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I don't care whether or not we let these people go. I don't care who came to look at the paper deeds or why they did it, and I don't care who we follow. Because all humans will someday meet with an accident or disease and die, without exception.

Lulu (ルル, Ruru) is an antagonist featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

She is a young girl affiliated with the HOWLER Company. Her Stand, Bags Groove, automatically targets anyone who investigates the original paper copies of HOWLER's land deeds.


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Lulu is a short girl with thick eyebrows. Her shoulder-length wavy hair is styled with a braided headband that wraps around her head. Her outfit is a sleeveless patchwork dress with multiple jagged pieces of fabric overlapping each other. She also wears dark studded wristbands and shoes.


Dismissive toward the guard

Lulu has a playful and childlike demeanor, while also being very demanding, manipulative, and bossy. She shows enthusiastic expressions and persistently pleads for Bobby Jean to buy anything she finds cute, such as a "Hula NYAN Dancer" figure[1] or a flower hair ornament that Dragona left behind. When begging for something, she acts extremely insistent, akin to a child having a temper tantrum. For example, while demanding for Bobby to buy her the flower ornament, she repeatedly scratches the vehicle in front of her using her hula figure. Lulu acts entitled and tries appealing to Bobby's emotions by crying and suggesting he doesn't care about her if he won't buy her what she wants.[2]

She typically elongates her words, such as when she's begging for the figure or calling it cute. When a security guard tells her the figure is no longer for sale, she shows that she is selfish and adamant by rudely dismissing and insulting his aesthetic sense before begging Bobby to buy the figure again.

Despite how Lulu looks and occasionally acts, she is pragmatic and intelligent. She quickly changes her attitude upon getting a nosebleed, realizing that her Stand is battling Stand users. She is observant and attentive, easily pointing out inconsistencies in the surveillance footage and discovering that it's fake,[1] as well as deciphering that their targets must have went to the hospital to use an MRI for locating Bags Groove. She also has an indifferent and cynical outlook on life, announcing that it doesn't matter to her whether they pursue the enemy group or let them go, as everyone would eventually die from an illness or accident either way. In addition, she takes pride in her Stand being able to kill her targets before any doctor could even find the lesions it inflicts.[2]



Main article: Bags Groove

Bags Groove is a colony Stand that activates automatically when anyone browses the original paper copies of HOWLER's land deeds. It can infiltrate the bodies of multiple victims at the same time and travel through their blood vessels. It causes internal injuries which lead to disease-like symptoms and conditions such as a pulmonary edema or cancer.

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TJL Chapter 14 (Ability only) / TJL Chapter 15 (1st full appearance)
Lesion Infliction



  • Bobby Jean: Lulu and Bobby are partners who work together when investigating the group who wanted to see he original paper copies of HOWLER's land deeds. Bobby claims to be her babysitter, but she actually bosses Bobby around. For example, she demands for him to purchase anything that catches her eye, like an out of stock toy[1] or a floral ornament that Dragona left behind.[2] Regardless, Bobby is shown to relent to this behaviour.[1]


The JOJOLands

Declaring that all humans will die eventually

Lulu is with Bobby Jean in the security room at the Hawaii State Land Registry Office. She points to a cat figure on a shelf called a "Hula NYAN Dancer," laughing at its creepy movements but also calling it cute. She begs Bobby to buy it for her, but the security guard informs her that the figure can't be bought anywhere anymore. Despite this, she dismisses his explanation and insists on knowing where to buy it. When Lulu persistently whines for it, Bobby reveals that she isn't his child and he's just babysitting her. He offers the guard money for the figure. Although the guard offers it for free since he isn't allowed to take money, Bobby still places the money in his shirt pocket.

Suddenly, Lulu gets a nosebleed from her Stand being destroyed in Dragona's body and realizes there's no footage of the three "students" who wanted to see HOWLER's original paper deeds exiting the building. She points to a van behind the ambulance in the footage, but Bobby explains it's unrelated since the group arrived in a pickup truck. Suspicious, Lulu identifies Dragona, Usagi, and Charming Man in the footage near the van. Bobby insists they never entered the building, but the guard recognizes Usagi as the boy who spilled cup ramen earlier. Lulu notes Usagi's illness and his need to be carried by the others. Aware they're dealing with Stand users, she orders Bobby to check the traffic cameras.[1]

Lulu and Bobby Jean follow the trail and find the van of their targets. Although Bobby Jean is skeptical, Lulu is convinced the vehicle and the group of people filmed inside them is linked to the deeds. She becomes momentarily frustrated and rants that all humans end up dying one day. She then spots a flower ornament inside the van. Finding it cute, Lulu frantically asks Bobby Jean to buy her one, scratching the doors of the van using her figure in a tantrum. Bobby promises to do so later, calming her down. Lulu laments about how their targets have found one of her Bags Groove bodies, which is the first time that has happened as not even skilled doctors were able to prevent her victims from dying. When Bobby Jean spots the hospital nearby, Lulu decides to head there, convinced that their targets will try to heal themselves using an MRI in the building to locate her Stand.

Lulu and Bobby Jean arrive to the B1 floor where patients get scanned by medical equipment. Lulu finally spots Dragona and, seeing the flower on Dragona's head, deduces that the group is their targets. Bobby then receives a call from Acca Howler and gives the phone to Lulu, who tells her that the Lava Rock is involved and to retrieve it without letting Bobby Jean know about it. Lulu thus points Bobby Jean to the group and he opens fire on them.[2]


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