Enter the Dragon's Dream (story arc)

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Enter the Dragon's Dream (燃えよ竜の夢(ドラゴンズ・ドリーム) Moe yo Doragonzu Dorīmu, lit. Burn, Dragon's Dream) is the thirteenth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates the fight between Foo Fighters and Kenzou, an elderly master of the Feng-Shui assassination technique.


Kenzou, an elderly Stand user and wielder of Dragon's Dream which reveals lucky feng-shui places for maximum killing probability, challenges Jolyne but F.F. intervenes and fights him instead. Kenzou's superior skills almost prevail against F.F. but Anasui intervenes and reveals his ability to restructure anything from the inside, defeating Kenzou when he restructure his legs into springs.





  • The name of this story arc is a reference to the martial arts film Enter the Dragon (燃えよドラゴン Moe yo Doragon).

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