icon will have the word "RELOAD" flashing over it, and any attack or skill that would cause him to fire bullets instead causes him to Load his revolver, inserting each bullet individually.

  • Quick Reload: If Mista reloads while guarding, he will instantly reload his revolver by dropping the ammunition from his hat into the cylinder. This skill can be used whether or not his revolver is empty.
  • Pistols Icon: A display above his Ammo Icon shows how many and which of the Sex Pistols are readily available for use. Skills that assign the Pistols to different tasks cause the respective members' icons to darken, signifying that they're currently in play. Certain skills that drain Mista's stamina gauge will instantly recall all Pistols back to him once the gauge empties. Unlike in All Star Battle, Mista may have different members of Sex Pistols performing different tasks at a given time, granting better control over all of his different abilities.
  • Trait - Only four bullets left?! That is such bad luck!: If Mista is attacked while he's reloading, a panel of his face visibly panicking appears. For a period of time, Mista may only hold up to 4 bullets in his Ammo Icon, and he takes increased damage.
  • Style Action - Could you wait until our job is finished to take a nap?: Mista attaches one of the Sex Pistols to a bullet, granting that bullet homing capabilities when fired. If the Style Action button is held, Mista can recall any of the Sex Pistols that are in use with his skills.
  • Pass, pass, pass!: Mista sends one of the Sex Pistols to hover around opponents, either his target if he is locked on, or the nearest opponent otherwise. If Mista's bullets hit that opponent, any of the Pistols attached to that opponent will join in and ricochet the bullets through them multiple times, carrying them into the air and greatly increasing the damage done by a single shot. Mista's stamina gauge drains while this skill is active. He can have Pistols attached to both opponents at once. The more of Sex Pistols that are attached to a single opponent, the greater the damage dealt per shot, but the faster the stamina gauge depletes. This skill also allows Mista's bullets to bypass projectile-reflecting abilities, due to the bullets' rapid attacking, as well as hitting from multiple angles such as from behind them where most projectile-reflectors are vulnerable.
  • Sex Pistols!: Mista fires a bullet with weak homing capabilities by default, either at his target or the nearest opponent. The skill may be repeatedly inputted to fire more shots. If any of the Sex Pistols are active via "Places everyone!", he will instead attempt to fire at the nearest one.
  • Places, everyone!: Mista deploys one of the Sex Pistols in the air, keeping them in that spot. If a bullet fired makes contact with them, or if Mista manually fires at them via "Sex Pistols!", they will ricochet the bullet towards his target, or to the nearest opponent otherwise. The bullet's redirected path is determined via the best route to the target (from the Pistol closest to Mista to the one closest to the target), rather than attempting to pass it between all active Pistols like in previous games. This allows Mista to shoot opponents without requiring direct line-of-sight and greatly reduces the likelihood that uneven distribution or placement of the Pistols can unintentionally disrupt his bullet path. Mista's stamina gauge drains while this skill is active, and the more of Sex Pistols that are deployed at once, the faster the stamina gauge depletes.
  • EX - Pass, pass, pass!: Mista gains super armor until the skill activates, and all remaining Sex Pistols are attached to an opponent at once.
  • EX - Sex Pistols!: Mista gains super armor until the first shot is fired, and his Ammo Icon will instantly refill if he has no ammunition left before firing, without requiring him to reload at all. Mista may continue firing after the initial shot.


  • I always take care never to play favorites!: Mista must have all 6 Sex Pistols attached to 6 bullets via his Style Action. (200 Points)
  • Let's go! Aim, you idiots!: Mista must use "Pass, pass, pass!" 6 different times. (200 Points)
  • I can see it now, in the darkness! That's the path I need to take!: Mista must use "Places, everyone!" 6 different times. (300 Points)
  • My Stand's more of the silent-killer type.: Mista must survive the first 20 counts of the battle timer without taking damage. (500 Points)
  • Every other number is a good number!: Mista must win the battle without "Only four bullets left?! That's such bad luck!" ever activating once. (800 Points)

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - My true resolve begins here!: Identical to its performance in All Star Battle, though executes faster for the sake of brevity.
  • With Giorno - True resolve!!: Mista, claiming that his true resolve has just begun, aggressively fires away at the opponent, each shot getting redirected by Sex Pistols multiple times to hit them at different angles. Giorno subsequently appears and jumps high into the air until he is directly above the opponent. Following up on Mista's statement by telling him that true resolve "isn't about self-sacrifice", Giorno proceeds to stomp down on the target several times with Gold Experience, the final kick hitting with the impact to launch him off and create a shockwave. Both attacks are references to the two's battle against Ghiaccio.
  • With Narancia - I'm gonna send you flying!: Mista unloads an entire cylinder at the opponent, each bullet carried by Sex Pistols and kicked into them at different angles; Narancia follows up by having Aerosmith unleash an extended barrage of machine-gun bullets into the opponent, turning upward to spear and carry them into the air as it's ridden by the Pistols. Performing a somersault, Aerosmith ends the attack by firing at the airborne opponent from above and sending them crashing into the ground while Sex Pistols cheer.

Mista is given an alternate costume. The costume is based on the flashback from his teenage days before joining Passione, wearing a more casual outfit consisting of a beanie, a T-shirt with an open button-up shirt over it, and saggy jeans.


He is paired with Giorno in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Rohan Kishibe and Polnareff in the first round, and "Kosaku Kawajiri" and Weather Report in the second. In the semifinals, they are defeated by Bucciarati and Trish in the first round.

JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! (Android/iOS)

Manipulating Bull's-eye Bullets ver.
Rarity: PPPGR.png
Max Power: 1689

MistaPPP.png MistaStandPPP.png

Skill: Sex Pistols
Erases random panels with a priority on Block panels (Erasing Block panels deals more damage)
Skill Lv 1
# of Erased Panels: 2
Cooldown: 70
Skill Lv 2
# of Erased Panels: 3
Cooldown: 70
Skill Lv 3
# of Erased Panels: 4
Cooldown: 60
Skill Lv 4
# of Erased Panels: 5
Cooldown: 60
Skill Lv 5
# of Erased Panels: 6
Cooldown: 50
Mista: Manipulating Bull's-eye Bullets ver.
Type: EX
Availability: Awakening
Date: August 26, 2020 - Present
Requires: Mista: Manipulating Bull's-eye Bullets ver.
Cost: 0
After erasing 6 block panels, replaces 2 random panels with lock panels in the lateral rows.

Trish (Mista)
Outside: Trish; Inside: Mista ver.
Rarity: PPPGR.pngPPPLimited.png
Max Power: 1689

Mista2PPP.png Mista2StandPPP.png

Skill: My Spiritual Energy is on Point!
Erases random panels and deals massive damage to Enhanced panels (Will always target Enhanced panels if possible)
Skill Lv 1
# of Erased Panels: 2
Cooldown: 65
Skill Lv 2
# of Erased Panels: 3
Cooldown: 65
Skill Lv 3
# of Erased Panels: 4
Cooldown: 60
Skill Lv 4
# of Erased Panels: 5
Cooldown: 60
Skill Lv 5
# of Erased Panels: 6
Cooldown: 55

Pistol's Bullet Coordination ver.
Rarity: PPPGR.pngPPPVoiced.png
Max Power: 1738

Mista3PPP.png Mista3StandPPP.png

Skill Lv 1
# of Erased Panels: 4
Cooldown: 45
Skill Lv 2
# of Erased Panels: 6
Cooldown: 45
Skill Lv 3
# of Erased Panels: 6
Cooldown: 38
Skill Lv 4
# of Erased Panels: 8
Cooldown: 38
Skill Lv 5
# of Erased Panels: 8
Cooldown: 32

Giorno & Mista
Resolve to Outshine Morning Sun ver.
Rarity: PPPWGR.pngPPPLimited.pngPPPVoiced.png

GiornoMistaPPP.png GiornoMistaStandPPP.png

Skill: We don't know unless we try!
Prioritizing Block panels, randomly erases panels and then changes the column above the erased panels to Giorno & Mista panels. Erasing Block panels increases the damage and replaces them with enhanced Giorno & Mista panels.
Skill Lv 1
# of Erased Panels: 2
Cooldown: 90
Skill Lv 2
# of Erased Panels: 3
Cooldown: 90
Skill Lv 3
# of Erased Panels: 3
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 4
# of Erased Panels: 4
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 5
# of Erased Panels: 4
Cooldown: 70
Giorno/Mista: Resolve to Outshine Sun ver.
Type: EX
Availability: Awakening
Date: October 9, 2020 - Present
Requires: Giorno & Mista: Resolve to Outshine Sun ver.
Cost: 0
After using Skill twice, random panel (excluding Giorno & Mista) is replaced with Giorno & Mista box panel.

Last Survivor (Arcade)

Mista was one of the characters first confirmed during the game's announcement.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, an incarnation of Mista lives in the 37th universe. Mista has the same appearance as his original universe counterpart, but wields a different Stand named The Iron Ladies. The Iron Ladies has the same abilities as Sex Pistols, but are cross-dressers wearing female gym uniforms.

The Iron Ladies (アタック・ナンバーハーフ)Link to this section
JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 15: Beyond
Bullet Redirection
Jorge 8-15.jpg

Mista helps Giorno? and the others in Passione with tracking down their boss. He accompanies Detective Runbaba 12 in their investigation. Mista apparently smelled a bit since Runbaba 12 sniffed once, makes a face, and then keeps his distance.[29]

Mista breaks up the fight

After George Joestar wakes up at Arrow Cross House, Mista settles the fight between George and Vinegar Doppio37. His Stand deflects the bullets that George fires at Doppio, having them hit the wall. Doppio orders Mista to shoot George but Mista tells him to knock it off. Mista shoots six bullets at Doppio instead, and his Stand deflects the bullets just enough to scrape Doppio's cheeks, leaving three scars on each cheek resembling cat whiskers. Mista and The Iron Ladies laugh at Doppio, mocking his new appearance and saying it looks cute on him.

From Fugo37 pointing out how the sky looks outside, Mista realizes that Morioh must be floating upside down in water. Later, Abbacchio37, NYPD Blue, and George perform autopsies on the corpses of Diavolo and Kosaku Kawajiri37, who they assume is Yoshikage Kira at the time. Mista mentions that they are all acting like freaks by touching Diavolo's body everywhere and then cackles along with Fugo. When Reimi Sugimoto37 gets her memories back and decides to take George back home, Fugo and Mista retort that George still hasn't solved the mystery. Reimi threatens that if Fugo and Mista don't listen to her, they would never escape, since they are inside her and Cube House has no doors or windows. Fugo and Mista panic trying to look for exits, and encounter the tesseract function of Cube House for the first time.

Meanwhile, Bucciarati accuses Giorno of lying about something and raises his voice. Fugo and Mista run back into the room asking Bucciarati what is happening. After Giorno's battle with Enrico Pucci37, Mista's clothes disintegrate from the sped up time. However, he blissfully brags about being free as the other gang members laugh at him.

When Giorno betrays them by revealing that Diavolo was his alternate personality the whole time, Mista attacks Giorno along with Fugo and Abbacchio but their attacks do nothing.[30]



  • In Hirohiko Araki's Top Ten Favorite Characters in 2000, Mista ranked as seventh, being the fourth Part 5 character on the list behind Bucciarati, Giorno, and Diavolo.
  • Mista's tetraphobia ties into a cultural belief in much of East Asia, including Japan, that the number four is one of misfortune; this belief originates from the words for "four" and "death" being homophones in the languages of these parts of Asia. This extends even to his Stand power, Sex Pistols, which will encourage Mista not to shoot his gun when his cartridge only contains 4 bullets.
  • During his first appearance in Chapter 456: 5 Plus 1, his pants lack stripes and he has a loincloth around his waist instead of a belt. However, his belt can be seen in the next page.
  • According to Araki, it's suspected that Mista's zebra striped leather pants breaks the Washington Convention, an international treaty for protecting endangered plants and animals.[4]
  • In a 2019 interview with VIZ Media, Araki stated that Mista was his favorite character to draw in Part 5. He likes how Mista's Stand fires from his pistols, and also likes that Mista is a positive person who accepts himself without any doubts.[31]


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