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This article is about the character. For this character's Stand, see Foo Fighters (Stand).
Look at me Jolyne. This is my 'spirit'... This is my 'intellect'... I was alive. (あたしを見て徐倫。これがあたしの「魂」……これがあたしの「知性」……あたしは生きていたAtashi o mite Jorīn. Kore ga atashi no 'tamashī'…… kore ga atashi no 'chisei'…… atashi wa ikiteita.)
—F.F. to Jolyne, SO Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest

Foo Fighters (フー・ファイターズ Fū Faitāzu), more commonly referred to as F.F. (F(エフ)F(エフ) Efu Efu), is a major ally featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean.

F.F. is a mix of Stand and Stand User; a colony of plankton that is organized, maintained by, and essentially equivalent to the Stand, Foo Fighters. At first serving Enrico Pucci, they soon ally themself with Jolyne Cujoh out of gratitude for being spared.


F.F. can change their appearance at any time. However, their habitual appearance is that of the prisoner Atroe, a woman of average height and slim build with hair or a cap covering her head in a mop or bob forming a serrated edge at its ends.

As their body is composed of plankton, F.F. can contort into impossible curves and even slip through barred fences unharmed. The bodies that they can form into are their sub-body, which they take the form of when initially fighting Jolyne and Ermes, and the main body, which they take the form of outside the water and when they have collected enough plankton. The bodies they have taken over were the three unnamed prisoners, including Atroe.

F.F. is commonly shown carrying a 32 oz. cup near themself when they are not near a water source.

In their Stand form, F.F. takes two main appearances. Naked, a tall, dark, robotic humanoid of masculine proportions, and an alien visage. As F.F.'s identity develops due to their experiences with Jolyne, the true form of their Stand takes on a more human appearance starting to resemble the body they took over while still retaining some of the features of their older form.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair)
Hair (Lime Green)
Eyes (Burnt Orange)
(Teal overalls with blue-gray soles and sky blue wristband)


F.F. is originally portrayed as an obedient minion whose sole purpose was to fulfill Pucci's orders. After meeting Jolyne, they begin to grow a sense of individuality throughout the story.

F.F.'s personality hinges on the fact that they possess "intellect" but little life experience. During their introductory arc, their only goal is to preserve themself which includes obeying Whitesnake's instructions to guard the discs.[5] As their guardian, they attack people very ruthlessly and aims to kill anyone approaching the disc's hiding place, regardless of their threat level. Being an intellectual being, F.F. places great importance in themself and will implore their enemy to recognize them as sentient by calling them by their name.[6] They also quote the astronomer Fred Hoyle to claim an "intellect" is guiding the universe, even predating it, all to say that even plankton can be intelligent.[7] When F.F. dies, Jolyne meets their ghost for a short time and the former mass of plankton happily contemplates their spirit form that confirms that they were truly alive and sentient.[8]

However, when Jolyne shows mercy toward them and saves them from dehydration, F.F. discovers another way of thinking and grows interested in her, pledging to protect Jolyne and accompany her from now on disguised as the prisoner Atroe.[9]

F.F. was shown not to have much of an eye for detail prior to meeting Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello and laments their existence upon expecting death after being defeated by the two. When Jolyne saves them, however, F.F. immediately begins to notice more details around themself and comes to perceive the world around them as being more colorful. As a result of experiencing this whole new environment, they become extremely curious about everything around them, constantly asking questions to people and experimenting with the world, for instance, trying to do the contrary of what Atroe would have done.[10] While they get along with other people, they have the strongest affinity for Jolyne for giving them freedom and "intellect", of which losing is their greatest fear.

F.F. eventually comes to accumulate enough positive memories of their companions that they come to value them over their own safety, eventually sacrificing themself to close Anasui's wound with their plankton. Indirectly saving Jotaro and Anasui, F.F. departs satisfied to be able to salute Jolyne one last time before ascending to heaven.[11]

Because of their great dependency on water, F.F. is obsessed with it and goes to great lengths to constantly hydrate themself. They carry a cup of water and will fight anyone over it, as well as drink any liquid as long as it contains water, be it blood or spit. Being a mass of plankton with no experience of society, they aren't disturbed by any of it.[12][13]



Main article: Foo Fighters (Stand)

In summary, F.F. is their own Stand and Stand User. They may reconstitute themselves, fill and seal the wounds of others with their flesh, as well as project their flesh as bullets, along with rapid regeneration.

Foo Fighters (フー・ファイターズ)Link to this section
Plankton Colony Form & Body Invasion



Enrico Pucci had a shack of Stand disks near prison grounds, a collection of different Stands that he had collected over the years while in prison. The area around the shack is generally untouched and desolate. Enrico needed a guardian for these disks, lest they fall into unwanted hands. He threw a random DISC into the ocean, which landed in a group of plankton floating on the surface. Unexpectedly, F.F. was born.

Guarding The Stand Discs

F.F. was told by Whitesnake to stay at the shack where he kept the discs and to kill anyone (other than him) should they come close. Having no other purpose, they did as they were told, protecting the discs. At one point, F.F. killed two inmates who ventured inside of the barn and completely absorbed their bodies, making it look like the inmates had disappeared. This allowed Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello to participate in a search party near the farm.

F.F. pursues Jolyne & Ermes

Seeing the search party, Foo Fighters split itself to take them all out. Firstly, it manages to sneakily take over the bodies of three of the prisoners, save Jolyne and Ermes, while bringing a supplementary body along. When the guards wanders into the water, F.F. also kills him. A small part of Foo Fighters baits Ermes near a bucket, and attacks. It throws the bucket at her head and drags her underwater. Although Ermes frees herself from the bucket, this Foo Fighters grows to a full-sized Stand. Jolyne comes to fight it but Foo Fighter proves to match its strength and speed. It manages to punch Jolyne in the stomach, but it is revealed that she unraveled herself and she uses this opening to kick it and pummel it. Jolyne and Ermes then try to pull themselves back to the land but Foo Fighters pursues them. Faster in the water, it manages to grab Jolyne's leg but Ermes puts a sticker on its arm and kicks it off, damaging it and forcing it to let go.

Jolyne and Ermes accuse one of the other prisoners of being the enemy and Foo Fighters plays along for a time, making the corpse accuse each other before it can confront them. Foo Fighters presents itself to its foes and enacts its plan. The one on land runs towards the barn to protect it while the one in water takes the guard and drags it to make Jolyne and Ermes go out of the bracelets' safe zone, thus indirectly killing them.

F.F. fights Jolyne

Ermes attacks the Foo Fighters in the water with Kiss. Foo Fighter cuts Kiss' arm, but Ermes reveals that it is a decoy to occupy Foo Fighter. That way she can take the guard back to the land. Foo Fighters splashes the land around Ermes, allowing itself to come and pin Ermes to the ground but Ermes takes one of the dried corpse Foo Fighters was possessing and destroys it by forcing a merging between copies, the dry dust sprinkling Foo Fighters and taking the moisture off it. This part of Foo Fighter dies. In the barn, Jolyne confronts the main Foo Fighters. Having spilled water all over the ground, it gains the advantage in the ensuing close-quarters fight and surrounds Jolyne with plankton. It takes Jolyne by the throat and begins to invade her body, but Jolyne manages to start the tractor, making it move towards Ermes on dry land. Foo Fighters must run on the soil and its water gets absorbed. Foo Fighter is almost dead.

F.F. allies itself with Jolyne and takes Atroe's corpse

Ermes prepares to deal the finishing blow. However, Jolyne spares Foo Fighters and gives it some water, figuring that it didn't know any better and only wanted to survive. Touched, Foo Fighters accepts to become Jolyne's ally and they get Jotaro's Stand DISC. Foo Fighters disguises itself as a woman named Etro to pass off as a prisoner. They retrieve Jotaro's Stand DISC and Foo Fighters explains that this stash is only a hiding spot for DISCS Whitesnake doesn't need. It hides in in its cleavage when the guards arrive. The trio make up a story to keep suspicions off themselves. This whole operation catches the attention of Whitesnake's User, the prison priest Enrico Pucci.

Marilyn Manson

Miraschon makes a bet against the heroes

After following Jolyne & Ermes back to the prison, F.F. is later seen playing catch with Ermes and Jolyne in the courtyard. Another inmate approaches and sips F.F.'s cup of water despite its protestation, thinking that it is still the meek Atroe inside the body. Foo Fighter shoots part of itself in the inmate's mouth, causing her to throw up all the water, plus some bonus liquid. Because it has yet to master piloting this body, its throws are awkward and it narrowly hits another prisoner but Jolyne catches the ball. Foo Fighters says that they are at their 87th consecutive catch, prompting Miraschon to bet $100 that they cannot complete 100 throws. F.F. expects to easily complete this challenge and Jolyne reluctantly agrees. F.F. and Jolyne complete 94 throws but F.F. sees Miraschon sitting near its cup again and is distracted, throwing too low and forcing Jolyne to jump down to catch it. Protesting, F.F. narrowly misses the ball that's coming back to it and then loses time ordering Miraschon to get away from the water. Suddenly, a basketball ball hits Jolyne from behind as F.F. is forced to throw before the 10s countdown is complete. Thankfully, Jolyne manages to pull herself in the direction of the ball by tying her string to a bench and the two complete the 100 throws. Angry, Jolyne reminds Miraschon that she bet separately with F.F. and Jolyne, making it $200 to pay up.

However, Miraschon makes another bet that they cannot complete 100 throws again, but for $1,000. The new bet entices Ermes to play with F.F. while Jolyne steps aside. However, the playtime is over for the inmates. Despite Ermes' bribe, the guards interfere and Ermes must cheat, summoning the enemy Stand Marilyn Manson. Impervious to Kiss and F.F.'s strike, it takes Ermes' money and her liver to pay up the debt. Jolyne is forced to up the ante and participate in the game of catch.

F.F. assists Jolyne during the arc

As the prisoner must go back to the wards, Jolyne and Foo Fighters continue to play catch. But Miraschon disappears and the duo must seek her. Jolyne and Foo Fighters follow Miraschon into the showers but Miraschon switches off the lights while the ball is midair. Thankfully, Foo Fighter catches the ball. Foo Fighters shoot in the direction of Miraschon, hitting her arm and forcing her to open a door shedding some welcome light. Miraschon enters a room, followed by Jolyne, but she reveals that it is a service lift whose thick door and fenced gates close before Foo Fighters can pass the ball. Thankfully, F.F. forces the doors open just enough to throw the ball and for Stone Free to unravel it, making it pass through the fence. Foo Fighter sees that Ermes has been given back her liver and shouts, reassured. Marilyn Manson momentarily comes out to take Jotaro Kujo's Stand DISC, but Jolyne defeats Miraschon once and for all before it happens.

Kiss of Love & Revenge

An invisible zombie alligator

F.F. notices that its host is not welcome in the prison and decides to change its habits. Using Atroe's impulses, F.F. begins to do the opposite of what its host instinctively wants to change itself and hopefully make itself more appreciated among the inmates. The results are debatable. When Jolyne notes that Ermes has been absent lately, Foo Fighters reveals Ermes's past about with hersister Gloria the gangster Sports Maxx, who killed Gloria. The two race to find her and see her following Maxx to the workshop. Thinking that she's merely observing Maxx at the moment, they leave. However, they soon come back to the workshop and are attacked by an invisible zombie alligator. F.F.'s leg is bitten off. Jolyne tries to fight but is overpowered. To defeat the enemy, F.F. lets it bite its arm, allowing it to shoot in the alligator and killing it. However, Foo Fighters is out of commission for this fight and is left behind. Somehow, Jolyne and Ermes manage to defeat Sports Maxx once and for all.

The Maximum Security Ward

Anasui accepts to help F.F. to help Jolyne

A few days after Ermes gets her revenge F.F. meets with Emporio. Worried about Jolyne, who is isolated, F.F. plans to go there to help her. Looking at the prisoner Narciso Anasui who until now is content with listening to them, F.F. asks Anasui to help it and plans to somehow force him to cooperate despite the strange vibes Anasui gives off. Surprisingly, Anasui accepts because he claims he's in love with Jolyne and wants to help her to eventually marry her. They immediately depart for the maximum security ward.

Reaching the ward, F.F. hides in a corpse to ambush the assassin Kenzou, but the old man kicks the corpse is is hiding it. F.F. comes out and shoots Kenzou, but the corpse's leg twitches, protecting the old man.

F.F. fights Kenzou

Kenzou and Foo Fighters properly engage each other. He summons Dragon's Dream and reads the lucky spot. Thanks to that, he avoids F.F.'s shots and drives his fist inside of its throat, using a specific technique to trigger a secretion of mucus from the adrenal gland that is supposed to make his targets drown by themselves. He then turns to face Jolyne but F.F. surprisingly pierces its own throat and shoots again. Kenzou barely manages to be avoid the attack and kicks F.F. but it simply squeezes between the bars of a handrail to escape.

When Kenzou summons Dragon's Dream again, F.F. sees it hovering behind it and attacks the enemy Stand, but Dragon's Dream explains to F.F. the ins and outs of its ability for the sake of a fair fight. After an exchange of blows, Kenzou reaches Dragon's Dream and his arm connects with F.F.'s unlucky spot. Although F.F. blocks the fist by dislocating its shoulder, a series of events causes pieces of glass to pierce F.F.'s face. It opens its mouth in shock, allowing Kenzou to attack although F.F. backs off to avoid the attack. Dragon's Dream points to another unlucky spot above F.F.'s left ear. Kenzou rushes towards F.F., who attempts a kick but Kenzou then grabs the leg. When F.F. attempts a knifehand strike, Kenzou makes a straight spearhand strike at F.F.'s throat and jams his other hand in F.F.'s throat. In retaliation, F.F. bites Kenzou's fingers. In pain, the old man strikes F.F.'s liver and pushes it towards Dragon's Dream. F.F.'s arm enters the dragon and punches a corpse, which causes another unlucky series of events that make a piece of machinery slice through F.F.'s head. F.F. is now dangerously low on water.

Kenzou kicks F.F. into the electric chair

F.F. shoots Kenzou, who is barely out of his safe spot and manages to hurt him. However, the attack is not enough. F.F. thus plans to trick Kenzou into misreading Dragon's Dream with a mirror made of water but desperately needs it to sustain itself. Kenzou begins to rant about the hell his life has been since his arrest and orders Dragon's Dream to show him the way to make his final attack. F.F. runs towards the fire extinguishing hose the guards used, pursued by Kenzou. F.F. searches for the faucet, only for Dragon's Dream to appear and warn F.F. not to touch it as Kenzou attacks. F.F. decides to intentionally put its arms in Dragon's Dream while Kenzou performs a sweeping kick on its head. F.F. manages to sneak into the hose and break the faucet open, but its earlier actions prevent it from touching the water since its arms attack it. F.F. is thrown down to the execution room and the hose activates the execution sequence on the electric chair there. By pure unluck, F.F. finds itself unable to get away from the chair. Kenzou arrives and F.F. narrowly misses him with its shot again, but this time, F.F.'s shots break Kenzou's jewelry and it steps on two pearls that make it trip and fall back onto the electric chair. Desperate, F.F. attempts to kick Kenzou but the old man blocks the attack and kicks F.F. in place as the electric chair starts up.

F.F. shares the electrocution with Kenzou

F.F. is being electrocuted but Dragon's Dream reveals that it was able to collect the sweat from Kenzou after his effort. Kenzou realizes he's in an unsafe spot and is grabbed by F.F., who share the electrocution with the old man. Kenzou barely survives it and Jolyne approaches to finish him off despite her own injuries. Thankfully, Jolyne discovers that a part of F.F. has survived in the water mirror and F.F. eventually reconstitutes itself.

Fight Against Pucci

After F.F. heals, the group returns to the main hall of the punishment ward and Jolyne spots the same little prisoner with the bone. They follow him and discover that he's being turned into a plant. During the fight, the bone caused all the normal inmates to also turn into plants and Jolyne is starts being turned as she exposes herself to sunlight. Anasui roots out the plant parts out of her body and the group discovers The Green Baby, gestating in a translucid egg. After deciding to try to escape from prison, the group meet a fourth Stand, Yo-Yo Ma, which swallows the baby. Yo-Yo Ma is invulnerable to all attacks but acts servile, thus forcing them to take him along while F.F. stays in order to kill the Stand user.

A desperate fight against Whitesnake

F.F. finds D an G but as it prepares to shoot him, it spots Enrico Pucci who is staring at the assassin. Digsuising itself as a paramedic, F.F. approaches D an G to assassinate him. However, Pucci throws a DISC at a guard to control him prevent F.F. from shooting D an G in the head. Pucci confronts F.F. and it realizes that Pucci is the real mastermind behind this whole affair. Pucci gives it a choice between killing him or D an G first. F.F. hesitates before turning to kill D an G, allowing Whitesnake to infiltrate the ambulance and protect D an G. Whitesnake then chops F.F.'s head, aiming to take the Stand DISC. F.F. shoots itself in the head, dispersing the plankton on D an G and decapitating from the inside. It recomposes itself in the driver's cabin and seeks another faucet. However, Whitesnake enters the cabin and takes the advantage in the close quarters fight. Desperate, F.F. shoots the door and flees. Hiding its Stand DISC in its legs, a part of F.F. stalls for time as Pucci interrogates it about the Green Baby while the legs run towards the faucet. Whitesnake inserts a water boiling Stand in F.F.'s secondary part, causing the primary part to expose itself to scalding water, killing most of the colony. However, bits of Foo Fighters reach a radio and call Weather Report, who makes it rain and fog. F.F. regenerates. Even better, F.F. meets with a recovered Weather Report who has come to help.

F.F. dies and its spirit disappears

F.F. and Weather Report eventually join Jolyne in the swamps. However, Weather suddenly impales Anasui through the chest and splits F.F.'s head open. It was in fact Whitesnake, disguised as Weather. Foo Fighter crumbles and uses the last of its strength to preserve Anasui's life, indirectly saving Jotaro's memory DISC. Foo Fighter's spirit manifests itself to Jolyne. Happy to have a confirmation of its existence, Foo Fighters accepts its fate, arguing that a different F.F. would come out of the Stand DISC and bids farewell to Jolyne. It then ascends to heaven.


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Quote.png Quotes
Stand abilities are one... to a person... [...] This body of mine is the body that I created from the bodies of the lost prisoners! My divided body is now whole again.
—Foo Fighters SO Chapter 30: There's Six of Them!, Part 5
The disc that Whitesnake gave me, this ability and this intellect... I will protect myself, no matter what...
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 30: There's Six of Them!, Part 5
Foo Fighters! If you're going to refer to me, call me by that name!
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 30: There's Six of Them!, Part 5
Fred Hoyle, an astronomer, once said "It is wrong to assume, even statistically speaking, that organisms spontaneously appeared on this Earth... There is a preexisting intellect of the cosmos that designed the origins of lifeforms..."... so, it can be said that intellect preceded even the big bang and that every organism and matter itself is guided by that intellect, and is part of that larger intelligence.
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 30: There's Six of Them!, Part 5
I thought I told you to call me Foo Fighters! I have more intellect than both of you!
—Foo Fighters to Jolyne and Ermes, SO Chapter 30: There's Six of Them!, Part 5
I have a full understanding of my ability and I've created an environment where I have no weaknesses... There is nothing you can do now.
—Foo Fighters to Jolyne, SO Chapter 32: Foo Fighters, Part 2
Your feelings... I don't... understand them well... but I don't feel like fighting against you anymore.
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 32: Foo Fighters, Part 2
Hey! You! Don't you dare go near my water!!
—Foo Fighters to Miraschon, SO Chapter 35: Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector, Part 2
Eat this. Unfortunately for those with automated Stands, they're completely helples when attacked! That's the risk you had to take!
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 84: F.F. - The Witness, Part 2
When I think about Jolyne... I feel courage welling up inside me. This is what memories are about... this is my intellect.
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 85: Awaken, Part 1
What I was most scared of, was not being able to say goodbye to my friends. To forget how to say goodbye. But, at the very end... I still remembered that I have to say it. [...] Goodbye, Jolyne.... I can't stay here any longer... F.F. is going to disappear.
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest
Look at me, Jolyne. This is my spirit... this is my intellect... I was alive.
—Foo Fighters, SO Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest
I'm glad I was able to say my goodbyes to you, Jolyne.... It's all right, Jolyne... It's all right. I'm glad you got your disc back...
—Foo Fighters's last words, SO Chapter 95: New Moon! New Priest

Video Games

All Star Battle (PS3)

F.F. appears on the PS3 title as a support character for the Campaign Mode, where they appear and gives the player two choices; Either inflict 150 HP to any boss or gain 1 energy bar of health. F.F. is also the only ally-character from Part 6 who does not appear on any interactive form on the match (Both Anasui and Ermes are playable characters and Weather Report and Emporio appear in stages).

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

F.F. appears in a support card, having one voice line performed by Ryoko Shiraishi. They say, "My healing power can fix you completely, OK? (完全に治すのは自分の治療力! OK? Kanzen ni Naosu no wa Jibun no Chiryōryoku! OK?)". When applied to the player's team, their members have their HP gradually restored over the course of the fight.



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