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Wo wo woooh! I've finally obtained... eternal life!!
—Aztec Chief, Chapter 1: Prologue

The Aztec Chief (族長 Zokuchō, lit. "Chieftain")[1] is an unnamed minor character featured in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood.

The man is the chieftain of an Aztec Tribe that flourished in Mexico in the 12th to 16th centuries.

He is one of the first characters ever introduced in the entire series and the prefigure to the power of the Stone Mask. Although his opening scene is omitted from the anime adaptation, he appears on a mural in the ending theme, Roundabout.


The chief appears as a man of muscular build with long shoulder-length hair. He is only shown wearing a Stone Mask. He is shirtless with a leopard pelt cape, leopard pelt wristbands, a necklace with fangs, and a loincloth.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Outfit(Gold accessories, Stone Mask)

(Yellow suit, ivory wristbands, Stone Mask, lavender feathers)

Hair(Dark turquoise)
(Leather brown loincloth, silver accessories, yellow wristbands with black spots, Stone Mask)


As the leader of his tribe, he is viewed by his people as proud and powerful. He is shown to be power-hungry, as he declares that he finally gained eternal life after becoming a vampire. He also seems to be careless of his people, as he drained the life force out of one of his cult members. His tribe is known to be cannibalistic with sacrificial rituals.[2]


After obtaining vampiric abilities from the Stone Mask, the chieftain demonstrated being able to drain the life force out of other people.



The chief & his Tribe

During the 12th-16th century, the chieftain sacrifices a maiden on an altar in a ritual. After letting his Stone Mask absorb her blood and becoming a vampire, he proudly announces that he's gained eternal life. Then he asks one of his cult members to become one of his life force; the member agrees, and so the chieftain absorbs the member's blood. The rest of the tribe cheers for the chieftain.

It is unknown what happens afterward, as it is stated that he and his tribe disappeared from history, leaving only their ruins, never to be seen again. Nonetheless, the time of his tribe was the earliest known appearance of the Stone Mask.[2]

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Quote.png Quotes
Blood is life! Fresh blood of a maiden, will be absorbed by the mask! The mask comes to life when it drinks the blood of the living!
—Chapter 1: Prologue
Wo wo woooh! I've finally obtained... eternal life!!
—Aztec Chief, Chapter 1: Prologue
You! Do you wish to become my life force?
—Aztec Chief, Chapter 1: Prologue
I can feel his life force! This Stone Mask has given me the true power of a ruler!
—Aztec Chief, Chapter 1: Prologue

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2)

The Aztec Chief is playable in the Phantom Blood PS2 game in Extra Battle Mode, where he must defeat 15 Aztecs at the sacrificial altar. His special attack is a stab from his knife.
Aztec Chief
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.png
Normal Combo
PS Triangle.png
Become my life force!
PS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Worship the stone mask!
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Honor the Chief!
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Reap life!
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
The Power of the True Ruler
Running PS Square.png
Aztec Food Chain
Running PS Triangle.png
Take This!
PS Circle.png
Back Step
PS Circle.png during damage
Mega Crush
PS R1.png (LV0-3)
Blood is life!
Available Stages: Extra Battle 13

All Star Battle

He appears as a Campaign Support Character in All-Star Battle with his mask granting the player an increase in strength and defense.



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